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Warranty extension

Warranty extension to 5 years for Nubert amplifiers, Nubert subwoofers and Nubert active speakers

Price overview

Device price incl. VAT Service fee

up to and including 250 € 24,90 €
up to and including 500 € 39,90 €
up to and including 1.000 € 59,90 €
up to and including 1.500 € 79,90 €
up to and including 2.500 € 99,90 €
up to and including 3.500 € 159,90 €
up to and including 5.000 € 179,90 €
up to and including 8.000 € 249,90 €


The warranty extension can also be purchased at a later date within 3 months of the date of purchase. Please contact our hotline. A later booking of the offer is not possible.

You can download and archive the General Terms and Conditions for the EXTRA:Warranty Extension (ABEGV 2022) in PDF form by clicking here .

II. General Conditions for the EXTRA:Warranty Extension (ABEGV 2022)

In addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (ABEGV 2022), this insurance framework contract is based on the Insurance Contract Act (VVG), the enclosed product information sheet, the purchase invoice for the insured device, and the Articles of Association of Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG. The contract documents including the articles of association of Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG can be viewed online using the QR code. Membership of the Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG begins with the conclusion of this insurance framework contract and ends with its expiry.

§ 1 Insured and uninsured property
The insurance covers electrotechnical and electronic devices that were purchased from the dealer at the same time as the "EXTRA:warranty extension". Coffee machines are not insurable with this warranty extension.
Not insured are:
a) Removable media, software, operating systems, drivers and similar items acquired subsequently,
b) Auxiliary and operating materials, consumables and working materials,
c) other parts that experience has shown need to be replaced several times during the life of the insured property.

§ 2 Insured and uninsured perils and losses
Compensation is provided for property damage caused by design, material or manufacturing defects after expiry of the manufacturer's or seller's guarantee and warranty.
The insurer shall not pay any compensation, irrespective of contributory causes, in particular for losses
a) due to operating errors and clumsiness (fall, breakage, liquids), in case of simple and gross negligence,
b) by intent,
c) by a third party - the family unit as well as family members living in the household are not third parties within the meaning of these conditions,
d) by property offences,
e) by force majeure or by animals,
f) due to improper storage or use contrary to the manufacturer's instructions (see operating instructions).,
g) due to design, material or manufacturer's defects before the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty and guarantee,
h) for which a third party, such as the manufacturer, dealer, another insurer or repair company is liable,
i) due to wear and tear, on and by wearing parts, as well as age-related panel damage (e.g. clouding, burn-in, etc.), as well as costs for service, adjustment and cleaning work,
j) by falling, tumbling and breaking,
k) by water, humidity and moisture (also weather-related),
l) due to short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage,
m) by fire, fire, lightning, explosion, impact or crash of an aircraft, its parts or its cargo as well as smouldering, smouldering, scorching, glowing or implosion,
n) by storm, frost, hail, rockfall, flooding,
o) due to serial defects,
p) by earthquakes, wars, warlike events, terror, nuclear energy or nuclear substances,
q) by being lost, left behind, forgotten and lost,
r) through consequential damage and loss of use,
s) by software, apps, drivers, computer viruses and operating systems of any kind,
t) due to loss of data or data carriers,
u) through physical activity,
v) by commercial use, if the device has not been explicitly approved for this purpose by the manufacturer,
w) due to non-careful storage,
x) by disregarding the duty of supervision (e.g. childcare),
y) by property offences.

Only direct material damage to the insured object is insured. There is no cover for financial loss, loss of profit, liability damage, non-material damage and indirect damage (consequential damage).

§ 3 Scope of benefits and insured value
All expenses necessary for the restoration of the previous, operational condition, in particular costs for spare parts and repair materials as well as labour costs at the repair company commissioned or named by the insurance service provider, shall be compensated.
The insurer shall not pay compensation for
a) costs of an overhaul or other measures which would also have been necessary independently of the insured event,
b) Additional costs due to changes or improvements that go beyond the restoration,
c) Costs of a restoration under own management,
d) Costs for consumables of all kinds.

If the device is not economically recoverable (total loss), compensation will be paid, at the insurer's discretion, either with a voucher up to the amount of the insured value or with a technically equivalent replacement device. Payment of the compensation in cash is not possible. 
The insured value is the unit price stated on the purchase receipt minus 10 % of the unit price per year elapsed since the date of purchase. The upper limit of compensation is the insured value.

