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nuControl X

  • Powerful: Ultra-fast IMX8 processor with graphical support
  • Tone-responsive: 7-band fully parametric equalizer, variable high-pass, dynamic loudness, Nubert sound balance, room calibration
  • Connecting: AirPlay 2, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, Qobuz, Tidal
  • Convenient: WLAN and Bluetooth with aptX HD/LL and AAC support integrated
  • High End: Native DSD512 for maximum, unadulterated signal purity
  • Progressive: Premium ESS DACs with handling of up to 768kHz/32-bit
  • Individual: X-Room Calibration Advanced room calibration and high-end bass management
  • Elegant: High-quality aluminum housing with operation via 4" touchscreen display

Setting new standards

With the nuControl X, Nubert's engineers have raised the bar. Streamer, preamp and DAC come together here, but the component is much more than that. With high-end signal processing, a parametric 7-band EQ and incredibly extensive customization options, top sound is guaranteed in every situation. The crowning glory is the advanced "X-Room Calibration Advanced" calibration. Intuitively and without prior knowledge, the nuControl X is perfectly tuned to your own room. Of course, nothing is missing from the interfaces either. In addition to the typical RCA and XLR connections, there is also a sophisticated phono MM/MC stage. AirPlay 2, Roon support and Bluetooth ensure that even streaming enthusiasts have everything they need.

Stereo High End

The nuControl X really comes into its own in a classic stereo setup: Thanks to the generous calibration, the acoustics of the room can be individually adjusted. This allows your music to come into its own.

Upgrade for active sound

The nuControl X can even control active loudspeakers. Via X-Connect, all sound settings are available in high resolution without additional signal conversion. This means that "active" speakers can also be driven for the best possible sound reproduction.

Deep bass perfectly integrated

Even without a subwoofer, the X-Room Calibration Advanced calibration function optimally adjusts the bass and details can be heard precisely. If subwoofers are to be integrated into the speaker setup for even more bass performance, options such as parametric equalizers, time offsets, high and low pass offer precise adjustment.

Wireless makes it flexible

Easy set-up without tangled cables - no problem with the nuControl X. With WLAN, Bluetooth aptX HD/LL as well as AAC and X-Connect, it supports all common wireless standards and thus offers the best possible variability in your room.


Universeller Alleskönner

Die neue nuControl X vereint neben innovativer Digitaltechnik die besten Eigenschaften für den perfekten analogen Klang. Die High-End-Vorstufe ermöglicht Plattenliebhabern die bestmögliche Klangqualität ihrer analogen Sammlung. Eine konsequent analoge Lautstärke-Regelung rundet das Paket ab. Ausgetüftelte Ingenieurskunst, kombiniert mit der sorgfältigen Auswahl hochwertigster Komponenten und innovative Schaltungstechniken machten dies erst möglich. So stellt die nuControl X ein absolutes Highlight im Nubert-Programm dar!

Regelbare Abstandseinstellungen

Nicht immer sind symmetrische Aufstellung und ein idealer Hörplatz möglich. Üblicherweise soll das der Balanceregler ausgleichen, der aber nur die Lautstärke anpasst, nicht aber die Laufzeit. Für eine authentische Stereobühne müssen aber Abstand und Lautstärke ausgeglichen werden. Kein Problem für die nuControl X, die diese Optionen bietet. Ihr Vorteil: Akustischer Hörgenuss vom Feinsten – auch bei nicht optimalen Raumbedingungen.

Justierbarer Hochpass

Viele Stereogeräte erlauben es nicht, den Subwoofer separat einzustellen. Dabei ist das Einstellen der Trennfrequenzen, wie man es aus AV-Receivern kennt, elementar für den optimalen Sound. Daher haben wir verschiedene Optionen für einen Hochpass integriert, die es ermöglichen, die Lautsprecher auf das Hertz genau an den Subwoofer anzugleichen. Ihr Vorteil: Die absolute Kontrolle über alle Lautsprecher und Subwoofer.

High-end preamplifier

Delivering the input signal to the power electronics with absolute signal purity is the top priority for a high-quality preamplifier. With its first-class D/A and A/D conversion, audiophile design and carefully selected components, the nuControl X offers first-class prerequisites for this. A particularly sophisticated tone control is also integrated.

Variety of connections

With numerous digital and analog interfaces, the nuControl X offers enormous flexibility. In addition to conventional RCA connections, XLR and AES/EBU are also available. A PC/Mac or RasPi can be connected directly via USB-B and the preamp also has a phono input (MM/MC) for vinyl enthusiasts.

nuControl X

Flexible networker

The nuControl X is extremely flexible when it comes to networking and streaming. WLAN or cable-based, access to almost all relevant music streaming services, compatibility with Roon and other local servers as well as playback from HDD or USB stick are all included. Galvanic isolation of the network connections ensures perfect sound.

