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Denon: The finest sounds for your sound experience

The Denon brand stands for innovation. With their products, you always get the best results that will inspire you. The manufacturer is one of the oldest in Japan and thus has many years of experience. Here you can be sure that quality awaits you.

The Denon company history

Denon was born from an idea of the American entrepreneur Frederick Whitney Horn, who founded the Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai in 1910. Its first products were gramophones and long-playing records. It has borne the brand name it is known by today since the 1930s.

The company pioneered numerous developments in the hi-fi industry. For example, it was the first company to launch recorders for records, stereo systems and matching stereo records in Japan.

The success story continues: the company developed PCM recorders, on which the principle of our current CDs is based. The so-called "pulse code modulation" converts analogue signals into digital signals, allowing us to listen to the sound of music. Through the same technology, our CD and Blu-Ray players play audio today. The first CD player also came from Denon. In 1982, the company introduced the DCD-2000.

The hi-fi manufacturer evolved just like our technical capabilities and is equally present in the home cinema industry. Together with Dolby Digital, it designed a new type of A/V amplifier that optimised the audio world. Fans of Blu-rays owe the first player for this, the Universal Disc Player, how could it be otherwise - to Denon.

Products from Denon in our shop

The Japanese hi-fi company scores points all along the line when it comes to know-how. It offers high-quality products that take your music enjoyment to a whole new level. We are also convinced by the technical features and performance.


As the company that first released an A/V amplifier, Denon enjoys a special position. With us, you'll find a wide selection of Denon amplifiers for full surround sound that will have you bobbing along to the beat or even dancing around your living room. With the units, you have a wide range of connection options to enjoy both room-quality audio and video.

The stereo receivers provide rich sounds in the best quality. Whether you want to relax and listen to a radio station or play your favourite playlist from a streaming provider on continuous loop.

With AV receivers, you control all your hi-fi equipment from one central unit. Thanks to different outputs, you not only connect your CD player, speakers or other audio devices there, but also your Blu-ray player as well as your TV. So you don't need separate units for your music collection and your home cinema, you simply switch over. Compared to a stereo receiver, you therefore have more possible uses here.

Record player and CD player

The turntables and CD players take you back to Denon's beginnings, but with the latest technology of today. Put your favourite artist on vinyl and celebrate the great comeback of the players. As a CD album, the songs also sound great. For super audio CDs, the SACD players are the ideal place to go.

Denon's HEOS System

With the HEOS system, Denon has made music enjoyment even more convenient. Behind the name is a multi-room system that lets you play your songs in several rooms at the same time or even differently per room. All you need is a HEOS-enabled Denon model, the free app and your router. This sophisticated technology shows the expertise that the brand has.

Say goodbye to an annoying tangle of cables with Denon speakers. They're wireless and ready to go anywhere in your home. Pair two together for rich stereo sound. Beat for beat, the speakers reproduce the entire spectrum.

Discover the concentrated power

Denon products not only look classy, they also deliver great sound quality. The company is one of the pioneers in the world of hi-fi, inspiring with new developments every time. Put Denon receivers, stereo amplifiers and speakers in your home and enjoy music like never before.

In our shop you will also find other powerful loudspeakers from strong brands. If you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via our contact form.