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Author: James T.
Jun 13, 2024, 4:32:03 PM

Hello Nubert team and guests,

Rating "ATM Stand" (unfortunately it is not possible for me to give this rating directly on the object)

So here it is:
I struggled with the bass performance of my nuVero 110 for a long time (certainly due to the room, half-timbered house); I fiddled around a lot with (parametric) equalizers (in software, JRiver), calibration (marantz Cinema50), separate power amplifier (IOTAVX AVXP1), etc.; unfortunately not successfully. My (old) AW-1000 subwoofer didn't make me happy either, because I had to raise the crossover frequency too high for my liking in order to improve the bass response. This is then of course more dominant, but no longer authentic.
Then I remembered the ATMs from earlier times and that I would have liked to have had them but could never integrate them into the overall setup in a user-friendly way (with several sources). But now that I have a separate amplifier, I have ordered the ATM Stand.

==> Really excellent!!! Not only does the bass now perform as expected, but I also have the impression that the overall sound is now better in terms of spaciousness and instrument separation!

So, once again, thank you very much for the many possibilities at Nubert.

Regards, James

Author: Bernd H.
May 19, 2024, 12:27:22 PM

Once again, many thanks to the entire Nubert team...
My nuPro AS-3500 soundbase had a technical problem a few weeks ago. However, the warranty period had already expired. My problem was recognized immediately
recognized immediately and promised goodwill. Within a week, the system was returned to me after extensive repairs! The delivery from the empty packaging box to the
return of the system within this time frame. That's what I call perfection at a high level! I would also like to mention the friendliness of all the staff, which is not to be found everywhere these days.
not to be found everywhere these days.

Author: Martin Schramke
Mar 30, 2024, 10:17:39 PM

I am a regular customer and will remain one! Hardly anything sounds better!
Price/performance is absolutely right!
Phantom? I noticed the Devialet department ...
Respect ... Hammer!
I'm still a Nubert fan, best good! That's all I need ... sounds really honest

Author: Martin Schramke
Mar 30, 2024, 9:52:25 PM

Still ... absolutely honest top! XS 7500. obsolete???
Sounds so good!!!!
But you need at least Wiim Mini to get 24 bit 192khz in some cases. Please forget Spotify Bluetooth.
Nubert is far too noble for the scarce data crap.
I can hear it at any time ...
Abysmal bass from the two 21 cm drivers - clear as a bell. At 840 W the curtains shake and the mouse leaves its usual place on the floor. No distortion at any level!

Author: Antonella Petta-Hentschker
Mar 21, 2024, 1:59:31 PM

It was really fun to buy a new system from you. Mr. Kellner was not only super customer-friendly but also very competent.
Within a very short time on the phone, we were able to put together exactly the components that were best for me. And the price is in very good proportion to the quality.
I bought my first Nubert floorstanding loudspeakers about 25 years ago - now it was time to update the great developments and go streaming.
Here is the wonderful package for Qobuz network streaming via LAN and iPad for control:

2 nuVero100 in red
Bluesound NODE
nuConnect ampXL
nuCable Exclusiv

So completely satisfied and happy to return anytime!

Author: Martin H.
Mar 10, 2024, 6:07:18 PM

Hello Nubi,
I have been listening to my nuLine speakers for many years with pleasure and enthusiasm.
A few years ago, one of my speakers accidentally fell over. The replacement of the membrane was free of charge
and went smoothly, even though I openly admitted my fault.
I had recently bought a Marantz CD player. The CD player did not work (probably DHL transport damage).
The exchange was again uncomplicated. I used the opportunity on site for a short listening test.
The sound experience of my nuLine 102 has once again improved significantly in the mid-range!
So I'm going to buy more small floorstanding speakers. I was very satisfied with the advice and service on site!
I also switched to TIDAL (from Spotify) because of the sound quality. I am very grateful for the good tip.
Made in Germany for 45 years! It's a good feeling when you can drive there in just under an hour and
has good advice and solutions. I will definitely remain a loyal customer! Great and thanks to the team!

Author: Thomas
Mar 2, 2024, 10:47:31 AM

The last time I cried was when my cat died. Today I cried again, but not with sadness but with happiness.
Thank you for the nuBoxx AS-425 max - I am overjoyed.

Keep up the good work.

Author: Egbert Jung
Mar 1, 2024, 3:21:09 PM

Many thanks for the very good service for me and my nuPro AS-250. The necessary repair to the electronics was carried out quickly and successfully and the use in combination with my home system puts a satisfied smile on my face again. Nubert is always worth a recommendation all along the line!

Author: Urs T.
Feb 16, 2024, 11:39:09 AM

Many thanks for the excellent advice. I received very professional advice when making my purchase decision and I was advised to switch from more expensive speakers to the cheaper ones that suited me. As I am not an expert, I was dependent on support. I always had the feeling that I was being treated at eye level and there was always enough time available.
The boxes arrived very quickly. Great logistics! After assembly, I still had questions about the configuration, especially Athmos. A quick email was all it took and I was called and the very knowledgeable salesman gave me great help with the configuration of my existing amplifier.
I am very happy with the speakers, the sound and the effects for TV and music.
You rarely get this kind of service these days. I no longer paid attention to negotiating the last €.
Good employees should also be well paid!

Author: Robby
Feb 13, 2024, 11:56:42 AM

Hello Nubert,

Thank you for the great support! My speakers simply didn't turn on after my vacation, even though I had disconnected them from the power supply.
Unfortunately, the return shipment ran into problems -> transportation damage by DHL. You repaired the speakers and gave me new (unbranded) housings.
Absolutely professional and friendly & customer-oriented. It's really nice to see that a company really cares. I can now enjoy the sound even more than before.

Thank you very much!

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