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nuPro X-Serie


nuPro XS-3000 RC

  • Sovereign: 300 watts of continuous power ensure strong performance
  • Amazing: small on the outside - but enormous bass down to 38 Hz
  • Professional: USB DAC, Bluetooth aptX HD, XLR, AES/EBU plus Hz-accurate high-pass filter
  • Invisible: X-Connect connects the speakers wirelessly
  • Expandable: also perfect for multi-channel setups thanks to X-Connect Surround
  • Innovative: controllable via app, including room calibration and adaptive loudness
  • Exclusive: Fine surfaces, large OLED display and elegant remote control
  • Freedom of choice: classic black or modern white
nuPro X-3000

"Nubert is in the lead"

Stiftung Warentest publishes a test of stereo wireless speakers in issue 03/24, including our nuPro XS-3000 RC. The test editors write: "Test winner: The Nubert speakers are the only ones to achieve the grade Very good." Click here for the blog post. The nuPro XS-3000 RC is the most compact active loudspeaker in our legendary nuPro XS series. It fits on every desk, every sideboard and in every room. With a full 300 watts of continuous power and Nubert's high-tech chassis, it can take on any acoustic challenge. Uncompromising connection selection, extensive setting options and app control including automatic calibration always ensure 100% performance.

Always Finds Connection

Thanks to its enormous variety of connections, the XS-3000 RC is ready for diverse applications: USB, XLR, AES/EBU, Optical, and Coaxial offer many options for PC or demanding studio applications. And with the optional HDMI ARC Adapter, it becomes the ultimate living room hero, allowing direct connection to the smart TV.

nuPro X-3000 mit TV

Modern Stereo System

Ultra-compact, ultra-elegant, ultra-performance: In the living room, a pair of nuPro XS-3000 RC replaces the classic stereo system and takes up very little space. Communication with the smart TV is optionally done via the HDMI ARC Adapter, and the volume can be conveniently controlled using the TV remote.

nuPro X-3000 mit Subwoofer

Ready for More Bass

With a lower cutoff frequency of 38 Hz, our nuPro XS-3000 RC shines with excellent depth. For those who want to experience even more in the depths of the frequency cellar and have additional level reserves, they can acquire an active subwoofer from the nuSub range. Connection can be wired or wireless via X-Connect.

nuPro X-3000 mit Smartphone

Expandable and Versatile

Bluetooth aptX HD already opens up many possibilities for streaming content. For those who also desire network functions such as Apple AirPlay 2, we offer convenient sets. Visit our overview page to find the right one for you.


DSP technology 

State-of-the-art DSP technology that processes up to 384 kHz/32-bit is the key to the performance of our nuPro XS series. The drivers are each individually controlled and have a separate power amplifier - for maximum precision and exorbitant dynamics.

X-Connect and X-Connect Surround  

Signal transmission between a pair of nuPro XS speakers takes place using the high-resolution X-Connect wireless standard. A big plus point: thanks to X-Connect Surround, the speakers are literally receptive not only for stereo but also for surround applications, allowing you to set up a powerful multi-channel setup. More info

X-Remote App


Of course, we include a handy premium remote control with all nuPro XS speakers. But with our X-Remote app, you also have another convenient option for remote control. Working with the energy-saving Bluetooth LE, you will find all setting options and functions clearly arranged in the app.

X-Room Calibration

Calibration - that always sounds like a lot of work and a lot of expertise. Not with our X-Room calibration, which conveniently corrects the bass range from 20 to 160 Hz by -/+ 6 dB using a fully parametric EQ via smartphone. You'll be enjoying pure, dynamic sound in no time at all. For Android devices, an additional microphone available from us is required due to different hardware equipment.

X-Room Calibration
nuPro X-3000 RC mit und ohne Blende


Our nuPro XS models have a silky matt finish and are lacquered in several layers. The choice is yours: White for the perfect living room integration or black for the classic technical look?


The trend is towards seamless living room integration and a discreet look for loudspeakers. The design brief was therefore clear: a timeless, simple front with gentle curves and no visible screws. The magnetic cover is extremely slim. With curves that adapt perfectly to the shape of the housing. The large, integrated display always provides information about important current settings.

Series overview

Our top-of-the-range active loudspeaker range is the nuPro XS series with wireless signal transmission between the components - X-Connect and X-Connect Surround are the "magic words". Equipped in this way, stereo and multi-channel setups can be easily realised. The series includes pairs of floor-standing and bookshelf speakers as well as a particularly powerful soundbar. Efficient power amplifiers with outstanding performance, separately for the respective chassis and controlled by high-tech DSP, are an important feature. The system can be operated using the supplied premium remote control and/or the Nubert X-Remote app with integrated X-Room calibration.

nuPro X-Serie
Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more to Nubert

We develop all nuPro models in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Our engineers optimize every detail, from the housing and drivers to the sound tuning. Once series production has started, all nuPro models are tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd for appearance, technology and sound so that you receive a perfect product.

