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"Nubert is ahead"

Stiftung Warentest publishes a test of stereo wireless loudspeakers under the heading „Mit dem zweiten hört man besser“ [You hear better with the second one], including our nuPro XS-3000 RC.

The test editorial team in issue 03/2024: „Testsieger: Die Nubert-Boxen erreichen als einzige die Note Sehr gut.“
[Looose translation: Test winner: The Nubert speakers are the only ones to achieve the rating very good.]

Test quality rating: VERY GOOD (1.5)

  • Sound 70%: very good (1.2)
  • Handling 20%: good (2.1)
  • Power consumption 10%: satisfactory. (2,7)

Please note::
This test quote comes from test issue 03/2024 - it is possible that more recent comparative tests have since been carried out in this product category, with different results.

See also report in from 20.2.2024 here ...


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