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Solid Nubert MS-67 speaker stand (height 67 cm)

  • Sturdy design, one-piece metal column, diameter 40 mm
  • Cable routing of unplugged loudspeaker cables up to approx. 6 mm cross-section possible in the column. The feed-through of USB, cinch or mains cables depends on the size of the plugs and therefore cannot be guaranteed for every cable.
  • Powder coating ice grey, black or white
  • Large metal base plate 28.5 x 29.5 cm for extra secure standing

Our MS speaker stands are supplied with 2 adapter plates:

  • Mounting plate 12.5 x 12.5 cm, specially pre-drilled for mounting the nuJubilee 40, nuBoxx B-30, B-40, nuLine 24 as well as the nuPro A-100, A-200, A-300, SP-200, X(S)-3000 (RC) and X(S)-4000 (RC).
  • Also suitable for the previous models nuBox DS-301, RS-300, 303, 313, 383 as well as nuLine DS-22 and DS-50.
  • Universal mounting plate 17 x 15 cm, for compact speakers.

Fits to this

We not only offer accessories, but also the matching products that can be used with the accessories.

nuBoxx B-30
Tiny but huge in sound
€228.00 / Piece

nuBoxx B-40
Everybodies hifi
€278.00 / Piece

nuLine 24
Best in class
€295.00 / Piece

nuLine 34
Just a listening joy
€365.00 / Piece

nuPro SP-200
Definition in sound
€845.00 / Pair

nuPro XS-3000 RC
Highest Perfomance on your desk
€695.00 / Piece

nuPro XS-4000 RC
Refernce Monitoring
€895.00 / Piece

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Technical information

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