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nuBoxx AS-425 max

  • Guaranteed powerful: 220 watts pulse power and 36 Hz lower cut-off frequency
  • Guaranteed connectivity: thanks to HDMI eARC and Bluetooth aptX HD
  • Guaranteed precision: With Dolby Digital and DTS decoder
  • Guaranteed to be attractive: housing with elegant, lacquered front and magnetic cover
  • Guaranteed load-bearing capacity: Holds TVs weighing up to 50 kg
  • Guaranteed controllable: thanks to the high-quality remote control supplied
  • Guaranteed comprehensible: with our ingenious Voice+ function
  • Guaranteed space-saving: full sound from 86 cm width

Always guaranteed to be right.

Our nuBoxx AS-425 max is a soundplate on which a TV weighing up to 50 kg can be comfortably placed. The TV's loudspeaker system is in for a quiet time as it can practically retire. Acoustically, our nuBoxx AS-425 max takes command, fuelling even action-packed blockbusters with up to 220 watts of impulse power. The 36 Hz lower cut-off frequency ensures a full bass response. Voice reproduction is always clear thanks to the Nubert-exclusive Voice+ function. The built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders also ensure that the right sound is always produced from a wide range of content. HDMI eARC and Bluetooth with aptX HD ensure connectivity versatility.

nuBoxx AS-425 mit TV

Experience factor on TV

Just a single HDMI connection between the nuBoxx AS-425 max and the TV and our soundplate is fully integrated into the acoustic action via HDMI eARC. The volume is controlled using the TV remote control. Rich performance and resilient Nubert chassis enable emphatic acoustics for all content.

nuBoxx AS-425 Stereo

Musical surprise

Our soundplate shows its talent not only with film sound, but also with music, and here even in stereo. Nubert has decades of experience in the development of first-class speakers - and this wealth of experience is evident in the nuBoxx AS-425 max with its clear, multi-layered sound.

nuBoxx AS-425 mit Subwoofer

nuSub "On Demand

"Who's afraid of the deep bass? Nobody!" If you think so, you should take a look at our nuSub portfolio. Sure, our nuBoxx AS-425 Maxx is already quite powerful thanks to its 36 Hz lower cut-off frequency, but if you add an ultra-flat nuSub SW-800 slim, for example, you see little but hear a lot of real, rich bass.

nuBoxx AS-425 PC-Lautsprecher

PC partner

Our nuBoxx AS-425 max also offers numerous advantages when connected to a PC. On the one hand, a large monitor fits easily on the soundplate. Secondly, acoustic signals can be routed from the PC to the nuBoxx AS-425 max via either analogue or digital channels. And this then provides superb sound.


Fernbedienung nuBoxx AS-225 max und AS-425 max

Remote control

The remote control with metal surface is clearly laid out and offers quick access to the inputs, volume, DSP modes, sound control and a Bluetooth pairing button to connect the smartphone.

Wide and Loudness

We have integrated adaptive loudness, which reproduces bass at full volume even at low volumes, and a wide function that makes the sound of the soundbar appear wider. Your advantage: maximum sound with minimum space requirements.


Voice+ and tone control

Dialogue that is difficult to understand is a thing of the past thanks to our Voice+ function. You can also adjust the bass range as well as the mid-range and treble. Your advantage: always sound to your taste.

Decoder for Dolby Digital and DTS

Many Blu-ray and DVD audio tracks, as well as a wide range of streaming content, are Dolby Digital or DTS encoded. Our nuBoxx AS-425 max has the necessary decoders built in to offer optimum sound quality for these multi-channel formats.

Dolby Audio DTS


With our black, ice grey and white colour options, you have the choice: a modern two-tone look or classic plain colours in your living room. The body is covered with a durable and easy-to-clean foil surface, while the front has an elaborate lacquer finish. The colour-coordinated fabric cover gives the nuBoxx loudspeakers an elegant appearance.


