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Amplifier: more power for your favourite songs

Coming home after a long day at work and relaxing a bit more with good music or simply turning up the sound of your stereo full blast and dancing around the flat - you enjoy your music the way you want to. An amplifier is indispensable for reproducing the full sound spectrum of songs. It ensures a sonorous sound.

What exactly is an amplifier?

An amplifier is the connection point between the audio device of your choice and the passive speakers. Its function is already explained by its name: it amplifies the signals that the source emits and then passes them on to the speakers. Without it, the speakers would remain mute. It is therefore crucial for the overall sound quality and should not be neglected. In other words, the power of your amplifier also determines the power of your speakers.

Amplifier types

Not all amplifiers are the same. It consists of several components that perform different functions. Roughly speaking, a distinction is made between the preamplifier and the power amplifier.


Before the signal from the audio source reaches the amplifier, some models still have a preamplifier, but this is rather an exception. It is built into the unit and captures the signal. This step becomes important if, for example, the audio device sends signals with different volumes or voltages.

At Nubert, you'll find stereo preamplifiers we've developed and other strong brands that let you tailor the soundscape to your exact preferences. We also have power amplifiers that deliver the power needed to create the sounds. Both have a sleek black or silver design that fits almost any interior style.

Integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifiers contain the preamplifier and the power amplifier. While the preamplifier regulates the voltage, it simultaneously supplies the power amplifier with the appropriate current. In this way, the two components inevitably play together. A big advantage of this model is that you only have to set up one unit. This saves you both space and money.

Stereo amplifier

True to their name, stereo amplifiers deliver the finest stereo sound, which both audio tracks reproduce at the exact frequency. Since they also have a preamplifier and a power amplifier, the term is often used synonymously with integrated amplifiers.

In addition to the signals from record players and classic CD players, they also amplify signals from internet streaming services and radio stations. This makes stereo amplifiers the convenient all-in-one solution for music lovers who want to enjoy songs from physical carriers and digital offerings alike.

The ideal location for your amplifier

As a station between the audio source and the speakers, your amplifier is expectedly close to both. Regardless, you should make sure to keep a sufficient distance between all your devices, as they can easily heat up from the energy during use. This way, you protect your device from overheating and consequent shutdown.

If you do not want to place your technology wonders freely in the room or it is not possible for space reasons, special media cabinets may be an option for you. In them, every player finds a place and cable management also presents you with fewer challenges.

As the products have a certain weight of their own, you should consider some aspects when stacking them. The heaviest model should be at the bottom and the stack should then decrease in weight towards the top. Make sure that you have enough free space so that the heat can escape more easily.

Find your new amplifier at Nubert

With us you get everything you need for an incomparable sound experience. Our sound experts have put together a selection of preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers for you, so you can choose freely according to your taste. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about hi-fi. Come to our store or let us advise you by phone or by mail.

The Nubert own brand is a real matter of the heart for us. We have been working for over 40 years to provide you with the best listening pleasure. To do this, we develop all concepts ourselves and evaluate them with a strict eye - and ear!