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Nubert nuZeo: Active loudspeakers for the perfect sound

nuZeo: Become active!

What you don't need to hear first class: Preamplifier. Power amplifier. Speakers. Cables. Lots of components that often detract from the aesthetics of the living room. Not so with the nuZeo active loudspeakers from Nubert Klangmanufaktur. Preamplifier. Power amplifier. Wireless signal transmission. Everything inside, everything on. The all-round carefree package for perfect aesthetics & acoustics in your home.

nuZeo: Experience everything instead of just listening

The selection of potentially suitable active loudspeakers is thin on the ground, especially if you are particularly demanding with regard to the acoustics of your own system. This is because, on the one hand, the loudspeaker chassis must be suitable for reproducing the finest impulses and, on the other, they must also be capable of handling high loads. Added to this is an extremely powerful integrated preamplifier and, of course, power amplifiers that can combine enormous power, standard-setting sensitivity and maximum efficiency. All this is Nubert nuZeo. Plug it in. Enjoy. Be fascinated.

nuZeo: No compromise. But the best of all worlds.

One look at our Nubert nuZeo active loudspeakers is enough to make you realize: This is no ordinary active loudspeaker. This is an uncompromising statement, an expression of the finest sound culture. Visually simple, but at the same time imposing and elegant. With sophisticated details such as the Nubert High Quality truss base. With maximum flexibility thanks to the perfect selection of models. With a large selection of connections that takes everything relevant into account. With power amplifier technology that no other active loudspeaker offers. Cultivated power from the Nubert sound manufactory.

nuZeo: Wireless freedom included

Already enthusiastic? We're still a long way from the end. Because our Nubert nuZeo active loudspeakers work completely wirelessly - apart from the obligatory mains cable. Of course, the signal can be transmitted between the left and right speakers in high-resolution quality. But not only with the classic stereo pair. The nuZeo active loudspeakers are also the right choice for wireless surround sets. This is pure performance from the Nubert sound manufactory: the highest aesthetics meet the highest sound culture.

nuZeo: The "always in control" app

Thanks to the Nubert X-Remote app, you can operate every Nubert nuZeo active loudspeaker optimally at any time. All relevant functions are arranged in clearly structured menus. In addition, Nubert Klangmanufaktur has integrated the exclusive Nubert X-Room-Calibration. This is one of the cleverest room calibration systems for the critical bass range currently available on the market. Conveniently calibrated with the iPhone microphone (optional microphone for Android smartphones available), the bass is then tight, unwavering and precise to the point.

nuZeo: Always in the right place

With our Nubert nuZeo active loudspeakers, you decide how you want to listen. Smaller living space - big expectations? No problem for the Nubert nuZeo 4 active loudspeaker. Compact enough to fit anywhere. Large enough to shine acoustically. Multi-channel is the trump card? Of course. The Nubert nuZeo 6c is ready and waiting. Ultra-flexible. Ultra powerful. And guaranteed to be just right at any position in a surround system, including the center channel. Do you want a slim statement for outstanding sound quality? The Nubert nuZeo 11 is just waiting to prove itself in your living room. And when it comes to monumental charisma and reproduction, we at Nubert Klangmanufaktur recommend the Nubert nuZeo 15.

nuZeo + nuControl X: an exceptional phenomenon in perfect form

Perfecting the sound. Revolutionize streaming. Discovering visual beauty. It may sound cryptic. But it becomes reality when you connect any pair of speakers from our Nubert nuZeo active speaker series to the nuControl X High End sound manager. Get even more sound quality with the wide range of setting options. Enjoy top-class streaming with Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2 and Roon, among others.

nuZeo: Perfect for perhaps the most innovative surround processor on the market

Have you found the perfect multi-channel ensemble from our Nubert nuZeo active loudspeakers? Are you still missing the "head of the family" that holds everything together and makes great surround sound possible? No problem for Nubert Klangmanufaktur. Because our nuXinema preAV AV preamplifier takes care of everything. Manages not only wireless, but also wired active loudspeakers. Connects to any HDMI-based component. Decodes everything you want. Including 3D audio. And is so inconspicuous and compact that there's a place for the nuXinema preAV processor everywhere. And it's a shame to hide it away - its classy, purist appearance will make the hearts of design fans beat faster.