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Header nuGo! ONE

nuGo! ONE

  • Portable Stereo Speaker with Bluetooth AAC, aptX HD down to 55Hz Frequency Response
  • Outstanding Battery run time up to 24 Hours
  • IPX 5 Rated and ready to go outside
  • FM-HD / DAB+ Worldradio including rod antenna for best in Class performance
  • Integrated Clock with Alert feature, PD-Quickcharge via USB-C and Aux Input
  • Cristal clear Full Color IPS-Display with decent glove surround

None like all.

nuGo! ONE heralds a new era: Well known Nubert-Sound but portable to meet your Holiday trip or outdoor Activities the best. Despite having just another Bluetooth speaker, we focus on features like true Stereo Sound, integrated High-performance FM/DAB+ Tuner as well as best sound image possible from a compact design. Talking in Numbers here, you will get down to 55Hz Low End compared with 24Hour Battery run time. This might be standalone in the Area of compact designs such as this.

Bluetooth Speaker

To guarantee the best possible Sound performance, nuGo! ONE includes the most premium audio codecs AAC and aptX HD available on the marked. Cristal clear listening experience and long lasting Battery run time are some of the advantages from those features. This will make your listening always supported with best in Class streaming technology.

Portable Radio

Many requests from Customers have reached us to define a high-grade Radio that can be carried. Chances can be that you are one of those? If so you will find the right device for all your coming trips where you are not willing to give up perfect sound thanks to FM-HD.

Alarm Clock Feature

When you are on the Road ,sometimes it can be upset only using your smartphone to get you wake up for the day. You can decide to start with decent Music from your Favourite Radio Station where the Volume level can be adjusted right on your demands.

Extend your Equipment

Thanks to the digital sound output of nuGo! ONE, a unique feature is established that allows you to integrate a new Source into you’re existing Stereo Components. Upgrade your current Devices with a high definition Radio or Bluetooth receiver supports the tradition that Nubert devices always try to be versatile and lasting.


Battery runtime

Probably the most frequently asked question about a mobile active speaker is: How long does the battery last? We rely on a high-performance battery with 35.5 Wh, which guarantees over 24 hours of battery life. Because of the ample energy reserves, we have also integrated the radio function.

Stereo in compact format

The nuGo! ONE wouldn't be a typical Nubert speaker if it didn't impress with its clear, direct acoustics in stereo playback. Virtually no distortion, a clear treble range, multi-faceted mids and lively bass are anything but a matter of course for a Bluetooth speaker with radio function. With our powerful DSP processor, however, we have created the ideal basis for this performance.

Water protection

The nuGo! ONE is IPX5 certified and can therefore withstand operation in rain and splashing water (just don't submerge it). This makes it perfect for providing the right mobile entertainment in almost any place and in almost any weather.

Passive radiators

How do you get a powerful bass response from an ultra-compact enclosure? That was the key question for our developers at the start of the project. The result of extensive test series were special passive diaphragms that make efficient use of the cabinet volume and thus also optimize the bass volume and bass response. Their advantage: a far more powerful sound than one would have spontaneously expected.

Powerful antenna

Everyone is familiar with poor radio reception - unfortunately, this often puts a massive damper on your mood. We have therefore paid particular attention to the antenna, which offers excellent reception even in its minimum state. If the dead zone seems close, it helps to remove it completely. Your advantage: top reception even under adverse conditions.

Color and design

The rounded sides of the 7.6 cm deep speaker ensure the right level of visual harmony. The large, easy-to-read IPS display with a 2.9" diagonal radiates noblesse. The rotary knob on the top is made of aluminum and its silver color forms a pleasant contrast to the dark body. The look is rounded off by the mottled gray acoustic fabric for a discreetly elegant appearance.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

Nubert has more to offer

We develop all nuGo models in Schwäbisch Gmünd - from the housing to the drivers to the sound tuning, every detail is optimised by our engineers. Once series production has started, our quality management begins in House. We check the appearance, technology and sound to ensure that you receive the best possible product. If you have any questions, just give us a call and our customer service team will answer them. Many years of experience and intensive training ensure quick and uncomplicated help.

Zweite Wahl

This product as 2nd choice

In some installation locations - for example with rearspeakers behind a curtain - the visual appearance plays a subordinate role, but the function must be guaranteed without restriction. Here, our 2nd choice is the ideal solution for price-conscious customers. These are exhibition items, customer returns or discontinued models with minor signs of use, but which have been technically inspected by our service department. We also give a full 2-year guarantee on the 2nd choice.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode provide the final details for your favourite speakers in your own four walls.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.


nuGo! ONE - reichlich Ehrgeiz, Innovation und pfiffige Lösungen

Elegante Nutzung zu Hause

NB-ONE – Das Fundament für den Nubert nuGO! ONE

Nubert kann auch Radio

nuGo! ONE – überzeugender Mix aus Bluetooth-Box und DAB-Radio

"ehrliche Lautsprecher" im kompakten Format

nuGo! ONE - Portabler Lautsprecher mit Bluetooth aptX HD und DAB+/FM-Tuner

Unterwegs das beste Digitalradio

nuGo! ONE - sehr guter Radioempfang und hervorragender Klang

Kein Stubenhocker

nuGo! ONE - mit DAB+ und Bluetooth alles an Bord

Red Dot Design Award 2023

nuGo! One - Red Dot Design Award Winner

Mobiler Design-Lautsprecher

nuGo! ONE - gewohnt exzellent


nuGo! ONE macht Nubert-Sound mobil

Gerät des Jahres 2022

nuGo! ONE ausgezeichnet

Ein Drehknopf für Alles

nuGo! ONE - simpel Bedienung, aufgeräumtes Design, auf Klangqualität getrimmt

Das fein klingende, kleine Multitalent

nuGo! ONE – Stereo-Anlage für guten Klang unterwegs

Nicht bloß „ein Bluetooth Lautsprecher“

nuGo! ONE – Kleiner spuckt ganz schön große Töne

Digitale Wellenreiter

nuGo! ONE - der kleinste und mobilste Lautsprecher aus Schwäbisch Gmünd

Highlight für Musikbegeisterte

nuGo! ONE - klangstarker Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit UKW- und DAB-Radio

