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nuConnect ampX

  • Modern integrated amplifier in compact format with real 110 watts per channel
  • Wireless or wired connection of nuSub woofer models possible
  • Extensive sound settings with Nubert tone balance and 5-band equaliser
  • App control and room calibration X-Room-Calibration via smartphone possible
  • Convinces with: Bluetooth aptX HD, Phono MM/MC input, Wide mode
  • Elegant design in high-quality aluminium, classic black or futuristic white
 nuConnect ampX schwarz

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The nuConnect ampX is a compact and modern amplifier that convinces with connections and features. Real 110 watts/channel from 20 Hz to 20 kHz speak a clear language, as do room calibration and app operability. With a total of 10 inputs, the range of possible source devices is also convincing.

 nuConnect ampX als smarter Verstärker

Amplifier for passive loudspeakers

The nuConnect ampX is ideal for Nubert compact speakers and our smaller floorstanding speakers. All models benefit from the room calibration function X-Room Calibration via smartphone.

nuConnect ampX mit nuPro

Control centre for nuPro X speakers

The nuConnect ampX supports X-Connect. This makes it possible to control our active speakers of the nuPro XS-Series wirelessly and to supply them with all sources via nuConnect ampX.

nuConnect ampX Multizonen Anwendung

Multizone application

The nuConnect ampX offers even more: it can connect active and passive speakers and bring the signal wirelessly from the living room to the active speakers in the kitchen.

 nuConnect ampX im Set mit Subwoofer

Complete in a set

With a nuSub, the set consisting of compact speakers and the nuConnect ampX can be ideally complemented. The ampX ensures the perfect interaction of all components.


 nuConnect ampX mit nuVero 60

Phono preamplifier

The phono preamplifier of the nuConnect ampX is switchable between MM and MC, so that turntables without a phono preamplifier can also be connected without any problems. Our focus is on high quality and the best possible equalisation according to RIAA. A result that pays off and is reflected in the sound. A signal-to-noise ratio of 106 dB is unparalleled in an integrated integrated amplifier.

Connection diversity

The nuConnect ampX offers the balancing act between a classic hi-fi amplifier and modern connections: From record players and digital inputs to HDMI ARC and Bluetooth with aptX HD and AAC, a wide range of devices find their place on our mini amplifier. The wireless connection with X-Connect further expands the possibilities by either receiving or sending signals that are compatible with our active speakers of the nuPro X Series. The coaxial output can be used to digitise records and the subout enables a 2.1 system.

nuConnect ampX Anschlüsse

Switching amplifier

The switching amplifier technology enables high performance and low power consumption. Thus, up to 110 watts/channel are possible. The heat can be dissipated completely passively to the housing. Your advantage: Compact dimensions with high performance and low heat generation.

DSP technology

The heart of the nuConnect ampX is the DSP: a digital sound processor that operates at 384 kHz and 32 bits for maximum precision. The completely digital mode of operation allows different settings to be made, all of which work in parallel without any loss of sound. Your advantage: High Res processing at the highest level.

X-Remote App


Our nuConnect ampX has an included remote control with metal surface. But your smartphone also takes control. Our Nubert X-Remote app works with the power-saving Bluetooth LE standard and provides access to all of your speaker's functions. Your advantage: Full control at all times.

X-Room Calibration 

Your smartphone is also the heart of our calibration function X-Room Calibration, which automatically corrects the bass by ± 6dB in the range from 20 to 160 Hz with fully parametric equalisers. IOS devices serve directly as a microphone for the algorithm, Android devices require an additional microphone due to different hardware equipment. Your advantage: Better bass reproduction for your listening position.