The simple design makes the nuBoxx models timelessly elegant loudspeakers in the tradition of the classic Bauhaus. The simple attachment of the cover with magnets also follows this school, so that your speaker is optimally protected. The acoustically permeable fabric ensures transparent sound and an elegant look.

Series overview

Our nuBoxx active series has integrated power amplifiers, with which the speakers are immediately "Ready to Use". We develop them in the tradition of our company: the best possible detail for music. This results in the best sound for movies, games and TV shows. For more low end, we have the nuSub-Series subwoofers in the range, which provide even more bass.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

Quality management

All nuBoxx models are thoroughly tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd to ensure that you receive a perfect product. We check the appearance, technology and sound for the best results for you.

Zweite Wahl

This product as 2nd choice

In some installation locations - for example with rearspeakers behind a curtain - the visual appearance plays a subordinate role, but the function must be guaranteed without restriction. Here, our 2nd choice is the ideal solution for price-conscious customers. These are exhibition items, customer returns or discontinued models with minor signs of use, but which have been technically inspected by our service department. We also give a full 2-year guarantee on the 2nd choice.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode provide the final details for your favourite speakers in your own four walls.

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Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing loudspeakers and selling them directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction, so that you receive exactly the signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. That's a promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

German engineering expertise

Perfected by our developers at the Schwäbisch Gmünd site: Our nuBoxx series offers affordable access to the world of hi-fi sound - and already at a very high level. Every nuBoxx speaker fascinates with an amazingly full-bodied and broadband sound that leaves nothing to be desired.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring High End into your home in advance with our Augmented Reality App. Our 360° view or our AR mode offer final details for your desired loudspeakers in your own four walls.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

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Smart sound wonder

nuBoxx AS-425 max - unrivalled price-performance ratio

Außergewöhnlich kräftige Klänge

nuBoxx AS-425 max: für ereignisreiche Fernsehabende

Leserwahlen 2023

Zwei Siege und Beste Marke bei Audiovision

Gerät des Jahres 2023

nuBoxx AS-425 max ausgezeichnet

Klang und Verarbeitung erstklassig

nuBoxx AS-425 max - konkurrenzloses Preis-Klang-Verhältnis

Sounddeck des Jahres

nuBoxx AS-425 max - ausgezeichnet mit dem ROAST-Award 2022/23

Testsieger aus Schwäbisch Gmünd - 2

nuBoxx AS-425 max: GUTer Zweiter - nuPro AS-3500: Testsieger bei Stiftung Warentest

Einfach guter Klang

nuBoxx AS-425 max verspricht maximale Einfachheit: perfekt abgestimmt zum TV-Schauen und für Musik

World Smart Home Award

nuPro AS-425 max: Siegerin World Smart Home Award

Super Klang ohne Subwoofer

nuBoxx AS-425 max: trotzt nur so vor Spielfreude

Eindrückliche Kino-Soundkulisse

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Eindrückliche Soundkulisse

Die perfekte Begleiterin

nuBoxx AS-425 max: perfekte Begleiterin


nuBoxx AS-425 max: sucht Seinesgleichen

Ehrlicher und kraftvoller Klang

nuBoxx AS-425 max: wirklich potente Speaker

Was will man mehr?

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Was will man mehr?

Klingt richtig gut

nuBoxx AS-425 max: neutral und ausgewogen

Maximale Power, maximale Spielfreude

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Maxissimo!

Konsequente Fortführung des Erfolgs

nuBoxx AS-425 max: absolutes Multitalent

Optimale Wohnraumintegration

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Kraftvoller Klang

Maximaler Fernsehspaß

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Bestnote „sehr gut“

Klanglich starkes Sounddeck mit hochwertiger Technik zum fairen Preis

nuBoxx AS-425 max: Starkes Sounddeck

Plus X Award für die nuBoxx-Serie

nuBoxx-Serie: High Quality


We not only build exceptional loudspeakers and electronics, but also offer the matching accessories. So you can find everything useful for our products, from cables to adapters.

