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No shipping on 24.01. and 25.01.2024 due to inventory. Thank you for your understanding!

Inventory Time
No shipping on 24.01. and 25.01.2024 due to inventory. Thank you for your understanding!

Due to the high capacity utilisation of our customer hotline, there may currently be longer waiting times.

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Our top series nuLine and nuVero
are manufactured in Germany

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New Products

nuControl X
Elegance of sound
€4,490.00 / Piece

nuZeo 11
Living room-friendly sound genius
€2,700.00 / Piece

nuZeo 15
Majestic sound in an elegant guise
€4,800.00 / Piece

nuZeo 4
Surprisingly great sound
€1,400.00 / Piece

nuZeo 6c
Flexible universal talent
€1,100.00 / Piece


We are awarded. And proud of it.

Readers' Choice 2024

Audiovision`s Best brand (national)

Readers' Choice 2024

Three times Audiovision's device of the year

"Nubert is ahead"

nuPro XS-3000 RC - test winner of Stiftung Warentest for stereo wireless loudspeakers

Grand orchestra

nuZeo 4 - no ifs, ands or buts

About sound and luxury

nuControl X and nuPower A - power and comfort

Smart sound wonder

nuBoxx AS-425 max - unrivalled price-performance ratio

Digital jack of all trades

nuControl X - equipment queen

Nubi Controletti di Fasci Alta

nuControl X - control centre for a contemporary hi-fi environment

Power dwarves for the living room

nuPro SP-200 - Victory on points


nuZeo 11 - schlicht eine Wucht

Wucht im Schafspelz

nuConnect ampXL - puristisches Understatement trifft auf Kraft im Überfluss

lite Best Picks Award 2024

nuConnect ampXL als Streaming-Verstärker des Jahres „herausgepickt“


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Closed for inventory

Store closed on January 23, logistics center closed on January 24 and 25.

Trade fair innovations are available

This year's new products for maximum music enjoyment, the new nuZeo series and the nuControl X preamplifier, are now available.

New colors for the nuBoxx B-Series

Classics reinterpreted: The popular nuBoxx series gets a refresh with new colours for the housing and panels.

Nubert at the IFA in Berlin

The world's largest trade fair for consumer electronics and household appliances

More sound fascination directly from the manufacturer

More sound fascination directly from the manufacturer

At Nubert, we are dedicated to authentic sound reproduction. For over four decades, we have been developing HiFi components that reproduce sound recordings of all kinds as faithfully as possible: Nubert speakers and amplifiers for high-quality stereo systems; subwoofers, soundbars and surround speakers for home theater, active speakers for multimedia applications or professional audio production and more. In addition to honest sound, Nubert devices are also characterized above all by careful design, high-quality workmanship, sophisticated operation, advanced technology and an attractive price-performance ratio.

As a direct sales company, we sell our goods directly to you, our customers. We invest the distribution costs saved in this way directly in better equipment and components. You can personally convince yourself of the high quality of our products: All items purchased from Nubert can be tested at home at your leisure for 30 days - on your own system, with your favorite music, movies or games. You will find that Nubert sound products really deliver what we promise.