X-Room Calibration
 nuConnect ampX beide Farben

Colours and design

At 6.7 cm high and 23.4 cm wide, the amplifier is a very inconspicuous representative of its guild. More conspicuous is the OLED display, which is responsible for the information. The rotary control contrasts with the housing and is used for control on the unit. The versions are classic black with silver accents or white with black controls. This puts the nuConnect ampX in the tradition of its larger siblings nuControl 2 and nuPower D.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx


Wir bauen nicht nur außergewöhnliche Lautsprecher und Elektronik, sondern bieten auch noch das passende Zubehör an. Damit findet sich von Kabeln über Adapter alles Nützliche zu unseren Produkten.

Nubert Gebäude

Liebe zum Detail

Bei uns erhalten Sie keine Elektronik von der Stange, sondern immer Produkte mit dem gewissen Etwas. Dazu gehört eine besondere Oberflächenhaptik und innovative Konzepte, die unsere HiFi-Geräte zu etwas Besonderem machen. Wir fügen dem Signal nichts hinzu oder lassen etwas weg. Daher gibt es bei uns keinen Verstärkerklang, sondern nur lineare Wiedergabe ohne Voodoo.

Nubert Gebäude

Bei Nubert ist mehr drin

Wir entwickeln alle nuElektronik Modelle in Schwäbisch Gmünd vom Gehäuse, über die Treiber bis hin zur klanglichen Abstimmung wird jedes Detail von unseren Ingenieuren optimiert. Nachdem die Serienproduktion angelaufen ist, beginnt in House unser Qualitätsmanagement. Dabei kontrollieren wir sowohl die Optik, Technik und den Klang, damit bei Ihnen das bestmögliche Produkt ankommt. Wenn bei Ihnen Fragen aufkommen, rufen Sie bei uns an und die Mitarbeiter unseres Kundenservice beantworten Ihr Anliegen. Die langjährige Erfahrung und intensive Schulung sorgen für schnelle und unkomplizierte Hilfe.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

Okey B70 Ampx

Speakers with a "cosiness factor"

nuBoxx B-70 - from the lowest to the highest frequencies

Farbenspiele zum Jubiläum

nuConnect ampX + nuLine 34 Jubilee mit Award

Kleiner Verstärker, große Wirkung

nuConnect ampX: Große Wirkung!

"Vollverstärker des Jahres" - Klasse bis 2.000 Euro

nuConnect ampX: Leserwahlsieger "Goldenes Ohr 2021"

fairaudio's favourite Award für "exzellente klangliche Eigenschaften"

nuConnect ampX: fairaudio's favourite Award 2021

Editors Choice - Bester Verstärker 2020/21 (Einsteigerklasse)

nuConnect ampX: Editor's Choice 2020/21


nuConnect ampX: Preis-Leistungs-Empfehlung

Mehr Verstärker für das Geld ist aktuell kaum zu finden

nuConnect ampX: 9,3 von 10 Punkten

Großer Klang im kompakten Design

nuConnect ampX und nuLine 24: Großer Klang

Leistungsstarkes Universal-Talent in Class D mit Raumkorrektur

nuConnect ampX: Leistungsstarkes Universal-Talent

Pfiffig-flexibles Audio-System ... kompakt-klangstarkes Kraftwerk

nuConnect ampX: schlicht herausragend

"Spitzenposition der »Smart Amps« seiner Preisklasse"

nuConnect ampX: "sehr gut" und Komforttipp!

So viel Funktionen und Klang wie möglich. Ein "Top-Produkt"!

nuConnect ampX: "Top-Produkt" Empfehlung

"Braucht sich auch vor kostspieligeren Konkurrenten nicht zu verstecken"

nuConnect ampX: eine waschechte Überraschung


Wunderbar ausgestatteter Vollverstärker ... eine klare Empfehlung

nuConnect ampX: eine klare Empfehlung

Ein ganz großer Wurf

nuConnect ampX: "ein ganz großer Wurf"

Ein Verstärker wie kein anderer

nuConnect ampX: ausgezeichnet

Alles richtig gemacht und das zu einem attraktiven Preis

nuConnect ampX: Tausendsassa

"Lichtgestalt in der Vollverstärker-Szene" zum "enorm günstigen Preis"

nuConnect ampX: Preisklassen-Referenz

"Überragend" - Powerpäckchen und Multitalent für alle Fälle

nuConnect ampX: Überragend


We not only build exceptional loudspeakers and electronics, but also offer the matching accessories. So you can find everything useful for our products, from cables to adapters.

