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Cambridge Audio: Discover the Great British Sound

The motto of the English manufacturer of hi-fi equipment is "For People Who Listen", and that is exactly what it has taken to heart. Cambridge Audio products offer unparalleled sound reproduction that will sweep you away. This is the "Great British Sound".

How it all began

After graduation, a group of tech-savvy young people decided to design an amplifier that would reproduce sound as faithfully as possible. At the same time, they worked on a whole audio set that everyone could afford in terms of price. What started as a garage project was soon to lead the way in the development of hi-fi equipment.

It all started with the P40 amplifier, which they finished in 1968. To this day, their amplifiers are their trademark, as they reproduce the songs as if the listeners were standing in the middle of the recording studio. In the following years, the company brought more amplifiers as well as loudspeakers onto the market, until they also ventured into a CD player in the 1980s. It was a world first because it consisted of two units that separated the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and the filter from the power supply, the CD drive and the control unit.

Cambridge Audio set another milestone with the NP30 network audio player. It went on sale in 2011 and contributed to the development of the in-house streaming platform StreamMagic. Thanks to further innovations in this direction, the British company is now one of the leaders in network streaming.

Our products from Cambridge Audio

At Nubert, you'll find everything your hi-fi heart desires. Upgrade your sound experience with products from the British company and enjoy the "Great British Sound". Our range includes the following devices, among others:


Bring the hobbyhorse into your living room with Cambridge Audio amplifiers. Experience the finest stereo sound that leaves nothing to be desired. This is where the experience of over 50 years of hi-fi technology comes together.

Go for the practical integrated amplifiers, such as the Cambridge Audio EVO 150, which offers you numerous connection options. What's more, you can stream all your favourite songs with this model. So it's a streamer and amplifier in one. If you prefer separate devices, then choose preamplifier and power amplifier.


Cambridge Audio's powerful receivers let you play your favourite music from any device, whether it's a CD player, record player or streaming service. Simply connect the device of your choice, plus matching speakers, and experience a whole new music experience.

CD player

Do you like to put your favourite artists' albums on your shelf? Then Cambridge Audio CD players are just what you need. They let you play the music in first-class quality. Bring your collection to life musically and turn your living room into a concert hall.

Are you more of a fan of vinyl? Then the Cambridge Audio Alva TT is something for you. The record player has an integrated phono preamplifier and can even be controlled via Bluetooth.


Cambridge Audio has designed StreamMagic, a streaming platform that delivers even finer sound. Thanks to powerful technology and in-house development, you are always up to date, as you are informed directly about updates. So you can update your equipment quickly and easily. Stream your playlists via the well-known streaming services in the best audio quality. Thanks to USB interfaces, you can also connect your PC.

Benefit from decades of experience with Cambridge Audio

Fans of the award-winning manufacturer of audio and hi-fi products have long had the audio devices in their four walls. Convince yourself of the performance and the wide frequency range.

In addition to Cambridge Audio, we carry other renowned brands for your musical enjoyment. For example, we can equip you with first-class speakers to match your equipment. Take a look around our range of products.