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Bombastic, sensitive, high-end, pleasing

"The nuXinema preAV in combination with the new generation of Nubert nuPro loudspeakers is recommended for all those who want to meet audiophile demands in both home cinema and stereo operation in the form of an individually configurable and future-proof expandable solution. They value a wide range of connection options and enormous power reserves, while at the same time seeking the convenience of a hassle-free, wireless multi-channel configuration with optional calibration and correction in the bass range. Uncomplicated operability via app included." ...says Fritz I. Schwertfeger from audisseus in his test of our nuXinema preAV with the nuPro XS-8000 RC and XS-3000 RC from 1 December 2023.

His conclusion: "All in all, this combination of nuXinema preAV and the nuPro XS models combines almost infinite reserves, dynamic agility and accurate neutrality to create a cultivated, audiophile performance. No matter whether it's multi-channel music, film or simply high-resolution, concentrated stereo: It will be a feast."

You can find the complete test from 1.12.23 here ...

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