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All information about new products can be found here. If you don't want to miss anything, check back regularly and learn all about our new releases.
Here we present you the most important features clearly.

nuControl X
Elegance of sound
Sound management at its best.


€4,490.00 / Piece

nuZeo 11
Living room-friendly sound genius
Reference-class floorstanding loudspeaker with active technology.


€2,700.00 / Piece

nuZeo 15
Majestic sound in an elegant guise
Reference floorstanding loudspeaker in active technology.


€4,800.00 / Piece

nuZeo 4
Surprisingly great sound
Reference-class compact loudspeaker in active technology.


€1,400.00 / Piece

nuZeo 6c
Flexible universal talent
Reference universal loudspeaker in active technology.


€1,100.00 / Piece


nuZeo Serie

The completely redesigned nuZeo speaker series, which comprises four models, will be introduced in fall 2023.

nuZeo stands for high-end listening pleasure

Visual aesthetics, groundbreaking technical innovation and stunning sound combine in our new nuZeo speaker series to create a total package that is currently unrivaled in the field of active speakers.

nuZeo redefines the luxury class of active wireless speakers. Unprecedented sonic transparency, advanced driver technology and the perfect coordination of all components used make the nuZeo series unique. Thanks to our Hi-Res Audio wireless standard X-Connect, you can enjoy pure audiophile sound without any annoying cables. With its gently curved shapes, this speaker series fits gallantly into any living environment.


nuBoxx B-30 und B-40 Neue Farben

In the current black and white look, the nuBoxx can also be perfectly combined with other Nubert loudspeaker models. The new colors will be available from October 2023.

New colors for the nuBoxx

Product care is a top priority for us. Our popular passive nuBoxx series can now look forward to a color refresh. With new variants in a modern white or black basic color scheme, we now have a uniform design for all speaker series in our range for all customers who like structured clarity.

Our new fabric covers offer more color variety from the usual black and white of the speakers. In addition to the existing panel colors in graphite and mottled ice grey, they are now also available in midnight blue, mint green and Bordeaux red. This allows you to set further accents in your home. The new covers also fit the previous nuBoxx models. Thanks to the clever magnetic catch, the covers can be easily exchanged. This gives you even more flexibility when setting up your hi-fi system in your home.


The GS-2000 has been available since mid-August 2023 at a price of 120 euros.

Flexible solutions for the XI-2000

Our innovative built-in speakers nuPro XI-2000 RC with integrated ambient lighting create a pleasant atmosphere both acoustically and visually - whether in the living room at home or in bars. The new GS-2000 cabinet set now expands the application possibilities even further:

The XI-2000 can be mounted directly on the wall or under the ceiling. Optionally, it can even be suspended. At the same time, the loudspeaker offers a new, excitingly minimalist design approach and thus cuts a good figure visually and acoustically in any room. On the product page, we present new inspirations on how this model can be skilfully staged.

nuPro AS-2500

The nuPro AS-2500 has been available since mid-June 2023 at a price of 495 euros.

Maximum sound in a minimum format

Many of our customers expressed the wish for a narrower soundbar, as our product range had not yet included one. With the new nuPro AS-2500, we are now fulfilling this wish and showing what fascinating sound spectrum can be achieved with know-how and current technology from a depth of only 14 centimetres and a height of 8 centimetres. The result is perhaps the best-sounding soundbar in this size class.

During development, our engineers focused on the essentials: powerful sound without a lot of frills. The new nuPro AS-2500 supports all common standards from Dolby® and DTS to Bluetooth aptX HD. The much appreciated and proven Voice+ function for acoustic emphasis of spoken dialogue as well as a virtual sound enhancement are also on board.

Despite its extremely compact dimensions, the AS-2500 is technically fascinating due to its three-way principle: this model also uses two tweeters, two mid-bass drivers and two woofers on the underside. This means that the new model can also replace a compact stereo system. By installing an optionally available nuConnect trX wireless adapter, a subwoofer can be wirelessly controlled, which significantly increases the range of the low frequencies. The nuPro AS-2500 is already prepared for retrofitting with a nuConnect trX as standard.
In addition to the high-quality remote control, the soundbar comes with brackets for wall mounting as standard. However, the model can also be placed on a TV rack or lowboard as usual. Sturdy rubber feet ensure a secure hold. Whether you're looking for high-fidelity film enjoyment or a captivating gaming atmosphere, our nuPro AS-2500 is a powerful all-in-one package with intuitive operation in an equally stylish and compact housing, available in either fashionable black or elegant white.

nuConnect ampXL

Nubert nuConnect ampXL schwarz

The nuConnect ampXL has been available since mid-July 2023 at a price of 1,485 euros.