§ 4 Commencement, duration and end of the contract; transfer of the unit
Insurance cover begins on the day of purchase of the appliance and the associated premium payment. Insurance cover can also be purchased subsequently if the insurance premium is paid in full to the dealer within the manufacturer's warranty period (up to a maximum of 2 years). The contract is valid for the term stated on the purchase receipt and ends at 24:00 hours on the last day of insurance. The device named on the proof of purchase in connection with the insurance premium is deemed to be insured. The insurance cover can be passed on with the device if all necessary documents (original invoice and folder) are handed over to the new owner.
The contract ends when compensation is paid in the event of a total loss. The defective device and the accessories included in the original scope of delivery become the property of the insurer.

§ 5 Basis of contract, conclusion of the insurance, insurance policy, contract language and place of insurance
In addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (ABEGV 2022), the basis for this insurance framework contract are the Insurance Contract Laws (VVG), the enclosed product information sheet, the purchase invoice for the insured device, as well as the statutes of Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG. The contract documents including the articles of association of Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG can be viewed online using the QR code. Membership of the Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG begins with the conclusion of this insurance framework contract and ends with its expiry. The contract comes into effect with the purchase of the device with simultaneous payment of the insurance premium and handover of the insurance policy or the timely subsequent insurance within the manufacturer's warranty. The insurance policy consists of the information sheet on insurance products, these general insurance conditions and the original invoice for the insured device and the insurance premium. The contractual language and the language of communication between the insurer and the policyholder is German. 
Worldwide coverage applies.

§ 6 Obligations before and in the insured event; no obligation to pay benefits
The policyholder must store and use the insured device (also during transport and its use) properly, carefully and safely and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
The policyholder shall, upon occurrence of the insured event:
a) to avert and mitigate the damage as far as possible,
b) notify the insurance service provider or the specialist dealer of the occurrence of damage without delay, at the latest three days after becoming aware of it,
c) to take the insured device including the insured accessories to a specialist dealer in Germany and to complete and sign the claim form there, presenting the insurance policy,
d) to immediately provide the insurance service provider with any information in writing that is necessary to determine the insured event or the scope of the insurer's obligation to pay benefits, as well as to allow any investigation into the cause and amount of the loss,
e) to provide any supporting documents requested by the insurer,
If the policyholder breaches an obligation according to § 6, the insurer is exempt from performance in accordance with §§ 28 and 82 VVG. The insurer is released from the obligation to indemnify if the policyholder fraudulently deceives or attempts to deceive the insurer or his authorised representatives about facts that are relevant to the reason for or the amount of the indemnity or intentionally causes the damage. Claims arising from the insurance framework contract become statute-barred after three years. Insurance cover exists only if insurance cover is not provided by another insurance.

§ 7 Right of revocation and consequences of revocation
The contract declaration can be revoked within 14 days. The period begins at the time when the policyholder has received the insurance policy and the contractual provisions including the general terms and conditions of insurance as well as the further information according to § 7 para. 1 and 2 VVG and a clearly designed instruction about the right of withdrawal and its legal consequences in text form.
The revocation must be sent in writing to the AQILO Business
Consulting GmbH, Heiligenstädter Lände 29, 1190 Vienna,
Austria, Email:
The right of withdrawal expires if the contract has been completely fulfilled at the express request of both the policyholder and the insurance company before the right of withdrawal has been exercised.
An effective revocation according to § 8 VVG has the consequence that the insurance cover ends and the premium paid is refunded if no damage has occurred. There is then also no binding on contracts related to this insurance framework contract.

§ 8 Policyholders, insurance undertakings and insurance service providers
The policyholder is the person named in the proof of purchase or on the policy.
The insurance undertaking with which the insurance framework contract is concluded is:
Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG, Flensburger Straße 5, 24376 Kappeln, Germany ID 5017,
Commercial register: Flensburg Local Court HRB 158 KA,

The main business activity of Ostangler Brandgilde VVaG is the operation of property insurance.

The insurance service provider is the AQILO Business Consulting GmbH, Heiligenstädter Lände 29, 1190 Vienna, Austria. The AQILO Business Consulting GmbH is commissioned by the insurance company to handle claims. 

Homepage:, Email:

§ 9 Complaints, competent court and applicable law
Complaints can be addressed to AQILO Business Consulting GmbH, or to the supervisory authority (see below). The domestic places of jurisdiction according to §§ 13, 17, 21, 29 ZPO (German Code of Civil Procedure) as well as § 215 VVG (Insurance Contract Act) shall apply to actions arising from the insurance relationship.
German law applies to this contract.

Supervisory authority:
Financial Supervisory Authority
Graurheindorfer Straße 108
53117 Bonn

Important addresses: Homepage & Damage report: Damage correspondence: Contact & Revocation: