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Soundbars: the ideal complement for your TV set

Films and series captivate viewers not only with exciting storylines and well thought-out dialogue, but also with background music and a powerful soundscape. In order for these aspects to be shown off to their best advantage, it is important to have high-quality home equipment. It enables you to perceive the action immersively. This includes, among other things, soundbars that provide a special listening pleasure.

Small but nice

Soundbars are special speakers that are designed to meet the demands of televisions. They make the sound effect even better and the tones are reproduced more richly. For this reason, soundbars are an important part of the home cinema. Thanks to their slim design, they can be placed inconspicuously under your TV without interfering with the visual appearance, unlike floor-standing or bookshelf speakers. For lovers of minimalist furnishings, this is an absolute advantage.

Our Nubert soundbars are active speakers, which means you don't need an additional amplifier to power them. They score with the finest two-channel reproduction. As a result, the sound fills the room in flawless stereo quality. For music enthusiasts, they are a real highlight because they play music faithfully. And that's exactly what they were designed for: to meet today's music standards. Thus, soundbars are true all-rounders that should not be underestimated.

Auxiliary loudspeaker: if it may be a little more

Our soundbars can do more than their compact size suggests. That's why they're great as a standalone output device. But if you want to get the most out of them, get subwoofers to support the playback and take it to new heights. In terms of performance, they are ideally matched to the soundbars, so you can connect them without any problems. We have put together a suitable selection for you.

All kinds of accessories for your soundbar

Even though our soundbars are filled with state-of-the-art technology, you still need something more to play your favourite films and songs in the best quality. But that's not a problem, because we have everything you need in terms of accessories.

Beginner-friendly product sets

If you're still at the beginning of a well-planned speaker system with different devices, we've put together practical bundles to help you get started. In addition to a soundbar, they include powerful cables to make sure the signal gets exactly where it needs to go. This gives you a seamless transmission.

In addition, the packages include separate receivers with which you can also control your soundbar from your mobile phone or via USB connection. The components harmonise perfectly with each other. To ensure that you can enjoy your music without worries, we also include an extended warranty on our devices in the package. Thanks to different sets, there is something suitable for you in every price range.

The agony of choice

It is often not so easy to find the right device for your own living room. Each model has different technical features and advantages. Do you prefer two or more drivers? How many watts do you need, and what about integrated subwoofers?

To help you make your decision, we have compared all our soundbars. You can find the results in our soundbar comparison.

Quality for an unparalleled listening experience

At Nubert, the enjoyment of sound comes first. That's why you can expect the highest quality from us - at an affordable price. Transform your four walls into your own personal sound paradise.

If you are unsure whether the products you have selected really suit you, then simply test them extensively for 30 days. This way you can gain authentic experience with our products. We are also there for you in advance and help you with your selection.