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Bluesound: Enjoy music wirelessly

Want to listen to your favourite songs anytime, anywhere, no matter what room you're in in your home? Then Bluesound Hi-Fi devices are just the right choice for you. The company has made it its business to play music from every room in the highest quality.

About Bluesound

The Canadian company wants to reimagine the sound experience. For this, audiophile experts have joined forces to make the vision come true. The team consists of engineers, designers and members of the music industry who join forces to design first-class wireless hi-fi products. Because: good quality does not automatically mean lots of cables that need to be neatly laid.

However, the company goes one step further. It is not enough for it to merely dispense with the wiring of the individual devices. Bluesound wants to reproduce the audio quality even more clearly so that the songs are perceived as they were composed. For this, the brand relies on the 24-bit audio format. That means: streaming in the Hi-Res range. For comparison: a conventional CD plays music in 16 bits. So this means a significant increase and even more sonic information transmitted through the carrier. So you hear music in studio quality.

BluOS from Bluesound

Wireless music streaming in Hi-Res quality is made possible by the self-designed BluOS platform. It's like a large song library that holds all your favourite songs from popular streaming services or your collection. Via transmission in the local network, you play them through your Bluesound devices wherever you want to experience them and that as a multi-room experience. Through state-of-the-art technology, music lovers can play the same songs in multiple rooms or even set different playlists per room. This gives you the greatest possible flexibility. Thanks to voice control, your smartphone or PC does not have to be permanently available.

Bluesound products in our shop

To help you enjoy a whole new wireless music experience, we offer a selection of Bluesound devices in our range.

Network player

With the network players, you can receive songs from popular streaming services via your home network or connect your carefully compiled digital music collection to your sound system. With an integrated CD ripper, you can also easily digitise your favourite CDs from the shelf.

Streaming integrated amplifier

Bluesound's POWERNODE ensures that sound reaches your speakers without loss, so you can experience the full spectrum of sound. If you want to integrate it into your existing set-up, simply connect the devices via a wired connection.


You can't have sound without speakers - so they're a must-have in your home. With the Bluesound Pulse, you are well provided for. With their simple design, they fit into any room decor and offer an unmistakable sound.


To make your music enjoyment even more uncomplicated, we also have practical accessories for your Bluesound Hi-Fi devices. If you want to take your speakers with you to listen to your playlists on the go in a meadow or at the swimming lake, a powerful battery is important. With up to six hours of runtime, the battery pack will supply you with power for the entire afternoon or accompany you through the evening.

You can also use the infrared remote control for easier control of your devices without having to have your mobile phone within reach all the time. This makes it easy to change the song or adjust the volume.

Give your set-up an upgrade with Bluesound products

Say goodbye to an annoying tangle of cables or complicated cable management. Bluesound wireless devices let you spend your free time enjoying good music in any room.

We have even more respected brands to help you build your dream set-up step-by-step, including more speakers that deliver detailed reproduction.