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Uncompromising premium cable that meets the highest requirements in the analogue range. The double coaxial construction of the 8 mm RCA cable ensures an undistorted, precise and controlled signal transmission. The two high-quality coaxial inner conductors are each triple(!) shielded. Consequently, outside interference has no chance of negatively influencing the signal. Solid full metal plugs with gold-plated contacts for the perfect electrical connection are a matter of course with this cable. Our new premium cable 9 has not only been equipped with a large strain relief clamp, but is also PE encapsulated and sealed in the soldering area of the plug for extremely high reliability. We recommend this premium cable for all analogue stereo audio connections between high-end and top-of-the-range components.

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-20 %
nuBoxx AS-225 max
Top deal
€398.00 / Piece €498.00 (€100.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €398.00 / unit
-10 %
nuPro AS-3500
Combining all class soundbar
€895.00 / Piece €995.00 (€100.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €895.00 / unit
nuPro SP-200
Definition in sound
€845.00 / Pair

nuPro SP-500
Floorstanding excelence
€1,365.00 / Pair

nuPro XS-3000 RC
Highest Perfomance on your desk
€695.00 / Piece

nuPro XS-4000 RC
Refernce Monitoring
€895.00 / Piece

nuPro XS-8500 RC
Highest Definition Soundbar
€1,969.00 / Piece

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