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Nubert nuPro for everyone

Our Nubert nuPro active speakers are always perfectly suited - no matter what acoustic purpose they are intended to fulfil. Just a bold statement? Not at all, because the Nubert nuPro range is divided into three families: The nuPro AS series with powerful, elegant soundbars & sound decks. The nuPro SP series with fully equipped active speaker systems in which the master and slave speakers run reliably and conveniently via a cable connection. And the Nubert nuPro XS series as a real high-tech product: particularly elegant active speakers with innovative features, wireless connection and the option of creating powerful sounding multi-channel systems together with other Nubert electronics. Become a "Pro" and find your nuPro "dream team".

Clear, powerful sound while watching TV with nuPro AS

The smart TV delivers a fantastic picture, but the sound is more reminiscent of grandma's clock radio on the bedside table? No problem, because our nuPro AS come to the rescue. Either slim and elegant in the form of the nuPro AS-2500 soundbar or visually athletic and powerful in the form of the nuPro AS-3500 active speaker - clear, powerful sound takes centre stage with our nuPro AS active speakers. Quickly connected and ready for use, our two active speakers are a source of pure sonic pleasure. In addition, our two soundbars are very easy to handle and have the option of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS.

Fully equipped - modern packaging: nuPro SP-200 and SP-500

Our Nubert nuPro SP-200 and Nubert nuPro SP-500 active speaker sets impress with their elegant shape, high power reserves and diverse connection options. The spectrum ranges from Bluetooth with aptX HD to HDMI-eARC, and the pleasantly rounded design ensures that our active speakers from the nuPro SP series also cut a fine figure in aesthetically sophisticated living rooms. Dolby Digital and DTS decoding ensure full compatibility with widely used multi-channel codecs. Add to this an adaptive loudness circuit and the Nubert sound balance - our active speakers from the nuPro SP series are true "everyday heroes".

Premium high-tech for acoustic flights of fancy: Our nuPro XS-RC series

The nuPro XS product range speaks for itself: two bookshelf speakers, nuPro XS-3000 RC and nuPro XS-4000 RC, as well as two active floorstanding speaker models, nuPro XS-6000 RC and nuPro XS-8000 RC, can be found in the portfolio. They are complemented by an extremely powerful high-end soundbar: the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC. This means there should be something for almost every need. All nuPro XS active speakers are innovative thanks to full app control via the Nubert X-Remote app. The ingenious Nubert X-Room Calibration, which quickly and effectively calibrates the bass range up to 160 Hz, has been integrated into the app. On iOS devices, this is done using the built-in microphone, while we offer an optional microphone for Android smartphones. All nuPro XS active speakers also have extremely powerful power amplifiers. Our nuPro XS-8500RCsoundbar delivers no less than 820 watts of peak power and also decodes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Thanks to the X-Connect and X-Connect Surround wireless standards, not only do two active speakers work together wirelessly in stereo mode, but also as a surround setup, with a nuPro XS-8500RC as the centre or our ingenious nuXinema preAV preamplifier.

The "acoustic enlightenment" from above: Nubert nuPro XI-2000RC

All good things come from above - or at least from the top: this could be the motto for our sophisticated Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC ceiling speaker. It looks very good when mounted directly on the ceiling, but it also reveals its fascinating nature when mounted in the form of a hanging lamp: This is because our nuPro XI-2000 RC active speaker not only sounds extremely good, but also has a built-in lighting system to provide the right illumination. A pair or even two pairs of nuPro XI-2000 RC are ideal as ceiling speakers for acoustically realistic 3D audio - for example in combination with our premium soundbar solution, the nuPro XS-8500 RC active speaker. But the nuPro XI-2000 RC active speakers can also be used on their own to produce good stereo sound.