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Content: 1,5 Meter (€15.33 / 1 Meter)

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20 March 2024

Besser geht nicht!


2 March 2024



9 November 2023

Ein High End Monster


15 October 2023

Endlich perfekt!!!

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.

Box type, sound and recommended use

The nuBoxx AS-425 max is the right soundbar for all series junkies, movie enthusiasts, music fans and gamers who want to enjoy modern home entertainment to the fullest. It gives Hollywood blockbusters a cinematic soundscape, brings stadium atmosphere into the living room during sports broadcasts and fascinates its audience with music reproduction in HiRes quality.

The nuBoxx connects to televisions, game consoles or streaming players just as it does to traditional home theater or hi-fi players. Smartphones, tablets or laptops can be easily connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. Thus, the AS-425 max convinces sound connoisseurs not only as a TV soundbar, but also as a multifunctional stereo system, and is thus in the tradition of its legendary predecessor, the nuPro AS-250.

The nuBoxx AS-425 max has the same flat design as the compact nuBoxx AS-225 max and can easily fit on or even in most pieces of furniture. However, the soundbase is about 50 percent wider than its smaller sister. This has several advantages: First, it allows the nuBoxx AS-425 max to provide a secure stand for televisions beyond 40 inches screen diagonal. Secondly, the wider baffle now has four bass-midrange drivers instead of two. And thirdly, the acoustic interior volume is significantly expanded. In combination with the powerful 160-watt digital amplifier, this results in a much fuller sound image with more powerful bass and a more three-dimensional stereo panorama.

For music playback, the integrated "audio zone expansion" is recommended, which creates another, more vivid stage image at the push of a button. Especially for movies and TV shows, there is the sound mode "Voice+", which clarifies the speech reproduction and brings out dialogs or comments understandably. Further sound settings allow bass and treble reproduction to be boosted or the bass pressure to be intensified at low levels (loudness).

In addition, the nuBoxx AS-425 max scores with an integrated decoder for Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround sound formats - perfect for reproducing Blu-rays, TV shows or videos from streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in the best possible sound quality and optimizing them for two-channel output.

Setting up and operating the nuBoxx AS-425 max is child's play. The soundplate is simply connected via HDMI cable to an ARC- or eARC-compatible output of the TV set. This not only transmits sound signals, but also allows basic functions such as volume control to be accessed via the TV remote. More detailed settings can be made either via the illuminated rotary knob of the soundbar or via the included high-quality remote control.

The flat design, the high-quality foiling of the housing and the removable, magnetically adhering fabric cover ensure that the nuBoxx soundbase blends inconspicuously into the living environment. With the two color combinations white-ice gray and black-graphite, there is a suitable version for almost every interior style.

So if you're looking for a compact, elegant, yet melodious soundbar that not only audibly enhances games, movies and TV shows, but also doubles as a modern streaming system, the nuBoxx AS-425 is the perfect choice.

Design principle and housing

As a fully active two-way soundbar, the nuBoxx AS-425 max houses an active crossover as well as a total of four powerful digital amplifiers with 40 watts of continuous power each for use, two each for the left and right channels. The digital operating principle enables precise separation and equalization of the frequency ranges, which explains the good low-frequency performance of the comparatively compact soundplate.

The speaker cabinet is made of 19 millimeter thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which reliably reduces resonances and promotes a clean sound image. Thanks to the stable construction, the nuBoxx AS-425 max supports TV sets weighing up to 50 kilograms. The two bass reflex ports are located on the back of the system. The housing body is equipped with a high-quality decorative foil in white or black, the baffle has a satin finish. The removable, magnetically adhering front cover is covered with optimally permeable acoustic fabric.

The nuPro AS-425 max is a fully active all-in-one sound system. This means that the soundbar connects directly to the TV, satellite receiver or Blu-ray player, but also to game consoles, smartphones or hi-fi players and plays back movie sound, sound effects or music. For this purpose, the soundplate relies on a digital amplifier with 160 watts of nominal power and 220 watts of music power. A powerful digital processor prepares and processes the signals.

