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The Active Tuning Module for floorstanding speakers was developed for all full-range speakers, including small models such as the nuBox 483 or the nuLine 244. It can also be used to acoustically optimise speakers from other manufacturers. The active tuning module activates unused reserves in the bass range and also enables precise sound control of the bass, mid-range and treble.

We have designed the ATM compact speaker for bookshelf speakers, wall speakers and other smaller speakers.

Nubert tuning modules are not mass-produced goods, but are manufactured with great care and mostly by hand, which is why they proudly bear the "Made in Germany" label.

Only high-quality, specially selected components are used to guarantee the extremely high dynamic range of 124 decibels. This guarantees maximum signal purity and eliminates harmful sound influences by integrating a tuning module into the playback chain. The active tuning module is housed in an elegant brushed, black anodised aluminium casing.

The functional principle of the active tuning modules

The cabinet volume of a speaker influences the bass response. To put it simply: the smaller the speaker, the lower the bass response - even if the built-in drivers could in principle reproduce lower frequencies. Günther Nubert's remedy: If the cabinet "slows down" the bass reproduction, the amplifier has to "step on the gas" more in the lower frequencies.

To enable the amplifier to activate these reserves, the active tuning module forces it to provide more power in the range affected by the level drop, thereby shifting the lower cut-off frequency of the speaker.

This audibly improves the speaker's bass performance. At low listening levels, a kind of "loudness effect" can be achieved with this clever circuit. With the special tuning modules that are customised precisely for your particular speaker, the low-frequency extension is generally more extensive than with the newer universal modules, but even these can achieve impressive results depending on the speaker.

The second advantage of the active tuning modules is the convenient sound control. With the help of precise rotary controls for the bass range and the mid and high frequencies, the playback spectrum can be optimally adapted to personal taste or tuned to the listening environment or recording. The basic character of the piece of music is retained because the treble or bass is evenly intensified or reduced and not "bent" at certain points, as is the case with conventional tone controls or inferior equalisers.

Installation of an active tuning module

Active tuning modules can be integrated into a modern playback chain in two ways: either between the player and amplifier or between the preamplifier and power amplifier. The first option works almost everywhere as long as the amplifier and player have analogue cinch inputs or outputs. Depending on the ATM version, up to three source devices can be connected in this way (ATM nuBox: one player) and selected via a rotary selector switch on the module.
The second type of connection is particularly suitable for stereo systems in which separate preamplifiers and power amplifiers are used. Some integrated amplifiers that can be "split" internally or have monitor inputs are also suitable for this type of connection. Please note: This type of integrated amplifier is becoming increasingly rare; AV receivers equipped in this way have almost completely disappeared from the market. If you have a highly integrated system such as a network receiver without corresponding connections or use players that only offer digital outputs, you cannot use ATM with these!
Nor can Active Tuning Modules be connected to the loudspeaker outputs of an amplifier.
If you are interested, please consult our advisory team to determine the optimum connection type for your system!

Scope of delivery:

  • ATM module
  • Carrying case
  • Power supply unit
  • 2 x cinch cables, 0.8 m each

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