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Unit type and recommendations for use

Reduce the cable clutter! The nuConnect trX is a transceiver for Nubert's high-resolution audio network X-Connect. This means it works either as a transmitter or receiver, wirelessly transmitting a stereo sound signal to or from compatible Nubert components. These include, for example, the subwoofers of the nuSub XW series, the nuPro X and XS active speakers or the nuConnect ampX amplifier. The module also works with other hi-fi and home cinema products from Nubert or third-party manufacturers. In this way, the nuConnect trX also makes older stereo systems or AV systems fit for the wireless sound future.

A push of a button is all it takes to switch between transmit and receive mode. As a transmitter, for example, the trX can be operated on an AV receiver to wirelessly control one or even more subwoofers from the nuSub XW series, reducing the need for cumbersome cabling in the listening room. The low processing delay of just 20 milliseconds recommends the trX even for such time-critical applications, while the high transmission quality ensures that there is no loss of sound. The radio radius of the trX is up to 50 metres, with a typical range of 10 to 15 metres even under suboptimal conditions (structural obstacles or interference). One transmitter can control several receivers.

The adapter can be used as a receiver to play the music signal of two nuPro X speakers in the living room on a traditional compact system in an adjacent room. In this way, you can set up a simple multi-room audio system in no time at all. Another possible application is to set up a wireless link between two nuConnect trX, one configured as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. In this way, for example, you can transmit the sound from the laptop in the study to a powered speaker on the balcony and still follow sports broadcasts or podcasts outside.

The nuConnect trX opens up countless possibilities for music and home cinema fans to enjoy carefree, wireless sound. The transceiver not only expands the X-Connect network and links Nubert components together, but also integrates older hi-fi products and devices from other suppliers into the Hi-Res system. Thanks to the USB power supply and the combined analogue/digital connection, the adapter can be connected practically anywhere. Further application examples are listed in the manual (download as PDF file). Note: The nuConnect trX does not offer volume control.

Outstanding properties

  • Adapter for the Nubert X-Connect audio network
  • Works either as a transmitter or receiver
  • Networks with active speakers and amplifiers with Nubert X technology
  • Also integrates third-party products into the Nubert network
  • Hi-Res-Qualität mit geringer Latenz und hoher Reichweite
  • Extensive accessories package included

For more information on Nubert X-Connect and X-Connect Surround, click here.

Scope of delivery

USB cable (20 centimetres, USB type A to USB type C), jack RCA adapter cable (1.5 metres), optical digital cable (1.5 metres), TOSLINK jack adapter, mono stereo RCA adapter.

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Technical information

Subject to technical changes.