Schick, mobil, stark

nuGo! ONE - perfektes Kofferradio der Digitalära


nuGo! ONE - Bluetooth-Box mit HiFi-Ambitionen

Große Klasse im Hörtest

nuGo! ONE markiert einen neuen Ansatz

Radio Eins

nuGo! ONE - hochwertiger Bluetooth-Lautsprecher und DAB-/UKW-Radio in einem

Überall am Start

nuGo! ONE – Gelungenes Mobil-Debüt mit kraftvollem Sound und vielen Extras

Klasse für Klassik

nuGo! ONE - auch "the Länd" folgt dem Bluetooth-Trend

Tolles Produkt

nuGo! ONE - durchdachte Zusammenwirken von Features und Usability

Wertiges Bluetooth-Radio

nuGo! ONE im Kurztest bei fairaudio


We not only build exceptional loudspeakers and electronics, but also offer the matching accessories. So you can find everything useful for our products, from cables to adapters.

Speaker base NB-ONE
Clever stand for nuGo! ONE
€15.00 / Piece


Questions about active speakers

In addition to the power cable, which must be plugged in, it is necessary to set the small switch on the back to "On". We are happy to help via telephone +49 7171 87 12 0 , WhatsApp or E-Mail. according to our motto "Doesn't sound, doesn't exist", because good service is part of the product for us.

We give a 2-year warranty on active speakers. You can find exact details of our conditions here. However, we also offer a warranty extension to a total of 5 years, all info can be found here.

In most cases, the error can be solved by selecting the right source on the TV or by increasing the volume. We will be happy to help you via telephone +49 7171 87 12 0, WhatsApp or E-Mail according to the motto "Doesn't sound, doesn't exist". Because for us, good service is part of the product.


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6 February 2024

Klein mit Bass-Spaß


18 November 2023



14 November 2023

nuGo! ONE


11 July 2023

Einfach top!

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.

nuGo! ONE: the first mobile sound system from Nubert

With the nuGo! ONE we present the first portable sound system from Nubert. Finally, you can take the honest Nubert sound with you and enjoy it everywhere: in the bathroom, on the terrace or on the road when travelling. At the same time, the nuGo! ONE is not only a powerful-voiced Bluetooth active speaker that provides a grand stage for your favourite songs from your smartphone or laptop, but also a first-class radio receiver that receives both current DAB+ stations and analogue FM stations in the best possible quality. On top of that, the nuGo! ONE also gives other external players a voice thanks to the integrated jack input. Thanks to its particularly long battery life of up to 24 hours, the splash water protection (class IPX5) and the convenient operation via the large metal rotary knob and the clearly legible display in almost any position, the nuGo! ONE is particularly suitable for mobile use. The nuGo! ONE is a real all-rounder - and sounds simply fantastic!

When it comes to mobile sound systems, two things are essential: a powerful active speaker concept and high-quality signal transmission. To enable the best possible wireless connection, the nuGo! ONE therefore supports both aptX HD (primarily for Android devices) and AAC (primarily for iOS devices). A modern signal processor optimally prepares the bit stream and then feeds it to a high-quality amplifier chip, which fires up the stereo system with a stable 20 watts of continuous power per channel. This drives two modern full-range drivers with 66 mm basket diameters, which, thanks to their powerful neodymium drives, develop maximum power in the smallest of spaces. In the low-frequency range, the two drivers are supported by two passive diaphragms, with which the sound system achieves a lower cut-off frequency of 55 Hertz - not only an impressive, but downright sensational value for the format. The result is a sound image that captivates with the typically authentic Nubert character and that enables fulfilling hi-fi enjoyment on the road with an amazing spatiality and stage width.

Another concern of our engineers was the simplest possible operating concept that also works without a smartphone. That's why the nuGo! ONE has a comparatively large, high-resolution display on the top, which, thanks to IPS technology, remains clearly visible even from unfavourable viewing angles. A large aluminium rotary knob provides access to all device functions, from source and input selection to volume control. The integrated radio is also controlled via this knob, including various comfort functions such as station memory and automatic search. The high-quality receiver chip from the automotive segment shines not only with dynamic noise reduction, but also with particularly clear reception. For locations with low signal strength, the nuGo! ONE has an extendable telescopic antenna.

The design of the nuGo! ONE is deliberately kept simple: With its compact dimensions, rounded shape and cover made of greyish acoustic fabric, the unit blends unobtrusively into its surroundings, whether the sound system is placed on a kitchen shelf or on a bath towel. The top, protected by an acrylic glass panel, and the metal control dial add an interesting visual accent. So the nuGo! ONE cuts a brilliant figure not only acoustically but also visually - this compact sound system is simply a lot of fun!