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Nubert Unsere Werte

Our Values

At Nubert, we are dedicated to authentic sound reproduction. For over four decades, we have been developing hi-fi components that reproduce sound recordings of all kinds as faithfully as possible: Nubert speakers and amplifiers for high-quality stereo systems, subwoofers, soundbars and surround speakers for home cinema, active speakers for multimedia applications or professional audio production and more. In addition to honest sound, Nubert devices are characterized above all by careful design, high-quality workmanship, sophisticated operation, advanced technology and an attractive price-performance ratio.

As a direct sales company, we sell our goods directly to you, our customers. We invest the sales costs saved in this way directly in better equipment and components. You can personally convince yourself of the high quality of our products: All items purchased from Nubert can be tested at home at your leisure for 30 days - on your own system, with your favorite music, movies or games. You will find that Nubert sound products really deliver what we promise.


With over 40 years of experience in the development and design of loudspeakers, amplifiers and other sound components, Nubert is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the hi-fi and home cinema industry. Our claim: the best possible, unadulterated sound reproduction in every application. This ideal requires the highest level of background knowledge, dedication and uncompromisingness in design and manufacturing, starting with cabinet design, through the selection of materials and components, to the production and even delivery of the products.


Building "honest loudspeakers" and other hi-fi and home theater components has been the goal of our company founder Günther Nubert from the very beginning. This claim is not limited to sound reproduction, but also determines our dealings with our customers. Starting with reliable technical specifications and product descriptions, through individual, competent advice, to fair pricing and a 30-day test guarantee.


We place strict requirements on the quality of our products, which is why we only work with high-performance and proven suppliers and manufacturing partners. Of course, we also pay attention to costs, which is why Nubert devices are repeatedly praised for their outstanding price-performance ratio in tests and customer feedback. But the bill is not the only factor that determines where we purchase or have produced the components for our loudspeakers, amplifiers and hi-fi equipment - above all, the quality must be right.

Close to home

Due to their impressive manufacturing quality, short supply chains and high flexibility, German and European companies are still our first choice as production partners. This is especially true for the production of high-quality speaker cabinets, complex crossovers and excellently processed stainless steel components or protective grilles for our passive speakers. We are happy to invest a little more for this. As a welcome bonus, this purchasing policy secures jobs in our home country and reduces the burden on the environment thanks to shorter delivery routes.


We, as well, cannot resist the trend of relocating production to the Far East and have to accept that certain components and products can no longer be manufactured competitively in Europe. Particularly in the area of highly integrated active electronics, we therefore also work with reliable partners from Asia.


We are convinced of the manufacturing quality of our products. As a manufacturer, we therefore provide a warranty of at least two years on our speakers and electronic products in addition to the statutory warranty. For chassis and crossover components in our boxes in passive technology, the warranty is even five years. You can find more information about this in our terms and conditions.


The price-performance ratio of speakers, amplifiers and hi-fi electronics from Nubert is widely regarded as excellent. This is because we calculate fairly from the outset and only sell directly through our own logistics. Our customers save on the usual distribution surcharges when buying direct and know that they get a lot of sound for their money with Nubert.

Many retailers advertise with seemingly high discounts compared to the manufacturers' "recommended retail prices" (RRP). In fact, however, the bargain mentality of recent years has led to these very recommendations of the suppliers being inflated from the outset in order to then be able to pretend steep discounts. Instead, we at Nubert rely on fair, transparent pricing and permanently low-priced offers. Because of the high quality and price stability, Nubert products are still worth good money even after years on the used market.


Performance at Nubert also means service. We don't just want to sell, but to find the best sound solution for every customer, for every demand and purpose. This is achieved best when we talk directly with each other. We are available for you by phone at +49 7171 87 12 0, via, WhatsApp, or also on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok – as you prefer! And of course, we are happy to welcome and advise you in our listening studios and stores as well.


Our customer advisors and service staff on the hotline +49 7171 87 12 0 and in the listening studios are proven hi-fi and home cinema fans with many years of experience who personally use Nubert loudspeakers and products from other electronic brands we sell.


We deliver your desired speakers and hi-fi equipment to your doorstep, some particularly weighty models even to the apartment. For this purpose, we work together with experienced transport service providers. Our distribution area includes the countries of the European Union as well as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Only after your own sound test do you decide whether you want to keep, exchange or return the delivered devices. As uncomplicated as the order is, as uncomplicated is a possible return: You inform our hotline, we have the packages picked up again and you get your money back. Within Germany and the countries of the EU we do not charge any return costs. More about this in our order info.