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Payment for mail order

For collectors for mail orders (possible in our shop in Schwäbisch Gmünd during normal business hours), we offer EC cash payment with PIN in addition to cash payment. Please ensure that the purchase price does not exceed your personal card limit - your bank will provide you with more details.

For mail orders depending on the country of destination and the ordering medium (shop system or telephone), the following payment options are generally available to you:

  • Prepayment
    Please transfer the amount after receipt of our "Invoice/Pre-payment". Please state your name, the customer number and the voucher number.
    Our bank details: Kreissparkasse Ostalb
    Bank code: 614 500 50
    Account number: 440 007 773
    IBAN: DE39 61450050 0440007773
  • Credit card
    We accept VISA Card, Mastercard, Diners Club International and Discover. The credit card account is debited with the order. The credit card information is of course transmitted encrypted with SSL and treated strictly confidentially so that your data does not fall into "foreign hands".

    Note on the card check digit
    To increase security, all European credit cards from VISA, Mastercard,  Diners Club International and Discover have a card verification number on the back in the signature field, possibly after the card number listed there again.

    The three check digits serve to verify the customer who wants to order via e-commerce or telephone. Since the number is only printed on the card and does not appear on payment receipts, the credit card organisations assume that the customer physically has the card and therefore no misused card numbers are given by third parties when ordering. Without the indication of this card verification number, your direct debit authorisation is not valid.

    Verified by Visa (VbV), Mastercard SecureCode (MSC), Diners Club ProtectBuy und Discover ProtectBuy
    To protect against card misuse on the Internet, we support the 3-D Secure security procedure. After entering your credit card details, you are automatically redirected to a secure page of the card-issuing bank and confirm your payment there. This is followed by the actual online authorisation. Please note that when paying by credit card, the amount will be collected immediately, even if the goods are not available for immediate delivery.
  • PayPal or PayPal Express
    You pay the invoice amount via the online provider PayPal. In principle, you must be registered there or register first, legitimise yourself with your access data and confirm the payment instruction to us (exception: guest access, if applicable).
  • Pay via Amazon
    With Amazon Payments, you can use the payment and shipping information stored in your Amazon account to shop quickly and securely. Your transactions are secure and payment information is not shared with us. Paying through Amazon gives you the same familiar payment environment as Amazon without leaving our website.
  • Instant bank transfer (see
    Instant bank transfer is the direct transfer procedure of Klarna Group Company. If your bank supports this service, you will be presented with the transfer interface immediately when you pay. All data are already entered and we receive the transfer credit immediately. This speeds up the entire ordering process. All you need is your account number, bank code, PIN and TAN. Via the secure payment form, which is not accessible to merchants, this payment service automatically places a transfer in your online bank account in real time. The purchase amount is transferred immediately and directly to our account.
  • Giropay
    When you select this payment method, you will be directed to the online banking service of your bank or savings bank. There you log in as usual with your access data. After successful login, you will automatically be shown a bank transfer containing all details of your purchase: Invoice amount, reason for payment and our bank details. To carry out the transfer, you now only need to enter a TAN. For your security, you will receive a confirmation of the successful payment directly afterwards. At the same time, we receive a payment guarantee from your bank or savings bank.
  • Payment by invoice and financing (hire purchase) via Payolution GmbH
    The invoice and instalment purchase is processed via the service provider Payolution GmbH, Columbusplatz 7-8, 1100 Vienna, Austria ( BFor payment by invoice and financing (instalment purchase) via Payolution GmbH (possible for natural persons in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), additional GTC for invoice & instalment purchase apply (see GTC under II.). These provide for additional conditions (specification of date of birth, minimum age 18 years, creditworthiness, etc.) and your consent to the transfer of your data to Payolution GmbH and from them in certain cases to credit agencies. In the event of late payments, interest on arrears will be charged at the statutory rate and it may be that the claims will be handed over to collection agencies, so that additional costs may be incurred for legal action. Please also note:

    When paying by invoice or financing, your billing and delivery address must be identical and correspond to your private residence. Company addresses or post office boxes are not sufficient. Delivery to different delivery addresses is not possible. The processing of payment via these payment methods requires a successful credit check.

    The selection of the payment method purchase on account via Payolution GmbH can be offered to you for purchase values between 10 EUR and a maximum of 8,000 EUR. The purchase price is due after the goods have been delivered and invoiced. The purchase price is then payable within 14 days of receipt of the invoice to Unzer E-Com GmbH, Vangerowstraße 18, 69115 Heidelberg, to which Nubert assigns the purchase price claim from the purchase contract, unless otherwise agreed. In this case, the customer can only make payment to Unzer E-Com GmbH with debt-discharging effect. In the event that you wish to claim that you no longer have to make the payment or no longer have to make the payment in full due to the exercise of the right of withdrawal or the exercise of other rights, we will receive the claim assigned back to us by the aforementioned bank. Further processing in these cases will therefore be carried out with Nubert.

    If you choose payment by instalments, you can divide the total amount of your order into suitable monthly instalments (at least 3 or up to 24 instalments if you are creditworthy), which are conveniently collected from your account by direct debit mandate. The minimum purchase value for payment by instalments is 200 EUR. The maximum loan amount may not exceed 8,000 EUR. The values include shipping costs and any applicable VAT.

    If you have any questions about your payment status, you can find out directly in the Payolution GmbH customer portal.

Depending on the country of destination or the transport service provider, it is possible that we cannot offer individual payment methods. The payment methods available for your country or products will be displayed during the ordering process.

Available goods are dispatched from Schwäbisch Gmünd on the next working day or the day after next (for weekend orders) after receipt of the order and, if applicable, advance payment received or acceptance of credit card payment or release of the credit agreement. The delivery time of an item, including its dispatch, is approx. 5 working days. For deviating delivery times of the respective items, please refer to the respective offer page.

Binding delivery dates or partial deliveries require a separate agreement. Please also note our other delivery conditions in the GTC.

Shipping costs

We charge shipping costs for our items.
The costs differ for deliveries within and outside Germany. The delivery address and not the billing address is always decisive. There are exceptions where we mark this directly on the item. The basis for the calculation is the shipping weight.
Please see the following table for shipping costs:

Germany (DE) Free shipping
Austria (AT) Free shipping
Netherlands (NL) up to 20 kg 15,99€
up to 31,5 kg 25,99€
over 31,5 kg 35,99€
Belgium (BE)
Denmark (DK)
France (FR)
Luxembourg (LU)
Czech Republic (CZ)
up to 20 kg 19,99€
up to 31,5 kg 39,99€
over 31,5 kg 59,99€
Croatia (HR)
Slovenia (SI)
up to 20 kg 39,99€
up to 31,5 kg 59,99€
over 31,5 kg 79,99€
Bulgaria (BG)
Estonia (EE)
Latvia (LV)
Lithuania (LT)
Romania (RO)
Hungary (HU)
up to 20 kg 59,99€
up to 31,5 kg 79,99€
over 31,5 kg 99,99€
Greece (GR)
Ireland (IE)
Italy (IT)
up to 20 kg 59,99€
up to 31,5 kg 79,99€
over 31,5 kg 99,99€
Switzerland (CH)
Liechtenstein (LI)
(Net prices)

up to 5 kg 49,9€
up to 8 kg 51,9€
up to 11 kg 53,9€
up to 15 kg 59,9€
up to 21 kg 72,9€
up to 23 kg 81,9€
up to 25 kg 87,9€
up to 27 kg 93,9€
up to 29 kg 99,9€
up to 31 kg 105,9€
up to 33 kg 111,9€
up to 35 kg 118,9€
up to 37 kg 124,9€
up to 39 kg 130,9€
up to 41 kg 137,9€
up to 43 kg 141,9€
up to 45 kg 145,9€
up to 47 kg 149,9€
up to 49 kg 153,9€
up to 51 kg 157,9€
up to 56 kg 165,9€
up to 61 kg 173,9€
up to 66 kg 181,9€
over 66 kg 189,9€

Finland (FI)
Portugal (PT)
Sweden (SE)
Slovak Republic (SK)
Spain (ES)

Important information:

Dear customers!
We are very pleased about your great interest in our products. We would like to be able to deliver every box in every version immediately. Unfortunately, however, there are always unavoidable delivery delays due to procurement problems with electronic components or capacity bottlenecks at our specialised suppliers. Please be sure to check the respective delivery status before ordering.
We thank you for your understanding and in such cases for your patience.

Right of withdrawal...

Your real advantage and your right: risk-free test listening at your home and 30 days right of withdrawal. Test your new speakers without disturbing influences and without time pressure in your own premises and with your own system. Where else can you judge speakers better?