Convincing powerhouse

The XL integrated amplifier

You shouldn't be fooled by its discreet, slim appearance: Our new integrated amplifier nuConnect ampXL raises the bar considerably compared to its little brother nuConnect ampX. The new ampXL comes with a whopping 2 × 340 watts of power and shines with a particularly high load stability. The compact unit provides more than enough power even for full-grown floorstanding speakers such as the nuLine 334 or nuVero 140. A 6.3 mm jack output is available for headphones. The ampXL is fully network-compatible: your favourite music can be conveniently streamed to the unit via Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect. Lovers of vinyl will appreciate the phono MM / MC connection, which allows record players to be connected.

Lovers of vinyl will appreciate the phono MM / MC connection, via which record players find their connection. Modern players such as computers can be connected via USB or four SPDIF connections. Optionally, a TV can also be connected via the Nubert HDMI adapter.
Of course, the nuConnect ampXL is compatible with our X-Connect wireless standard. This allows the integrated amplifier to transmit music wirelessly to other speakers in the home.
The new model also features room calibration (X-Room-Calibration), various DSP modes and sound controls. The black lacquered aluminium housing, together with the razor-sharp OLED display, conveys a noble appearance that looks good anywhere when set up freely - but can also disappear inconspicuously in the hi-fi rack. This raises music enjoyment in the home to a new, outstanding level that leaves hardly anything to be desired in terms of sound and comfort.

nuControl X

nuControl X Mood

The nuControl X will be available from autumn 2023 at a price of 4,490 euros.

All-round sound manager

Networkable multi-talent: the new nuControl X

Our highlight of this year's High End 2023 is the new nuControl X preamplifier. Here, our engineers have gone to great lengths to combine the two advantages of conventional analogue technology and modern digital control - and the result is something to be proud of! Via WLAN or cable, the nuControl X can be connected to streaming services such as Apple AirPlay, Amazon Music, Tidal and other platforms, or your favourite music can be played from the local network, for example via Roon. Via USB, classic hard drives or USB sticks can also be used as a playback source, and the nuControl X can be used on a PC as an external sound card - and all this with fantastic transfer rates of up to 32 bits and 768 kHz! Of course, Nubert's own wireless protocol X-Connect is also on board, so that the nuControl X can be easily integrated into existing stereo and surround setups.

Despite all the digital comfort: classic analogue technology is not neglected. The nuControl X also contains a fully-fledged analogue heart. A high-quality phono input is not missing, nor are balanced XLR inputs.
Other functions and features that clearly exceed those of conventional preamplifiers include the Nubert calibration system, a seven-band fully parametric equaliser, a classic bass/treble tone control with loudness circuit and much more.
All in all, the nuControl X surpasses the sound purity and functionality of the nuControl 2.
The 4-inch TFT colour touchscreen display visually illustrates all settings. The high-quality remote control is milled from a single piece of aluminium, fits ergonomically in your hand and allows you to control all functions from anywhere in the room.
This is contemporary high-end technology at its best, which also meets ambitious demands.

nuPro XS-8500 RC Surround Ambiente

The nuPro XI-2000 has been available since the end of March 2023 at a price of 595 euros.

Clear all-round hi-fi sound put in perspective

Der nuPro XI-2000 RC ist unser erster Aktivlautsprecher zum Einbau in Decke oder Wand. Its compact design makes it ideal for particularly unobtrusive solutions.

It can be used alone or in a group, and its multi-way technology provides the room with pleasant sound and discreet light.

This multifunctional speaker can thus complement the basic lighting and brings a cosy atmosphere into the room. The integrated ambient light can be controlled via Smart Home applications with Zigbee 3.0 or conveniently via smartphone app. For example, the existing wiring of the room lighting can be used for the power supply. Thanks to our X-Connect Surround wireless standard, the XI-2000 RC is ideal for use as an additional speaker in surround systems, such as the nuPro XS-8500 RC.

nuXinema preAV Mood

The nuXinema preAV will be available in autumn 2022 at a price of 835 euros in black and white.

nuXinema preAV: Small form, big sound

The nuXinema preAV is an AV preamplifier for full surround enjoyment - and, if you wish, it can even be done simply without any annoying cables.
In developing it, we focused on the essentials: powerful sound without the bells and whistles. The nuXinema preAV supports all common standards from Dolby Atmos to DTS:X. It adapts to the existing loudspeaker system. It adapts to the existing speaker setup and automatically performs upmixing or virtualisation. High-end music playback with premium sound control is also on board. This makes the nuXinema preAV a powerful complete package with intuitive operation in a housing that is as stylish as it is compact.