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25 May 2024

nuconnect ampx


10 June 2023

Wunderbarer kleiner leistungsstarker Verstärker


25 February 2023

Ein feiner Verstärker


7 January 2023

Immer wieder beeindruckend....

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.

Unit type and recommendations for use

The modern hi-fi amplifier should be powerful. Connection-friendly. Comfortable to operate, of course. And a precise sound manager. The nuConnect ampX is all that - and much more! It not only drives a pair of passive speakers with a stable 2 x 110 watts of continuous power, but also acts as a connection centre and interface for the active speakers in our nuPro X series as well as smartphones and tablets. And the icing on the cake: the amazing range of functions and power of this multi-talent fits into an elegant aluminium cabinet in a living room-friendly midi format.

The nuConnect ampX was developed on the digital basis of our excellent nuPro X active series, expanded and adapted for the requirements of a modern integrated amplifier. For example, Nubert's engineers have added a high-quality phono input for turntables to the connection section, which works with both moving magnet and moving coil systems. The power amplifier has been designed for passive speakers with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms, using the digital amplifier technology familiar from the X-series, so that sound transducers from other manufacturers can be connected in addition to Nubert speakers. The nuConnect ampX benefits from the high-purity signal processing and the functional diversity of the nuPro platform, including the sensitive sound tuning with loudness circuit and equaliser.

Features such as convenient app control or wireless transmission make the nuConnect more than just an integrated amplifier. For example, the ampX can wirelessly receive the signal from two nuPro X speakers and use it to play a pair of passive speakers. In this way, a simple multi-room system can be set up in no time at all and the world of active and passive speakers can be connected.

This unit can be paired with other X-Platform products using Nubert's X-Connect wireless standard. X-Connect transmits sound data in high resolution, securely and with minimal latency. X-Connect is supported by the speakers of the nuPro X series, the ampX amplifier and the subwoofers of the nuSub XW series. Via the nuConnectr trX adapter, hi-fi and home cinema products from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the wireless network. With X-Connect, you can pair master and slave speakers to form a stereo pair in no time at all, conveniently and without annoying cables. You can add a nuSub woofer to a satellite set or a soundboard, which will then play music in sync with the speakers. Or you can set up a simple multi-room system with a nuConnect ampX. The wireless range is typically 15 metres. The possibilities are endless!

You can set up compact systems with a powerful sound that meet high acoustic demands. It acts as a control centre for a wide range of players, from classic radio receivers or CD players to contemporary network streamers and smartphones. The ampX is the ideal drive for a pair of compact bookshelf speakers from our nuBox, nuLine or nuVero series, but with its two 110-watt power amplifiers, in combination with two floor-standing speakers, it can also provide sound for larger rooms and drive party-suitable levels. Of course, the integrated amplifier also works harmoniously with transducers from other manufacturers. Thanks to the subwoofer output, the nuConnect can even be used to set up neatly tuned sub/sat sets.

So the Nubert nuConnect ampX is a full-featured, half-size integrated amplifier at a really tempting price.


The nuConnnect ampX has two analogue inputs: a pair of stereo RCA sockets for any input player and a second pair specifically for turntables. These can work with both MM and MC pick-ups; the working mode can be switched on the fly. Six inputs are available for digital players: two electrical and two optical S/PDIF connections, plus a USB-B port for computers and a USB-A port that can be used as a power supply output and also accepts modules such as Nubert's HDMI-ARC adapter. Subwoofers can be connected to their own SUB-OUT socket. In addition, the ampX has an internal Bluetooth module that is used to communicate with the Nubert nuRemote control app and to stream music from Bluetooth players such as smartphones or tablets. With active speakers of the nuPro X series, the nuConnnect ampX can communicate either wirelessly or via connecting cable. It can optionally receive the music signal from the X speakers or play a pair of X speakers in a second zone. Passive speakers are connected to the two screw terminals. The two fine-thread screws accept banana plugs and speaker cables up to a cross-section of 4 square millimetres.

