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Infrared remote control

This remote control is suitable for controlling active speakers of the nuPro series. The design corresponds to the model included with all compact and floorstanding speakers of the current nuPro X generation and accordingly offers the same range of functions. As a replacement or upgrade, we also offer this signal generator separately.

Because the same infrared codes are used, the floorstanding and compact speakers of the previous nuPro A generation (nuPro A-100 to 700) can also be controlled. In this application, buttons that are not assigned to a corresponding function in the speaker naturally have no effect, for example, the Bluetooth button or the preset memories. The assigned buttons are marked in yellow in the product image above. Apart from that, the X remote control can also be used with A speakers without any problems and brings advantages such as improved ergonomics and a larger radiation angle.

Please note that this remote control model is not suitable for the X or A series soundbars. For these units, we offer a separate signal transmitter here.

A button cell of type CR2025 is required for operation (included in delivery).

Suitable for:

  • nuPro X-3000
  • nuPro X-4000
  • nuPro X-6000
  • nuPro X-8000

Restricted suitable for:

  • nuPro A-100
  • nuPro A-200
  • nuPro A-300
  • nuPro A-500
  • nuPro A-600
  • nuPro A-700

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Technical information

Subject to technical changes.