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Home cinema: your very own private cinema room

Snuggling up on the sofa in the evening and watching a film is part of a successful end to the day for many people. Film enthusiasts also like to invite people over at the weekend. Thanks to the latest technologies around hi-fi and home cinema systems, you can bring a real cinema feeling into your living room - and without annoying side conversations from other visitors or a person in the front row blocking your view. With our products, you can experience your favourite films with the best sound.

Powerful components for an excellent sound effect

To turn your living room into a place that invites you to laugh or cry, you need high-quality equipment that reproduces sound optimally. For a sound effect that draws you into the middle of the action, several components play together. We show you which ones come into question.

AV and Home Cinema Receivers

In addition to a high-resolution picture, a receiver is indispensable that reads out the technical data of the films and series and transmits them to the sound-powerful speakers. This creates the feeling of immersion, as if you were right there. With several controllable power amplifiers, the sound is ideally distributed in the room. Some of our models have integrated voice control, making operation a breeze.


Use soundbars to get the full sound spectrum when you have limited space. The speakers improve the sound quality many times over and should not be missing from any home cinema system. What's more, they have a slim and simple design. Simply install them under your TV and enjoy the movie.

We have developed our own range of products that offer more space for important technology. Therefore, they allow for an unparalleled sound experience. They are also usable via Bluetooth from your smartphone.

Active loudspeaker

With active speakers, you can profitably expand your set-up. They conveniently come with built-in amplifiers that turn film music into a listening pleasure. Our active speakers are available in various designs and shapes to suit your individual taste. Whether you choose two speakers for the best stereo sound or a floorstanding speaker, you can set up your home theatre just the way you like it.

Surround speakers

Unlike stereo sound, surround sound immerses you deeper into the action. With different speakers placed both in the front and in the back, the speaker differentiates the sounds even further, allowing you to perceive the sounds more fully. Depending on the space available in your living room, you can place it on the wall or even use it freestanding.

Experience your favourite films even more immersively with the reflection and ceiling speakers with Dolby Atmos technology. With more possible audio tracks, you'll hear true 3D audio. Add them to your 5.1 system and get carried away.


Especially the dark, bass-heavy sounds are part of a successful film experience. Subwoofers catch these sounds at low frequencies and reproduce them in the best possible way. This gives the soundscape depth. In terms of design, our subwoofers fit perfectly into any living room. Your home cinema will therefore not only be an acoustic highlight.

Blu-ray and CD player

Nowadays, the use of streaming services is increasing more and more. However, there are still film enthusiasts who have an impressive collection in their four walls. A Blu-ray player is a must to play them back in true sound. With it, you can play films in Ultra HD and even CDs.

Set up your new home cinema with us

For a home cinema system that leaves nothing to be desired, you also need a sound system that you can rely on, in addition to the right TV. At Nubert you will find all the necessary elements to create a cinema experience in your own living room. For inspiration, we have presented a possible setup for your home cinema here.

We have been designing loudspeakers for over 40 years, so we know what we are doing. If you have any questions about your new home cinema, we would be happy to advise you. Simply use our contact form or give us a call. Best of all, you can borrow our products for 30 days for testing. Simply see for yourself!