Housing and design

The nuConnect ampX comes in the compact design of just over 23 centimetres wide, also known as midi format. A considerable selection of players and other hi-fi components are available in this format. The ampX's cabinet is made of high-quality aluminium with a noble black or white anodised finish. Despite the considerable amplifier power, the nuConnect does not require an active cooling system; heat is dissipated via ventilation slots and cooling fins on the underside of the housing. To ensure high connection quality for the nuPro radio and Bluetooth connections, two supplied screw antennas can be attached to the back of the unit.

Display and operation

The front of the nuConnect ampX is adorned with a large-format OLED display that is clearly legible even from greater distances and viewing angles and provides permanent information about the operating status of the amplifier. The nuConnect can be controlled directly on the unit using the silver aluminium rotary control on the front in conjunction with the adjacent back button and the stand-by button. Alternatively, a high-quality remote control is included in the scope of delivery, which is designed similarly to the signal transmitter of the nuPro X speakers and offers direct access to the most important functions such as volume, input selection and sound control. The third operating option is the Nubert nuRemote app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices and makes even complex and powerful tools such as the 5-band equaliser child's play to use via a graphical interface.

Tone control

The nuConnect ampX has several options for adjusting the playback image to the listener's preferences or to the room conditions. A simple bass and treble control optionally raises or lowers the low or mid and high frequencies by up to ten decibels. This control works according to Nubert's well-known principle of sound balance and preserves the balance and harmony of the original recording. The five-band equaliser, which can be accessed via the app or the control pad, allows more detailed intervention in five frequency bands. In addition, there is an audiologically correct loudness function that gently to moderately increases the bass level depending on the volume and thus compensates for auditory deficits at low listening levels.

App and room measurement

As an alternative to the supplied remote control and the control pad on the unit, the free Nubert X-Remote app for iOS and Android can also be used. The use of the app is particularly recommended for complex operating procedures, as it presents advanced functions such as the equaliser or the setting of the cut-off frequency in a particularly clear way. The programme automatically adapts the menu interface to the equipment of the respective connected device. A speaker from the nuPro X series offers different functions than the nuConnect ampX integrated amplifier, for example.

The app's advanced features include bass equalisation, which enables optimal low-frequency reproduction at the listening position and reliably minimises dreaded room modes. The application is very easy: Start the app, establish the connection with the device and navigate to the entry X-Room Calibration via the main menu in the upper left corner. Now follow the instructions of the app to start the calibration. To do this, simply play and record the test signal (white noise) for one minute; the process is largely automatic. The smartphone or tablet then calculates the best possible tuning curve from the played back test signal and then transmits it to the digital signal processor (DSP) of the playback device, where the calibration is permanently stored. The calibration can be stored in one of the preset locations, so that a comparison between activated optimisation and unchanged playback is possible at any time. The X-Room Calibration function can be used in parallel with the other sound settings.

Attention: For technical reasons, the calibration only works with current iOS devices using on-board tools. Android smartphones and tablets do not provide reliable measurement results due to the large number of microphones used with different parameters. The solution is the optional Nubert XRC Android Interface: a compact plug-in module that connects to the USB input (type C) of the mobile device and gives the X-Remote app access to a precise measurement microphone and a sophisticated analogue-to-digital converter. With this handy USB dongle, the XRC system's measurement tone or room response can be accurately captured, and then the app can calculate the optimal correction curve and transmit it to the signal processor. Further information on the application can be found in the manual.