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Reinhard Paprotka took a look at the nuControl X streaming preamplifier for the 06/2024 issue of AUDIO+stereoplay and praised its solid and elegant design, wide range of features and high-end qualities.
After an extensive test, his conclusion is: „Im Test konnte nuControl X dem von Nubert selbst gesetzten hohen Anspruch voll gerecht werden. Die auf den ersten Blick zurückhaltende Erscheinung wird sogleich durch gediegene, edle Verarbeitung relativiert. Hochkarätige Technik vom Feinsten führt zu klanglichen Bestleistungen, die auch der Messtechnik standhalten. Dabei verdient der exzellente Phonoeingang ein besonderes Lob. Die Software verträgt noch geringfügige Verfeinerungen, überzeugt aber durch die Möglichkeit zukunftssicherer Updates.“

[Loose translation: In the test, nuControl X fully lived up to the high standards Nubert has set itself. The restrained appearance at first glance is immediately put into perspective by the solid, elegant workmanship. High-calibre technology of the finest quality leads to top sound performance that also stands up to measurement technology. The excellent phono input deserves special praise. The software could still do with some minor refinements, but is impressive due to the possibility of future-proof updates.]


+ Professional-quality design and manufacture
+ Excellent measured values
+ Extremely large number of connections incl. top phono MM/MC
+ Network connections galvanically isolated
+ Own app, future-orientated streaming concept

The bottom line of the test result is:

Outstanding features
Operation very good
Outstanding workmanship
Outstanding price/performance

Overall judgement 143 points

About the nuControl X preamplifier...