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About this album

Nubert and Inakustik, well known to hi-fi fans as a manufacturer of high-quality audio cables and audiophile music publisher, jointly present the album Fascination With Sound. In this exclusive song collection, we have compiled twelve tracks for you, all of which are characterized by a particularly high recording quality and where your Nubert loudspeakers can fully show their sonic strengths.

The pieces were selected by Günther Nubert and the Nubert trade show team. They are a representative selection of demo songs from our trade show performances of past years as well as personal favorites of Günther Nubert. Our curators cannot deny a slight inclination towards modern jazz, but other musical genres are also prominently represented. In any case, we have made sure that this album, unlike many other "test discs", is easy to listen to and by no means only gathers sound extremes.

Nubert - Fascination With Sound we offer as CD and as double LP. The CD version was pressed as HQCD on special, high-quality polycarbonate, which ensures a consistent playback quality with a low reading error rate for many years. HQCDs can be played on all standard-compliant CD players.

For the vinyl version, we opted for a 180-gram pressing using the tried-and-tested DMM process (Direct Metal Mastering). Because the two records are designed for 45 revolutions, only six tracks fit on each disc, but in the best possible sound quality. Awarded as "Recommendation" by the editors of in the Vinyl-Special 2021!

The selection between the two versions is made via the drop-down menu.

Nubert - Fascination With Sound is a wonderful acoustic journey of discovery for every music lover and hi-fi fan!


  • Tingvall Trio: Beat
  • Kari Bremnes: Coastal Ship
  • Ayub Ogada: Kothbiro
  • Torsten Goods: 99
  • Allan Taylor: The Traveller
  • Friend 'n Fellow: Light My Fire
  • Wolfgang Haffner: El Vito
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela: Hanuman
  • Philippe Chrétien: Le Chat Noir
  • Hiromi: Seeker
  • Arne Domnérus & Gustaf Sjökvist: Träumerei
  • Oscars Motettkör: Julsång

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