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Yamaha: the brand for music lovers

The name of the successful company goes back to its founder Torakusu Yamaha. He was asked to repair a defective harmonium and thus laid the foundation for high-quality hi-fi equipment. Today, the Yamaha brand stands for powerful technology and full sounds.

The Yamaha success story

Torakusu Yamaha was so enthusiastic about the musical instrument that, while repairing the harmonium, he conceived a construction plan to make such an instrument himself. The project was crowned with success, but he was rejected from what is now Tokyo University of Arts because the harmonium was out of tune. He did not let this dissuade him and studied music theory and the tuning of instruments.

In 1887, the time had come and Torakusu Yamaha completed his first harmonium, which immediately went into production. Ten years later, his company became a joint stock company, Nippon Gakki K.K., whose name translates as "Japan Musikinstrumente AG". In 1900, the production of pianos followed. The company focused on the construction and distribution of musical instruments until the 1950s.

In 1954, the Yamaha Music School was established and the first students were taught how to make music. In the same year, Yamaha developed their first hi-fi player. Since the 1960s, the company has had a headquarters in Germany. Through Yamaha Europe GmbH, music enthusiasts could buy drums and guitars in this country. A big success in the 1980s was the DX7 synthesiser. On the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary, the company renamed itself the Yamaha Corporation as it is known today. In addition to musical instruments, it continued to expand its hi-fi range, for example with its CD player.

Products from Yamaha Corporate in our shop

The fact that the Japanese company not only has a knack for sonorous musical instruments, but also for the first-class reproduction of composed pieces, is proven by their diverse product range. With us, you will therefore find a large selection of hi-fi devices from the manufacturer, with which you can savour your favourite music even more.


To make the sound even richer, Yamaha has designed a range of stereo amplifiers. Here, selected components ensure that the sounds are always clear. The devices not only deliver a superior sound, they also look very classy. Some of them have a level meter that lets you hear as well as see the power. Choose between the integrated amplifiers as true all-rounders or the pre- or power amplifiers. The high-priced solution of two units is particularly interesting for music enthusiasts who value the separation of the two components.


Thanks to numerous connection options and wireless options, the receivers ensure that you can play your music from any device. Whether CD player, PC or via a streaming service - you decide how you want to enjoy the sound. As the name suggests, you can also use them to receive various radio stations. Take your movie experience to a new level with AV/home cinema receivers.

CD player and record player

Fans of the physical music collection are offered a lot with the CD players and turntables. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the songs on CD or vinyl sound as true to the original as if you were standing right in front of the concert stage. The devices from Yamaha convince with another feature: you can even operate the record players wirelessly. This means you no longer have to worry about cables. This sets them apart from many other models.

Rediscover music with Yamaha

Get to know a completely new sound experience with Yamaha Hi-Fi products and trust in the company's many years of experience. With us, you can test the goods for 30 days on all functions to find the right equipment for your taste.

In our shop, we also offer you other products from well-known brands and matching accessories. How about additional speakers? We will be happy to advise you via our contact form or by telephone.