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Cinch cable quality level 6

For universal applications in the audio sector. Solid design, proven technology, favourable price.

The features:

6 mm thick RCA cable in proven symmetrical construction with double shielding made of a foil and copper strands. Provides effective protection against interference. High-quality inner conductors and gold-plated cinch plugs ensure a perfect connection of the components.

1 plug / 2 plugs Y subwoofer cable We recommend the Y-Sub 6 for the signal connection between your subwoofer and the SUB signal output on mid- to high-range surround receivers and amplifiers. Design like nuCable "Audio 6" and "Y-Adapter 6".

Fits to this

We not only offer accessories, but also the matching products that can be used with the accessories.

nuSub XW-1200
Statement subwoofer
€995.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-700
Tiny low end power
€495.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-800 slim
Slim desing low end
€585.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-900
Low end for enveryone
€695.00 / Piece

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nuCable Y-Adapter 6
Subwoofer adapter
€10.00 / Piece

nuCable Y-Sub 9
High End Subwoofer Cable
€42.00 / Piece

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.