In a set with nuPro XS active loudspeakers, each loudspeaker can be calibrated for the room itself, providing optimum sound at the listening position. If classic active speakers or passive speakers are connected to the front channels via a power amplifier, the nuXinema preAV takes over the calibration of these channels. 9 modern inputs offer space for all common source devices (including TV connection) and enable the seamless integration of the nuXinema preAV into modern home cinema setups. A powerful control centre, the nuXinema preAV offers 8 digital channels via wireless X-Connect Surround and 8 more channels via premium analogue RCA outputs. Thanks to HDMI 2.0, the nuXinema is also compatible with modern TVs, guaranteeing high quality picture playback at 4K and 60 Hz, 3D video and audio transmission, and HDR support.

nuPro XS-8500 RC weiss

The nuPro XS-8500 RC will be available from autumn 2022 in black and white at a price of 1,959 euros.

Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC: new soundbar queen and surround centre

The nuPro XS-8500 RC is not only the successor to our multi-award-winning XXL soundbar nuPro XS-7500, but also a home cinema sound centre that can be expanded into a wireless surround set.

Taken on its own, the nuPro XS-8500 RC is a soundplate of the absolute top class, which upgrades the living room to a movie palace with genuine 3.1 sound. The equipment is top-notch: a pure digital amplifier drives two tweeters, four mid-range speakers and two subwoofers with 50 watts of power, while the integrated surround decoder optimally processes Dolby and DTS audio tracks for playback (including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X). The extensive sound control and automatic calibration known from the nuPro series allows the playback to be perfectly adapted to the spatial conditions or personal preferences.

Clever algorithms such as Nubert's smart listening zone enhancement or the dialogue enhancement Voice+ ensure more listening pleasure. The wide range of functions can be used either via the supplied high-quality remote control, the control on the device or conveniently via smartphone app, whereby the most important settings such as the volume can also be controlled directly from the TV set thanks to HDMI with eARC. The other digital and analogue inputs can be used to connect a wide range of other players.

A new feature is the built-in wireless system X-Connect Surround, an extension of the previous nuPro standard. X-Connect Surround allows the system to be expanded by up to eight additional channels - wirelessly and in outstanding quality. This turns the soundbar into the command centre for a full-blown surround system including ceiling speakers. Both the RC models of the current nuPro generation and new nuPro speakers can be used as satellites, in particular the brand new built-in and surface-mounted speaker nuPro XI-2000 RC, about which we will reveal more here in the foreseeable future.

nuGo! ONE Esszimmer

The nuGo! ONE is available now in black anthracite at a price of 285 euros.

nuGo! ONE - the first portable sound system from Nubert for Bluetooth and more

With the nuGo! ONE we present the first portable sound system from Nubert. Finally, you can take the honest Nubert sound with you and enjoy it everywhere: in the bathroom, on the terrace or on the road when travelling. At the same time, the nuGo! ONE is not only a powerful-voiced Bluetooth active speaker that provides a grand stage for your favourite songs from your smartphone or laptop, but also a stand-alone, first-class radio receiver that receives both current DAB+ stations and analogue FM stations in the best possible quality.

On top of that, the nuGo! ONE also gives other external players a voice thanks to the integrated jack input. Thanks to its particularly long battery life of up to 24 hours, the splash water protection (class IPX5) and the convenient operation via the large metal rotary knob and the clearly legible display in almost any position, the nuGo! ONE is particularly suitable for mobile use.

Even as an alarm clock on the bedside table, it cuts a fine figure with the included angle stand and homely fabric cover. The nuGo! ONE is therefore a real all-rounder - and sounds simply fantastic!

nuSub XW-800 slim

nuSub XW-800 slim: Space-saving under, behind or next to the sofa or on the wall.

nuSub XW-800 slim - The Everywhere Woofer

The nuSub XW-800 slim is our answer to the question of how suitable a subwoofer can be for living space. The narrowest side is just 14 cm high or wide, depending on how you set it up.

Because in terms of placement, the subwoofer is the most flexible we have ever designed. Both on its side (with the included rubber feet to stick) and with the smart rail system, there are a variety of possibilities. Thus, the flatwoofer finds its place invisibly under the couch. Those who have too little space there can connect it standing behind or next to the sofa.

