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Powerful trio - wireless cinema feeling

Philipp Schneckenburger, editor-in-chief of Lifestyle & Technik Magazin, Lite, tested our nuPro XS-8500 RC soundbar with two XS-3000s as a surround set:

"The sound deck was already a heavyweight in terms of sound, but with a little amplification there's even more of a cinema feeling. The nuPro XS-8500 RC and the XS-3000 RC are a perfect match, both visually and sonically, to easily turn living rooms into personal film temples. Dynamic, detailed, spacious and with plenty of power, the set offers great entertainment. The good variety of connections and simple operation ensure perfect suitability for everyday use. In addition, Nubert's X-Connect Surround System is easy to set up and can be expanded to up to 7.1.4 if required. The sound deck may take up a little too much space, but it offers great sound for which you would otherwise need equally large home cinema speakers. And thanks to the understated design and high build quality, the active systems blend in well with the living room. With the nuPro series, Nubert offers a modern and powerful all-round solution for music and cinema sound."

Overall rating: Highlight
Class: Reference class
Price/performance: very good

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