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nuSub XW-1200 mit nuPro X-6000 Ambiente

Floorstanding loudspeaker: firm stand for full sound

Imagine your ideal set-up: a CD player for your physical CD collection, a network player for your digital collection, a first-class amplifier - and, of course, speakers so you can experience the music. A well-designed speaker system should include floorstanding speakers. They make it complete and ensure rich beats.

Real sound wonders

Floor-standing loudspeakers undoubtedly belong to the royal class. Thanks to their size, multiple drivers are installed to reproduce the full sound spectrum. From bass to high tones, you'll experience your favourite songs exactly as they were meant to be heard. When you integrate the speakers into your home theatre system, you also create an immersive movie experience: you feel immediately drawn into the action. The advantage is also noticeable when playing live concerts on disc: Here, the room becomes an extended concert hall in which the sounds do not lose their power through the transmission.

Visually, too, the elegant cabinets are an eye-catcher for any living room. Thanks to their slender shape, they integrate perfectly into your interior and combine the concentrated power of high-quality components. With a height of almost 90 centimetres up to 1.70 metres, they also attract all eyes. Our floor-standing speakers are available in different colours, depending on the model, so that you can set a colourful accent in your four walls. This makes them visually and acoustically convincing all along the line.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Several drivers with a larger surface area that differentiate the sounds in the different frequency ranges even better
  • No position heights need to be considered during installation
  • support all common sound formats
  • no separate amplifier is required for the active floor-standing speakers
  • Passive models allow matching with the appropriate amplifier according to your wishes
  • High-quality equipment and best quality at an affordable price

Made for your favourite music

Whether you want to listen to your CD collection across your bookshelf or your favourite playlist on a popular streaming service, Nubert's floorstanding speakers can do it both ways. They offer numerous connections that allow you to connect your CD player, AV receiver, TV and all other important devices. Some of our models can be controlled via Bluetooth, so you can start and pause digital songs directly from your mobile phone. It could hardly be more convenient!

Floorstanding loudspeakers: powerful in a double pack

The best way to enjoy music is with clear stereo sound. That's why you should get your new floorstanding speakers as a pair. Positioned correctly, the sounds will then be fully appreciated. As a result, the sound fills the entire room. The most important thing is to place the speakers in a stereo triangle. The distance between the two units and the distance to you as the listener should be approximately the same, then you have found the perfect location.

In addition to this distance, the distance to the room walls is also important. In our experience, especially beginners tend to place the music speakers against the wall or even in the corners in rooms with limited space. However, this affects the sound effect, especially that of the lower bass tones. They are amplified by the proximity to the wall, which is why you perceive an increased droning. Therefore, you should always plan some distance to the walls.

Find your new floorstanding speakers in our shop

With speakers from Nubert, you get the best quality at an affordable price. Our models are honest, which means they reproduce sound faithfully. We use our years of experience in the hi-fi sector to achieve this. Convince yourself and test our devices for 30 days.

To make sure your music experience is everything you want it to be, we have other high-quality hi-fi equipment for you to choose from, as well as all sorts of practical accessories. If you're in the process of putting together a set-up for your home, discover our other speakers too. We'll be happy to help you by phone or email. Simply write to us using our contact form.