The nuBoxx soundbase operates as a stereo system with one left and one right channel. The wide baffle favors a plastic stage effect, which can be further extended via the Integrated Wide circuit ("listening zone extension"). Specially for movies and TV shows, the "Voice+" speech focus is also on board, which enables clearer voice reproduction. Purists can enjoy unadulterated two-channel sound.


Two modern silk fabric domes with a diameter of 25 millimeters, which are specially manufactured for Nubert and have already proven themselves in previous nuBox models, are responsible for the high frequency range. The bass and midrange frequencies are reproduced by two 118 millimeter long excursion drivers, which are also used in the smaller nuBoxx AS-225 max. Because the nuBoxx AS-425 max uses two drivers at the same time and relies on more volume and a more powerful amplifier, it achieves audibly higher levels than its smaller sister and is therefore recommended for larger rooms and listening distances.

Operation and setting options

The stereo board can be operated either via the accompanying remote control or with the help of the rotary switch on the front of the device, whereby the most important operations such as volume control can also be easily accessed via the TV if it is connected via the HDMI (e)ARC input. The included remote control, which features a high-quality feel and elegant design, allows quick access to the soundbase's various sound settings.

Multicolored LEDs around the rotary knob provide clear information about the selected input and the device's status, and are also easy to see through the removable fabric cover.

Tone control

With the various sound options of the nuBoxx AS-425 max, the reproduction can be adapted to personal taste, sound material or spatial requirements. The setting options include bass and treble control, a dynamic soundness circuit to increase the low-frequency pressure at low levels, and a two-stage "listening zone expansion" that effectively widens the stereo stage. The "Voice+" function, which particularly emphasizes the center channel and the frequencies relevant to voice reproduction, proves especially useful for movies and TV shows. This increases speech intelligibility in suboptimally mixed broadcasts and during quiet playback.


The connection panel of the nuBoxx AS-425 max holds four audio inputs ready. For the connection to the TV, the HDMI port (version 2.1) is recommended, which supports the current eARC standard, but is also compatible with older ARC devices. Not only sound signals, but also control commands are transmitted via this interface. Thus, the output volume of the soundbar can be regulated with the TV remote control, for example.

An analog RCA input, an optical digital (TOSLINK) and an electrical digital (SPDIF) input allow the connection of additional players such as satellite receivers or game consoles. For the extra portion of bass, the nuBoxx AS-425 max also has a subwoofer output, which can be used, for example, to drive a woofer from the Nubert nuSub series (transfer frequency: 80 Hertz). Last but not least, the nuBoxx soundplate has an integrated Bluetooth receiver for connecting wireless players such as smartphones or tablets. Thanks to support for aptX HD (Android) and AAC (iOS), this receiver allows music streaming in high-resolution quality.

The nuBoxx AS-425 max not only plays back sound in PCM format, but also decodes Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS Digital Surround. The soundplate is therefore ideally equipped to play audio tracks from Blu-ray discs, DVDs or streaming videos and optimally prepare them for stereo playback. If necessary, the correct format, the correct output and the ARC function have to be activated on the source player.


This sound bar is equipped with a convenient automatic energy-saving feature that switches the box on independently or puts it into the energy-saving stand-by mode when not in use. In this standby mode, which can also be activated manually via the remote control or the rotary knob, the sound system consumes less than 0.5 watts. The nuBoxx AS-425 max can also be completely disconnected from the mains via a rocker switch. The wide-range power supply allows this active speaker to be used on mains voltages from 110 to 120 and 230 to 240 volts.

More info in technology

For all technically interested music and home cinema lovers who are not put off by hard facts and metrological details, Günther Nubert's "Technik satt" offers plenty of technical correlations and electro-acoustic background knowledge as well as the topic of sound optimization and insights into the development and history of Nubert loudspeakers and devices.