The colors black or white do not make it stand out, but it can definitely be seen with the noble finish.Those who have a vacuum robot will want to hang the woofer on the wall, which is no problem thanks to the universal mounting rail.Best of all, our X-Connect wireless technology is integrated, so only a power cable is needed for operation, and the signal cable from the amplifier to the subwoofer is not required.Control is just as easy: the X-Remote app lets you set all the parameters.In addition, we offer with the technology X-Room Calibration a room calibration on the listening position from the smartphone.Good sound is thus guaranteed. This is how we imagine a modern and easy-to-use subwoofer.

nuBoxx AS-225 max im Wohnzimmer

The nuBoxx AS-225 max is available to order now for 498 euros in black or white.

The ingenious sound upgrade for the TV: the nuBoxx AS-225 max soundbar.

With the nuBoxx AS-225 max, we are introducing the successor to the multi-award-winning soundplate nuBox AS-225 - with better ease of use, even more practical functions, higher performance, voice focus and Dolby decoding for more viewing pleasure.

The nuBoxx AS-225 max is the further development of the nuBox AS-225, which can boast numerous top marks and awards, including a victory in the Stiftung Warentest 2020.

The experts at Nubert have improved the second generation in all decisive characteristics, from user-friendliness and connectivity to features, functionality and amplifier technology. The result is a stereo soundbar that is as compact and affordable as it is powerful in sound, which not only audibly enhances the TV sound, but also shines as a wireless music system thanks to Bluetooth reception.

The innovations in detail: HDMI with eARC connection, decoding function for Dolby Digital, new operating concept with rotary control and significantly improved remote control, more power for more sovereignty in the border area, extensive sound control including Voice+ speech enhancement, loudness and virtual stage expansion.

nuBoxx A-125 pro mit Laptop

The nuBoxx A-125 pro can now be ordered as a stereo set for 438 euros. Those who order by the start of delivery after Easter will receive the warranty extension to five years free of charge.

nuBoxx A-125 pro: Good gets even better

Since 2019, the nuBox A-125 have been thrilling audiences as a compact and affordable, but high-quality active stereo system. Now we are continuing the success story with the nuBoxx A-125 pro: the revised version, which will be available in parallel with the first generation, is even more recommended for use on a laptop or desktop computer with its HiRes-capable USB DAC and scores points with extensive sound control, improved wireless connectivity and more convenient control thanks to the new remote control.

A look at the back of the master box reveals an obvious innovation: Where the first version has an HDMI input, the pro version scores with a USB port that allows the nuBoxx A-125 pro to be used as an external sound card under Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The integrated high-resolution DAC (up to 192 kHz/32 bit) and the unchanged impressive acoustic performance make the nuBoxx A-125 pro perfect desktop speakers, not only for multimedia applications or gaming, but also for demanding productive use.

Those who prefer to use their smartphone or tablet as a player instead of a computer or traditional hi-fi and home cinema devices will be particularly pleased with the improved wireless support of the pro version. A Bluetooth 5.0 receiver is now used that also "speaks" aptX HD and AAC, allowing both Android users and iOS users to enjoy their song favourites wirelessly in inspiring quality.

Another advantage is the redesigned remote control, which is now just as high-quality and convenient as the signal transmitter known from the nuPro professional series.

nuLine 34 und nuLine 284 Jubilee  in Fabrik

The nuLine 284 Jubilee is available now at a unit price of 1,500 euros, the nuLine 34 costs 500 euros. All technical data are listed on the respective product pages.

nuLine Jubilee: new look for its birthday

For the tenth anniversary of the current nuLine series, we are presenting two special models with a special look: the nuLine 284 Jubilee and the nuLine 34 Jubilee. Both speakers are technically the same as the tried-and-tested series variants, but stand out with their extravagant appearance.

For the limited Corten steel edition, the speakers are first carefully hand-finished with a real metal coating, which is then specifically oxidised and finally sealed.

The result is a fascinating surface that shimmers in various shades of orange, red and brown and reveals a pleasantly natural texture to the touch.

Because the oxidation process varies with each pass, no two nuLine Jubilees are alike. The special models are only available in limited quantities and exclusively in the anniversary year.

nuPro SP-200 und nuPro SP-500 Mood

The nuPro SP-200 and nuPro SP-500 can be ordered now from Nubert direct sales at a pair price of 845 euros and 1,365 euros respectively and will be delivered before the end of December 2021. All product information and technical data can be found on the product page of the nuPro SP-200 and the product page of the nuPro SP-500.

nuPro SP-200 and SP-500: the new generation of active speakers

With the desk-ready nuPro SP-200 and the towering nuPro SP-500, we present two new pairs of active speakers that combine ease of use, homely design and superb sound to create an irresistible entertainment ensemble.