Award-winning design language

The elegant, minimalist design seamlessly continues the line of the nuPower amplifiers. The 1 cm thick front panel and the control knobs are made of glass bead blasted, anodized aluminium. The housing and base are made of solid, brushed and anodized aluminium. The exclusive concept is completed by resonance-absorbing feet.

Noble control from a distance

The nuControl X can also be operated from a distance. The scope of delivery includes an infrared remote control made of fine aluminum in solid quality, which is extremely comfortable to hold. Direct access to sound controls, volume, sources, presets and the menu is quick and convenient.

Touch screen

The high-resolution 4" color display enables intuitive operation directly on the device. With perfect readability in every situation, the display provides the user with all the important information in a clearly arranged manner and accepts commands. The nuControl X app also allows access to all this information and functions from the listening position.

32-bit converter chain

Absolute signal purity is guaranteed by the nuControl X's complete 32-bit signal chain with audiophile ESS 9038 PRO converters. This ensures maximum precision signal processing up to DSD512 and 768kHz/32-bit for the highest demands. Upsampling is freely selectable with the nuControl X preamp.

Maximum signal purity

To guarantee optimum signal purity, the nuControl X has completely separate analog and digital sections. A separate power supply unit also documents this independence. The analog volume control via the digitally controlled Cirrus CS3318 also ensures perfect sound.


Maximum sound potential and high flexibility go hand in hand with the nuControl X. Headphones can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth (incl. aptX HD) or wired. Both a 6.3 mm jack connection and a balanced jack connection (4.4 mm) are available for the cable connection. High-quality headphone amplifiers from Texas Instruments are used.

Vinyl expert

No compromises when enjoying vinyl via the nuControl X: thanks to premium phono preamplifiers on a separate circuit board, a sophisticated, shielded audio section and ultra-short signal paths with direct digitization, noise is effectively minimized. Every facet, every nuance of the precious vinyl treasures comes out vividly and clearly.

nuControl X


The USB section relies on a lightning-fast and highly efficient XMOS USB interface for bit-perfect, audiophile signal transmission up to 768kHz/32-bit (PCM) and native DSD512. Both from PC/Mac and directly from local USB storage devices.

Room correction 2.0

X-Room Calibration Advanced is an automatic, app-based calibration/room EQ system for iOS and Android devices (for the latter with optional interface) that enables room correction at the highest level. No more booming in the bass/ground tone range, more resolution + dynamics than with the previous system. Control range: -40dB to +18dB at 20 to 300 Hz.

nuControl X Beste Bässe

The best for the bass

Low and high-pass filters with variable slope/quality enable seamless adaptation to the front speakers. A frequency response that can be manually optimized via bass EQ to effectively combat room modes is also part of the bass management. Plus 4 separate delay settings for front speakers and subwoofer - for perfect timing.

The sound in your hands

Automatic loudness with aurally accurate sound adjustment, the Nubert sound balance for harmonious acoustic tuning to the listener's taste and a fully parametric EQ for highly detailed adjustment leave nothing to be desired.

nuControl X App
Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx


We not only build exceptional speakers and electronics, but also offer the right accessories. From cables to adapters, you'll find everything you need for our products.

nuElektronik Überblick

Love of detail

With us, you don't get off-the-shelf electronics, but always products with that certain something. This includes a special surface feel and innovative concepts that make our hi-fi devices something special. We don't add anything to the signal or leave anything out. That's why we don't offer amplified sound, only linear reproduction without voodoo.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more in it with Nubert

We develop all nuPro models in Schwäbisch Gmünd - from the cabinet and drivers to the sound tuning - every detail is optimised by our engineers. After series production has started, our quality management begins in House. We check the appearance, technology and sound to ensure that you receive the best possible product. If you have any questions, please call us and our customer service staff will answer them. Many years of experience and intensive training ensure quick and uncomplicated help.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.


nuControl X - top notch

The ultimate music centre

nuControl X - top-class features and hardware


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Versatile technical fireworks

nuControl X - core piece for every HiFi setup

About sound and luxury

nuControl X and nuPower A - power and comfort

Digital jack of all trades

nuControl X - equipment queen

Nubi Controletti di Fasci Alta

nuControl X - control centre for a contemporary hi-fi environment

Aufbruch in High-End-Sphären

nuControl X – klingt fantastisch

Editors Choice Award 2023/24

nuControl X – Vorverstärker Highlight

Innovationspreis Audio 2023

nuControl X - Gerät des Jahres 2023

Absolute control

nuControl X: a real all-rounder


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