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Bookshelf speakers: compact sound wonders

Especially in tenancies, you cannot always choose the size of the living room or bedroom. Fortunately, however, you do have an influence on the spatial configuration. Bookshelf speakers are the ideal solution for this if you only have a small amount of space available and still don't want to do without full sound.

Features of the bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are compact speaker versions. Unlike other types of speakers, they do not require as much storage space and integrate visually into the overall picture. That's why you can easily place them on a shelf or sideboard that gives them their name. Sometimes they are also known as compact speakers. This model is the little brother of the floorstanding speaker.

Bigger is not necessarily better. The power of the sound depends on the size of the room. Accordingly, bookshelf speakers deliver a rich sound experience in rooms up to 30 sqm.

With our Nubert bookshelf speakers, you have the choice between active and passive speakers. For the active version, you don't need an extra amplifier to get the full potential out of them. Just plug them into your audio equipment and you're ready to go.

As a rule, both versions find a place in your surround set-up, for example as rear speakers in a 5.1 system. You can also mount them on the wall using a bracket or place them on an appropriate stand. In addition, the models cut a good figure on the desk at the PC. Here, the tendency is towards the active models.

The right location

For speakers of any kind, it is especially important to place them so that the sound can expand evenly in the room. This also applies to bookshelf speakers. Avoid roof slopes or room corners in the immediate vicinity, as they affect the sound waves.

The best placement is in an equilateral triangle. This way, the sounds reach you from the best possible directions. Also, the speakers should be at about the same height as your ears. Consider in advance whether you want to enjoy the sound sitting or standing.

With bookshelf speakers, you also have the option of mounting them on the wall. This is especially helpful so that both speakers are at the same height without you having to stack anything. Once mounted, they are also protected from uncontrolled movements that could move the speakers. The solution is more recommended for our lightweight units.

Combine them for even more sound enjoyment

Despite their reduced size, bookshelf speakers are also something for fans of booming bass. They are equipped with two drivers, a tweeter and a bass-midrange driver, which provide a full sound experience. However, if you want a little more, you can support the sound with an additional subwoofer. The models already have a suitable output for this. Keep in mind, however, that the rumble will also be heard in adjacent rooms, no matter how low you turn the sound.

At the same time, you already have the ideal basis for building up a loudspeaker system sooner or later. As soon as you have larger rooms available, it will make its grand entrance.

Design your sound backdrop with shelf speakers from Nubert

A small room is no reason for a mediocre musical experience. Fortunately! Bookshelf speakers are equipped with everything you need for an intense sound effect. The small power packs transform your living room into a concert hall. We place a particularly high value on them and they have also won several awards.

Our Nubert speakers are the result of decades of enthusiasm for music, and you can hear it. We are constantly developing our products to bring you only the highest quality speakers. If you're still unsure which ones will fit in your four walls, we'll be happy to help. As one of the leading online shops in the hi-fi sector, we have an overview of what really matters when buying. Use our contact form or simply give us a call.