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High-quality, double-shielded digital coaxial cable for all coaxial digital connections. The gold-plated RCA plugs and the visually and haptically appealing braided fabric jacket testify to the high quality of workmanship. We also recommend this cable as an alternative link connection between our nuPro active speakers A-100, A-200, A-300, A-500, A-700 and AS-250.

Double shielding

The double shielding, consisting of a foil layer and a braided shield, reduces external electromagnetic interference, such as that caused by mobile phones or radio networks, to a minimum. In this way, the sensitive signals are transmitted undistorted.

Gold-plated full metal plugs

The cable is equipped with solid, robust full metal plugs. Due to the 24 carat gold-plated plug contacts, transition resistances are considerably reduced and signals are optimally conducted. With this connection method, the electrical connection is formed by the contact between plug and socket. The quality of the connection is expressed in the contact resistance. Poor contact points have a high contact resistance and cause signal losses. Special surface finishes such as the gold-plating used here reduce the resistance, improve the contact and thus the sound quality.

High purity OFC copper

The use of high-purity OFC copper (oxygen free copper) as conductor material guarantees a homogeneous and clean signal flow.

75 Ohm impedance

The characteristic impedance is an important key figure for cables, which results from the relationship between inductance and capacitance. It is given in ohms and is standardised at 75 ohms for most digital cables. If the characteristic impedance of the cable and the connections on the device side differ in this respect, transmission interference can occur.

RoHs compliant

This cable complies with the strict RoHS 1 directive. RoHS 1 (restriction of certain hazardous substances) is an EU directive (2002/95/EC) aimed at reducing substances in electronic equipment that are harmful to health and the environment.

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nuBoxx AS-225 max
Top deal
€398.00 / Piece €498.00 (€100.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €398.00 / unit
-10 %
nuPro AS-3500
Combining all class soundbar
€895.00 / Piece €995.00 (€100.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €895.00 / unit
nuPro SP-200
Definition in sound
€845.00 / Pair

nuPro SP-500
Floorstanding excelence
€1,365.00 / Pair

nuPro XS-3000 RC
Highest Perfomance on your desk
€695.00 / Piece

nuPro XS-4000 RC
Refernce Monitoring
€895.00 / Piece

nuPro XS-8500 RC
Highest Definition Soundbar
€1,969.00 / Piece

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