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Uncompromising premium cable adapter that meets the highest requirements in the analogue range. The double coaxial construction of the 8 mm RCA cable ensures undistorted, precise and controlled signal transmission and distribution. The two high-quality coaxial inner conductors are each triple(!) shielded. As a result, external interference has no chance of negatively influencing the signal. Solid metal plugs with gold-plated contacts for a perfect electrical connection are a matter of course with this cable. Our new premium cable 9 has not only been equipped with a large strain relief clamp, but is also overmoulded and sealed with PE in the soldering area of the plug for extremely high reliability. We recommend these high-quality, versatile Y-distributors for all analogue audio signal distribution between high-end and top-of-the-range devices and subwoofers. For the highest demands on shielding and signal fidelity in the area of signal distribution.

1 coupling / 2 plugs Premium Y cinch adapter For connecting a mono signal to both LINE IN inputs of the subwoofer amplifier. Provides + 6 dB, which corresponds to a doubling of the input sensitivity. Cable ø 8 mm. Length 20 cm.

2 couplings / 1 plug Premium Y cinch adapter The Y adapter branches the output signal of an amplifier to connect the power amplifier and a subwoofer (2 adapters for left + right required!). Also suitable for connecting two subwoofers in parallel to a single SUB output of an AV receiver.

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We not only offer accessories, but also the matching products that can be used with the accessories.

nuSub XW-1200
Statement subwoofer
€995.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-700
Tiny low end power
€495.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-800 slim
Slim desing low end
€585.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-900
Low end for enveryone
€695.00 / Piece

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nuCable Y-Sub 9
High End Subwoofer Cable
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