Zweite Wahl

This product as 2nd choice

In some installation locations - for example with rearspeakers behind a curtain - the visual appearance plays a subordinate role, but the function must be guaranteed without restriction. Here, our 2nd choice is the ideal solution for price-conscious customers. These are exhibition items, customer returns or discontinued models with minor signs of use, but which have been technically inspected by our service department. We also give a full 2-year guarantee on the 2nd choice.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode provide the final details for your favourite speakers in your own four walls.

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Apple Store

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing loudspeakers and selling them directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction, so that you receive exactly the signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. That's a promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more in it with Nubert

We develop all nuPro models in Schwäbisch Gmünd - from the cabinet and drivers to the sound tuning - every detail is optimised by our engineers. After series production has started, our quality management begins in House. We check the appearance, technology and sound to ensure that you receive the best possible product. If you have any questions, please call us and our customer service staff will answer them. Many years of experience and intensive training ensure quick and uncomplicated help.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring High End into your home in advance with our Augmented Reality App. Our 360° view or our AR mode offer final details for your desired loudspeakers in your own four walls.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

Readers' Choice 2024

Three times Audiovision's device of the year

Bombastic, sensitive, high-end, pleasing

nuXinema preAV & Co. - Nubert's tinkerers have a trump card up their sleeve

Powerful trio - wireless cinema feeling

nuPro XS-8500 + XS-3000 RC = 5.1 in the living room

Wireless Swabians

nuXinema preAV - sends eight channels through the air

DIE Soundbarkiller

nuPro XS-3000 RC: 1,2 / nuPro SP-200: 1,6

Enorme Autorität

nuPro XS-8500 RC - Trockene, tiefe Bässe, ausgewogener Mittelton und natürliche Höhen

Für PC, Heimkino oder als Stereoanlage

nuPro XS-3000 RC - hochwertiger Klang auf überschaubaren Raum

High End-Audio kabellos

X-Connect Surround - hervorragende Klangqualität bei Musik und Heimkino

detailreich, transparent, räumlich

nuPro X-3000 - überzeugen zum Musikhören und Videos schauen

Kleine Boxen mit großem Klang

nuPro XS-3000 RC - ein sehr gelungener Kompromiss

Klanglich auf der Überholspur

nuPro XS-8500 RC - Beginn einer neuen Zeitrechnung im Heimkino?

High-End-Sound mit Multiroom

nuPro X-3000 RC: High-End-Sound mit Multiroom


nuPro X-3000 RC: „Hammer-Lautsprecher“

"Aktive Kompaktlautsprecher des Jahres"

nuPro X-3000 RC: Leserwahlsieger "Goldenes Ohr 2021"

nuPro X-3000 RC und X-4000 RC: "Machen beide süchtig"

nuPro X-3000 RC und X-4000 RC: "machen beide süchtig"

Testsieger - Note sehr gut

nuPro X-3000 RC: Testsieger

Smarte Verführerin

nuPro X-3000 RC: smarte Verführerin

Überragender Klang, fantastischer Tiefgang, tolle Verarbeitung

nuPro X-3000: sehr gut

Überragend in Preis und Leistung

nuPro X-3000 RC + nuSub XW-700: Preis/Leistung: Überragend

Editors Choice / Produkt-Highlight 2020

nuPro X-3000 RC: Editors Choice 2020

Aktive, audiophile Komplettlösung ... Power-Paket zu einem unschlagbaren Preis

nuPro X-3000 RC: Audiophile Komplettlösung und Powerpaket

Ein tolles Stück Hardware ... klanglich ein Erlebnis

nuPro X-3000 RC: Gold-Award

Eine echte Bereicherung - nuSub XW-700

nuSub XW-700: Eine echte Bereicherung

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2019: nuPro X-3/4/6/8000

nuPro X-3/4/6/8000: Red Dot Design Award 2019


We not only build exceptional loudspeakers and electronics, but also offer the matching accessories. So you can find everything useful for our products, from cables to adapters.

B-Tech BT-77
Swivel and tilt wall mount
€44.99 / Pair

HDMI/ARC Adapter
Connects TV with nuConnect ampX/XL, nuPro X/XS
€29.00 / Piece

in-akustik Premium MP3 Audio Cable
Premium jack to stereo cable
€24.99 / Piece

in-akustik Star 2.1 HDMI
HDMI cable
€18.49 / Piece

in-akustik Star D/A
€49.90 / Piece

in-akustik Stereo Audio Cable XLR
Premium XLR cable
€63.00 / Piece

nuCable Audio 9
High End Stereo RCA Cable
€40.00 / Piece

nuCable Digital Pro
High End Coaxial Cable
€23.00 / Piece

Content: 1,5 Meter (€15.33 / 1 Meter)

nuConnect trXS
Wireless Transceiver
€149.00 / Piece

Staywired Pro Flex
Organisational talent
€12.50 / Piece

Content: 0,5 Meter (€25.00 / 1 Meter)

Wall bracket WH-6
Swiveling wall mount
€36.00 / Piece

XRC Android Interface
Smartphone Measuring Microphone
€39.00 / Piece

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