The nuPro SP-200 speaker duo and the slim nuPro SP-500 floorstanding speakers appeal to price-conscious hi-fi enthusiasts, film buffs, music lovers and gamers who are looking for modern active speakers with high-resolution sound quality, easy operation and future-proof connectivity. The two new additions combine the functionality of an up-to-date stereo system in the stylish form of two pairs of speakers.

The focus of the application possibilities is the comfortable and wireless music enjoyment via Bluetooth. The nuPro SP speakers connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices via the integrated wireless receiver, even in high-resolution quality thanks to support for aptX HD, aptX Low Latency and AAC.

Various analogue and digital inputs are available for operating classic hi-fi and home cinema equipment. TVs are connected to the HDMI/eARC port, which receives not only sound signals but also command signals, enabling convenient control of the speakers with the TV remote control. Thanks to the built-in surround decoder, Nubert's active speakers optimally prepare streaming series, TV programmes and films with DTS or Dolby soundtracks for stereo output.

The nuPro SP-200 and SP-500 are each delivered as a set and coupled via a signal cable for stereo operation. Control is best via the supplied remote control, alternatively settings can be made via a rotary control with LED status display. Sound options include bass and treble control, adaptive loudness circuitry, as well as Nubert's successful "listening zone expansion" for wider stage imaging and the clever "Voice+" algorithm that improves speech intelligibility for movies and TV shows.

nuBoxx AS-425 max Mood

The nuBoxx AS-425 max is available to order now for 668 euros. All product information and technical data can be found on the product page of the soundbar ...

nuBoxx AS-425 max: The next Nubert soundbarr

With the nuBoxx AS-425 max we present our latest soundbar, the fourth in our current line-up. The debutant is positioned between the Stiftung-Warentest winner nuBox AS-225 and the large nuPro AS-3500. The straightforward design is based on the nuBoxx series, the modern technology more on the big sister of the nuPro series.

Like the nuPro AS-3500, the new nuBoxx soundbar scores with the Voice+ function for better speech intelligibility and with the tried-and-tested Nubert listening zone extension for a wider stage image, which enhances (Bluetooth) music playback in particular. In addition, there is Dolby and DTS decoding for Blu-ray films or streaming videos via Netflix & Co.

The flat design, the high-quality foiling of the cabinet and the removable, magnetically adhering fabric cover ensure that the nuBoxx soundbase blends inconspicuously into its surroundings. With the two colour combinations white-ice-grey and black-graphite, there is a suitable version for almost every style of living.

So if you're looking for a compact, elegant, yet melodious soundbar that not only audibly enhances games, films and TV programmes, but also doubles as a modern streaming system, the nuBoxx AS-425 is the perfect choice.

nuBoxx B-Serie alle Modelle

Detailed product descriptions and all technical data can be found in the series overview of the nuBoxx line ...

Nubert nuBoxx - the next generation of our legendary speaker series

For over 25 years, the name nuBox has stood for great listening experience at a fair price. The legendary speaker series has provided generations of music and home cinema fans with an affordable entry into the world of authentic sound reproduction. Now Nubert is taking the leap into the future with the current nuBoxx series. Thanks to state-of-the-art transducer technology, innovative design features and careful tuning, the new nuBoxx models achieve a level of reproduction that is unparalleled in this class: These are honest speakers for even more sound fascination!

The new nuBoxx models shine in almost every conceivable role, from the living-room-friendly wall-mounted speaker to the compact shelf speaker or the versatile centre speaker to the powerful three-way floorstanding speaker and the nuBoxx soundbar. The new series will be launched at the end of August 2021 with six passive models, followed in November by the Soundplate AS-425, the first active system.

Thanks to computer-aided design, pioneering prototyping processes, consistent optimisation of all sound-relevant components and careful tuning by our experienced acoustics experts, the speakers in the current nuBoxx series achieve a level of sound previously unattainable in this price range. For example, the two floorstanding models in the series use an advanced two-and-a-half and three-way design. The latter was previously reserved for our top series.

The new name nuBoxx underlines the impressive progress of this generation, which our engineers have developed from scratch. In intensive cooperation with our manufacturing partners, we have succeeded in adapting many experiences and technologies from our current top series for our most affordable series. The tweeter and woofer drivers of the nuBoxx models, which are manufactured exclusively for Nubert, are based on the proven drivers of our nuLine and nuVero loudspeakers and exceed the already amazing performance of previous nuBox generations across the board. As a result, the transducers achieve best-in-class values in resolving power, dispersion behaviour, bass response, low distortion, impulse fidelity, decay behaviour, impedance curve and other crucial areas.