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Record player: the revival of the sound giants

A modern design in black, metallic colors or wood look and without much surrounding - record players convince purely visually with elegance. As soon as you put the needle on the record, they also impress acoustically. For audiophile connoisseurs, they have long since moved back into living rooms. Perhaps soon in yours too?

Timeless listening pleasure

The first records came onto the market at the end of the 19th century and have been delighting a wide audience ever since. One of the forerunners of today's record player is the gramophone with its huge funnel, which was involved in both sound recording and playback. This was no longer needed in the record player.

Over the years, experts developed the record player as we know it from its predecessors. No wonder, then, that playing records reminds us of an old time.

The accompanying record has also received a makeover. Until the 1950s, it consisted of the animal product shellac, until it was replaced by an alternative made of vinyl. Since then, the change in material has allowed needles to carve two tracks of sound into one record. The result is a beautiful stereo sound.

Noble minimalism

Today's turntables have a stylish, but rather plain-looking design. Don't let that fool you. They offer a warm sound enjoyment that makes them very special.

For this purpose, the drive makes the platter rotate electrically. Most of the models we offer run fully automatically. The following applies: The heavier the platter, the smoother it runs. There's also the tonearm, which moves precisely towards the record. It is firmly connected to the record player. The secret of sound reproduction lies in its head: a small needle that glides over the grooves and transmits their vibrations to the transducer. From there, they return to the record player as an electrical voltage, and the music plays.

Accessories for your record player

For the sound quality to develop its full effect, you also need a phono preamplifier that amplifies the signal so that the speakers can process it without distortion. You can also find suitable models in our shop. Depending on the turntable model, this is already integrated. In addition, we carry compatible speakers that reproduce the sound richly and make every music session a highlight.

Do not forget to take care of your records. One wrong grip and grease deposits can quickly form. Dust is equally an adversary of the delicate technology. Especially if you like to take your record collection off the shelf a lot and enjoy it aurally, you should think about a record washing machine. With it, you can clean your treasures gently and effectively, so that you can cherish them. For further care, we carry a record brush that will help you.

Reach for our extended phono cable for a location of your turntable according to your wishes. This allows you to connect your device to the speakers even over a greater distance.

Preserve your favorite songs

Many record players have a USB port that allows you to digitize the songs of your choice. Even if the sound effect is better on the devices designed for this purpose, you thus help to improve the longevity of the vinyl records. If you do not have a record player with a preamplifier, many phono preamplifiers are equipped with a USB interface. You can then choose to burn the digitized songs onto a CD or listen to them on your laptop or PC.

Get your new record player with us

Record players are experiencing a renaissance these days. Sales figures are rising and artists are now producing their albums on vinyl again in addition to the usual CDs. So that you can also enjoy, we offer a wide selection of different turntables with and without preamplifier. There is something for everyone there.

Browse through our assortment and become part of the community. For over 40 years, our heart beats for incomparable soundscapes and we show that with our high-performance goods. In addition to our own production, we rely on other strong brands. Try them out.