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nuPro XI-2000 RC

  • Integrative: Universally applicable built-in wireless loudspeaker with lighting element
  • Powerful sound: No full range driver, but genuine Nubert 3-way technology
  • Homogeneous: Excellent dispersion behaviour in all directions
  • Universal: Can be used individually, in a stereo setup or in a surround set
  • Wireless: connection via Bluetooth or X-Connect Surround
  • Convenient: smart home control via Zigbee 3.0
  • Illuminating example: ambient lighting with four integrated LEDs
  • Customised: Additional housing available for elegant living room integration
nuPro XI-2000 RC Weiß

Versatile. Innovative. Radiant.

The nuPro XI-2000 RC is a particularly flexible and clever Nubert innovation. The nuConnect X Surround is not only a flexible in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker with a powerful power amplifier, but also a particularly elegant lighting element that can be conveniently controlled via Zigbee 3.0. The minimalist front without screws is ideal for any living environment, but the focus is clearly on high acoustic performance. This is why no full range driver is used here, but genuine 3-way technology with silk dome tweeter, aluminium midrange driver and PP woofer. The nuPro XI-2000 RC can be easily combined with all active loudspeakers and subs from the Nubert portfolio. It is conveniently controlled via the X-Remote app.

Ceiling installation

The nuPro XI-2000 RC is the ideal partner for 3D audio. Directly connected wirelessly to the nuPro XS-8500 RC or nuXinema preAV, up to four ceiling speakers ensure full immersion with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. Your next film will be a highlight.

Surround speakers

The XI-2000 RC also cuts a fine figure when integrated into a rear or side wall. Combined with the nuXinema preAV or nuPro XS-8500 RC, it creates a captivating surround sound almost invisibly.

Stereo solution with optional subwoofer

In stereo mode, the XI-2000 RC can be used as a high-quality active built-in speaker. With Bluetooth aptX HD and low latency, smartphones or smart TVs can be connected and take over the volume control. A subwoofer such as the nuSub XW-800 slim can extend the bass range wirelessly.

Additional ambient lighting

The XI-2000 RC can supplement the existing room lighting with pleasant ambient lighting - individually, in pairs or as a larger group. The smart home control via Zigbee 3.0 also allows the existing power connection to be used for several devices and conveniently controlled with new control elements.


Smart light with Zigbee 3.0

In addition to its main function as a loudspeaker, the nuPro XI-2000 RC is also an exciting addition to your room lighting and offers pleasant ambient lighting in warm white (2700K). It can be controlled via our Nubert X-Remote or via Zigbee 3.0 with any smart gateway. The XI-2000 RC light can even be controlled via voice control as an option.

X-Connect Surround

The X-Connect Surround standard allows the wireless transmission of up to 8 channels; ideal for setting up surround systems. The nuPro XI-2000 RC also supports this standard and can therefore be easily connected to the nuPro XS-8500 RC or nuXinema preAV. For further information see here

X-Connect Surround
X-Remote App


The Nubert X-Remote app is ideal for control. It works with the energy-saving Bluetooth LE standard and provides access to all the functions of your speaker. Your advantage: Full control at all times.

X-Room Calibration

Your smartphone is also the centrepiece of our X-Room Calibration measurement function, which automatically corrects the bass by ± 6dB with fully parametric equalisers in the range from 20 to 160 Hz. On iOS devices, the internal microphone is used for the calculations; on Android devices, the additional XRC Android Interface microphone is required due to different hardware equipment. Your benefit: Better bass reproduction for your listening position.

X-Room Calibration

Color and installation

Our nuPro XI-2000 RC is black with a white front panel. As a built-in speaker, it blends unobtrusively into the living room. This makes it ideal for dry walls or ceilings where the focus is on sound as well as appearance.


The trend is towards greater integration into living spaces and a more discreet look for loudspeakers. We take this into account with our built-in speaker: The clean front with gentle curves without visible screws allows discreet installation.

nuPro XI-2000 RC Weiß
Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more to Nubert

We develop all nuPro models in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Our engineers optimize every detail, from the housing and drivers to the sound tuning. Once series production has started, all nuPro models are tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd for appearance, technology and sound so that you receive a perfect product.

Zweite Wahl

This product as 2nd choice

In some installation locations - for example with rearspeakers behind a curtain - the visual appearance plays a subordinate role, but the function must be guaranteed without restriction. Here, our 2nd choice is the ideal solution for price-conscious customers. These are exhibition items, customer returns or discontinued models with minor signs of use, but which have been technically inspected by our service department. We also give a full 2-year guarantee on the 2nd choice.

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nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode provide the final details for your favourite speakers in your own four walls.

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Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx


We not only build exceptional speakers and electronics, but also offer the right accessories. From cables to adapters, you'll find everything you need for our products.

Nubert Gebäude

Quality management

All nuPro X models are thoroughly tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd to ensure that you receive a perfect product. We check the appearance, technology and sound for the best results for you.

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nuReality - AR App

Bring High End into your home in advance with our Augmented Reality App. Our 360° view or our AR mode offer final details for your desired loudspeakers in your own four walls.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

Active all-rounder

nuPro XI-2000 RC - multifunctional active loudspeaker

High End-Audio kabellos

X-Connect Surround - hervorragende Klangqualität bei Musik und Heimkino


nuPro XS-8500 RC / XI-2000 RC erhalten HEIMKINO AWARD

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Gehäuse-Set für XI-2000 RC
€120.00 / Piece

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Wireless Transceiver
€149.00 / Piece

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nuPro XI-2000 + Gehäuse Set
More variability
€599.00 / Set €675.00 (€76.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €675.00 / unit
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Highest Definition Soundbar
€1,969.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-800 slim
Slim desing low end
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nuXinema preAV
Mulichannel manager
€835.00 / Piece


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We give a 2-year warranty on active speakers. Exact details of our conditions can be found here

In the X-Remote App, in the Setup entry, select the basic configuration suitable for your use and, if necessary, activate the appropriate source. We will be happy to help you via phone +49 7171 8712100, WhatsApp or according to the motto doesn´t sound exist for us good service is part of the product;


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23 November 2023

nuPro XI-2000 RC - Ein Traum

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