...and return

If, contrary to expectations, you do not like our products, you can exercise the option to withdraw by cancelling the order within 30 days of receipt of the goods. You can make the process easier for us if you carefully repack the items (if possible in the original boxes) and contact us by telephone. We will arrange with you the return shipment, which is free of charge in the EU, in an uncomplicated manner. If you are unable to comply with this request, your right of withdrawal will nevertheless remain in force. We will start the reversal process immediately. We promise! (However, please allow us a maximum of 14 days for return transport, administration and remittance).

We do not charge you any return costs within the EU and Switzerland.

The solely valid prerequisites and consequences of exercising your right of withdrawal can be found in detail in our General Terms and Conditions and Consumer Information.

Complaints and warranty

Nubert loudspeakers (active and passive technology) and electronic devices of the Nubert brand are solidly constructed and carefully manufactured. However, if a Nubert product is defective or does not function as you expect, please contact us immediately. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will send you a return label (UPS return label or DHL parcel stamp) free of charge or arrange for collection. We will take care of the fastest possible replacement or professional repair. Compliance with the above requests and instructions will make it easier for us to fulfil our obligations. It is not a prerequisite for asserting or enforcing your rights.

Nubert (Nubert electronic GmbH, Nubertstraße 1, 73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd) rants the purchaser a special manufacturer's warranty in accordance with the following conditions on certain products of the Nubert brand for which we state this in the offers and in the corresponding product documents or for which the warranty conditions are enclosed with the delivery:

  • The warranty period for Nubert loudspeakers in passive technology (without built-in amplifier) is 5 years from the date of delivery to the first purchaser. During the first two years, this applies without restriction. After the second year, the warranty is limited to the functionality of the chassis together with the electrical connections and the electronic components (crossover). In particular, optical changes to surfaces (e.g. foiled, lacquered, veneered, anodised or plastic surfaces) are no longer covered by the warranty after the second year.
  • The warranty period for Nubert speakers in active technology (with built-in amplifier, e.g. active speakers and subwoofers), as well as electronic devices of the Nubert brand (e.g. amplifiers and active tuning modules) is 2 years from the date of handover to the first purchaser.
  • The warranty period for Nubert accessories (e.g. cables, cable accessories, stands, holders, speaker casters, speaker covers) is 5 years from the date of handover to the original purchaser. In the first two years, this applies without restriction. After the second year, the warranty is limited to the functionality of the accessories. In particular, optical changes to surfaces (e.g. lacquered, veneered, anodised or metal, fabric or plastic surfaces) are no longer covered by the warranty after the second year.

The statutory rights of the purchaser, in particular the statutory right of withdrawal or the statutory right of liability for defects, shall remain unrestrictedly available to the purchaser in addition to the guarantee and shall be available to the purchaser to the full extent. The use of the consumer's statutory rights is of course possible free of charge and is not restricted by the guarantee.

Please note our complete provisions on "Guarantee, Warranty" in our GTC!

Consulting & Information

Good advice is a matter of course for us!
We have set up a telephone hotline for your questions about Nubert speakers, hi-fi and home cinema. The Nubert hotline team will take time for you and we will do everything we can to make sure you choose the right speaker. That's a promise!
Our technology pagesoffer you all the information you need, from "Technik light", a quick course on loudspeaker technology, to "Technik satt" (currently only available in German). Here we give you an authentic impression of the immense development effort behind our products. You can download this know-how information, as well as technical data sheets for all Nubert products as a PDF file on your.

Catalogue, Newsletter & Actions

We will be happy to send you our complete speaker information pack. You also have the option of downloading our catalogues and brochures immediately as PDF files.
Our nu's Letter informs you at irregular intervals about new Nubert products, special offers, new test results and the latest news and information about the Nubert Speaker Factory.

Your safety

We use a secure online transmission method called "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) transmission to process your personal information and your order. All information transmitted using this secure method is sent to us in encrypted form and is supported by almost all browsers. This ensures that no unauthorised person can use your details. You can find more detailed information on data protection here.


Our General Terms and Conditions as a web page or as a PDF file for printing.

Address & Contact

If you have any questions, need more information or just want to tell us what you think, send us an e-mail, write in our guestbook or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Advice and order

You can reach our hotline at +49 (0) 7171 8712-0 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


Postal address

  • Nubert electronic GmbH
    Nubertstraße 1
    73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Direct sales and listening studios

  • Listening studios and direct sales:
    Nubert electronic GmbH
    Goethestraße 69
    73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Listening studio and order centre:
    Nubert electronic GmbH
    Düsseldorfer Landstraße 73
    47249 Duisburg

You can find directions and pictures on our page"nubert on Site".