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Header nuControl 2 und nuPower d

nuControl 2

  • Sound manager with many setting options, connectors for linear sound
  • High end stereo preamp ideal for our nuPower D and nuPower A stereo power amplifiers
  • Tone-controlled digital output for connecting active loudspeakers
  • Parametric equalizer for adjusting the frequency response to the listening position in the room
  • Convinces with: Tone Scale, Adaptive Loudness, Four Presets and Distance Settings.
  • Modern classic: Excellent design with clear form language in solid metal housing
nuControl 2

More sound management

The nuControl 2 is a digital stereo preamplifier that offers numerous inputs and a wide range of settings. With parametric equalizers, adaptive loudness and many other sound settings, our sound manager offers many options so you can adjust the sound to your taste and room.

Distance settings

Symmetrical placement and an ideal listening position are not always possible. Usually, the balance control is supposed to compensate for this, but it only adjusts the volume, not the runtime. For the best possible stereo stage, however, distance and volume must be balanced. No problem for the nuControl 2, which offers these options. Your advantage: Best possible sound even in less than ideal room conditions.

High pass

Many stereo devices do not allow the subwoofer to be set separately. The adjustment of the crossover frequencies, as known from AV receivers, is elementary for the best possible sound. Therefore, we have integrated several options for a high-pass filter, which allow to adjust the speakers to the subwoofer with hertz precision. Your advantage: control over your speakers and subwoofer.

Tone controlled digital output

The nuControl is not only outstanding in combination with power amplifiers and passive speakers, but can also serve as a preamplifier for active speakers. The controlled digital output provides all sound settings without additional signal conversion. Your advantage: Easier operation and more setting options.


Our nuControl 2 offers a total of four storable presets. There you can store and seamlessly recall different sonic preferences for different music genres or moods. A setting with less bass for evening hours or a party mode are also no problem. Your advantage: Less adjusting, more music listening.


nuControl 2 Klangmanager

Sound Manager

We didn't just want to design a technically sophisticated preamplifier, we wanted to go one step further and make the sound customizable. The result is our sound manager, which brings various options to the stereo segment that are otherwise only known from AV receivers or other sound processors. We have published a practical guide that is worth reading, in which the possibilities are shown with a concrete example.


The nuControl is equipped for different sources. Three stereo RCA jacks provide connections for record players with preamplifiers, tape recorders or other analog media. At two coaxial and two optical inputs, CD or network players find their way into the preamplifier. A USB DAC connects the computer to the nuControl 2. The connection section is rounded off by balanced XLR inputs and outputs. There are also digital, sound-controlled outputs, an unregulated analog record output, two subwoofer outputs and RCA outputs for external power amplifiers, such as the nuPower D.

nuControl 2 Anschlüsse

Tone Scale

We have integrated an adjustment in the midrange and treble, which affects the sound linearly. Common curves sometimes sound unnatural and distort music tracks. Therefore, we take a different approach for unadulterated reproduction. Your advantage: Influence the sound to your taste, without greatly affecting the tuning of the piece of music.

Adaptive Loudness

In the course of evolution, the human auditory system has undergone a long adaptation in which perception in the bass range is too quiet at low volumes. You probably know that there is simply a lack of volume in the reproduction. Our solution is to dynamically increase the bass to the volume. At low volumes we add more, at high volumes less bass. Your advantage: Strong bass performance even at low volumes.

nuControl 2 ATM Kurven

Nubert ATM Curves

We have always tuned our speakers. In the past, these individual adjustments went into individual active tuning modules. With the powerful DSP of the nuControl it is possible to call up these curves from different speakers. Your advantage: sound improvement at the touch of a button.

Parametric EQ

The nuControl 2 has 8 semi-parametric equalisers, four for the bass range, three for the upper bass and midrange and one for the treble. Quality, frequency and volume can be adjusted. This can be used, for example, to effectively combat room modes and thus achieve a better overall sound. To use the equalisers, we recommend that you follow our practical guide. Your advantage: Individual adjustment to your room.

nuControl parametischer EQ
nuControl 2 mit nuPower D

Colours and design

Our nuControl 2 takes its cue from classic hi-fi forms and updates them. The large silver aluminium rotary knob stands out strikingly against the black housing and facilitates operation. In combination with the nuPower D and nuPower A power amplifiers, the result is a harmonious combination that also convinced the design editors of Reddot and iF.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx


Wir bauen nicht nur außergewöhnliche Lautsprecher und Elektronik, sondern bieten auch noch das passende Zubehör an. Damit findet sich von Kabeln über Adapter alles Nützliche zu unseren Produkten.

Nubert Gebäude

Liebe zum Detail

Bei uns erhalten Sie keine Elektronik von der Stange, sondern immer Produkte mit dem gewissen Etwas. Dazu gehört eine besondere Oberflächenhaptik und innovative Konzepte, die unsere HiFi-Geräte zu etwas Besonderem machen. Wir fügen dem Signal nichts hinzu oder lassen etwas weg. Daher gibt es bei uns keinen Verstärkerklang, sondern nur lineare Wiedergabe ohne Voodoo.

