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Connecting cable

The Nubert connecting cable nuCable MC-1 expands your stereo stage by allowing a greater distance between our sound pairs and without any cable sound at all! The high-quality shielding enables interference-free signal flow even over long distances and corresponds exactly to the structure of the original cable. The cable's four cores guarantee optimal transmission of the power signal. This makes the connection cable the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the sound of their speaker model in large living rooms.

Made for nuBox A-125, nuBoxx A-125 pro nuPro SP-200 and nuPro SP-500

As with our original cable, the longer Nubert also convinces with a perfect fit of the connections and a secure hold thanks to the screwable union nuts. The Nubert connecting cable nuCable MC-1 is very flexible and therefore suitable for invisible routing. The angled plugs allow space-saving connection behind the speakers. This means that nothing stands in the way of ideal integration in the living room.

Suitable for:

  • nuBox A-125
  • nuBoxx A-125 pro
  • nuPro SP-200
  • nuPro SP-500

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-9 %
nuBoxx A-125 pro
Real gamechanger
€398.00 / Pair €438.00 (€40.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €398.00 / unit
nuPro SP-200
Definition in sound
€845.00 / Pair

nuPro SP-500
Floorstanding excelence
€1,365.00 / Pair

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.