Nubert Gebäude

Bei Nubert ist mehr drin

Wir entwickeln alle nuElektronik Modelle in Schwäbisch Gmünd vom Gehäuse, über die Treiber bis hin zur klanglichen Abstimmung wird jedes Detail von unseren Ingenieuren optimiert. Nachdem die Serienproduktion angelaufen ist, beginnt in House unser Qualitätsmanagement. Dabei kontrollieren wir sowohl die Optik, Technik und den Klang, damit bei Ihnen das bestmögliche Produkt ankommt. Wenn bei Ihnen Fragen aufkommen, rufen Sie bei uns an und die Mitarbeiter unseres Kundenservice beantworten Ihr Anliegen. Die langjährige Erfahrung und intensive Schulung sorgen für schnelle und unkomplizierte Hilfe.

Listen to it now in our stores!

Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

Klang, Kraft und Kontrolle

nuControl 2 / nuPower D – optisch und akustisch stimmungsvoll mit enormen Leistungsreserven

Kombination vom Feinsten

nuControl 2 / nuPower D – kraftvolles und vielseitiges Verstärker-Gespann

Spitzenduo zum unschlagbaren Kurs

nuControl 2 und nuPower A: Spitzenduo zum unschlagbaren Kurs

Exzellent - eine glatte Empfehlung

nuControl 2 mit nuPower D: Exzellent

Leserwahlsieger "Vorstufe des Jahres"

nuControl 2: Leserwahlsieger 2018

Eine absolut überzeugende Vorstellung

nuControl 2 + nuPower D: absolut überzeugende Vorstellung


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6 November 2022

Nubert nucontrol 2 feat. Doppel-StereoPair Yamaha DZR315 & RCF NX 985-A


25 November 2021

Feedback nuControl 2, nuPower A, nuVero 140


9 May 2021

Unique poblem solver


20 February 2021

very convincing

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.

Unit type and recommendations for use

The Nubert nuControl 2 is a stereo preamplifier with digital signal processor that offers numerous setting options for adjusting the sound image of the system. This means that the nuControl 2 allows you to adjust the playback character to suit the room conditions or your personal listening preferences, as well as to further exploit the sound potential of the speakers being operated. Or even simpler: with the Nubert nuControl 2, music sounds exactly as you want it to!

The extensive options include a seven-band partially parametric equaliser, which enables precise intervention in the frequency response of the speakers, a sophisticated loudness function, with which even quiet listeners can enjoy profound bass reproduction, as well as a kind of "universal" ATM module, which extends the playback spectrum of different Nubert speakers. In addition, the nuControl 2 is recommended to users of sub/sat combinations, as it can compensate for differences in runtime between woofers and satellites, thus enabling a homogeneous sound image. The simple control via OLED display and remote control as well as the detailed documentation ensure that every hi-fi fan can make use of the nuControl 2's diverse setting options.

The nuControl 2 is ideally used in conjunction with a stereo power amplifier such as a Nubert nuPower and our high-quality speaker models, although power amplifiers and speakers from other brands can of course also be used. Presets for popular Nubert speakers are already integrated.

Compared to the original nuControl model from 2015, the nuControl 2 enjoys several advantages. For example, with the nuControl 2, both digital outputs now output the sound-controlled signal for further processing; with the nuControl 1, the S/PDIF outputs were unregulated. This means that the nuControl 2 now works even better with the digital active speakers from our nuPro series. The nuControl 2 now accepts high-resolution audio feeds up to 192 kHz/24 bit, also via USB, and can thus also function as a high-quality external audio DAC, for example. Finally, the operation and the already excellent signal-to-noise ratio have been improved even further.

Connection terminal

The nuControl 2 has a wide range of digital and analogue inputs and outputs that allow it to be easily integrated into a stereo system. It can also be integrated into a surround system, for example by connecting the nuControl between the analogue preamplifier output of the AV preamplifier and the power amplifier. A complete list of all connections can be found in the "Technical data" table below.

Housing and design

The design of the nuControl/nuPower pre-amplifier combination, which has won several prestigious awards, also corresponds to the claim of a high-end product. It is made of partly brushed, partly glass-bead blasted aluminium with a high-quality matt black coating. With a width of just 43 centimetres, the nuControl fits perfectly into standard AV shelves and also matches other components. Of course, the design of our nuControl and nuPower amplifier components is perfectly matched.

Display and operation

The large-format OLED display on the front can be read clearly even from a distance or from unfavourable viewing angles. All settings can be easily accessed via the included remote control and the control pad on the front of the unit. A 64-page manual explains all options and offers typical examples of use. The nuControl 2 now also shows which memory bank or preselection is active.