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Clear form. Enchanting soundscape.

  • Innovative driver technology with selected high-quality cone materials
  • Sound-optimized cabinet design in a timeless look with the finest high-gloss finish
  • Maximum fidelity through diffuse field equalization and time delay optimization
  • High-precision, DSP-controlled 3-½-way fully active electronics with high power density
  • Latest generation room adjustment for balanced sound in any room
  • Loss-free wireless transmission in high frequencies thanks to Nubert X-Connect
nuZeo 15 Front Weiß

Reference class floorstanding speakers

The nuZeo series has redefined existing standards for fully active loudspeakers with wireless signal transmission. A finely composed speaker series made from exquisite ingredients. Elegance meets classic engineering.

The nuZeo 11 packs top-class technology into a contemporary, slimline housing with dimensions that are decidedly compatible with living spaces: With a height of 114 cm, it fits seamlessly into practically any living space. Tweeters with synthetic fabric cones and mid-range and bass drivers with carbon cones create the best conditions for uncompromising sound. The efficient power amplifiers with a total continuous output of 640 watts also play a part in this.

„The nuZeo series is the manifestation of our relentless pursuit of perfection in reproduction quality, technology and design.“

Markus Pedal, Head of development

„The nuZeo series is the manifestation of our relentless pursuit of perfection in reproduction quality, technology and design.“

Markus Pedal, Head of development

nuZeo 15 Anwendung Stereo

Detail and dynamics

Stereo connoisseurs who were previously skeptical of fully active wireless speakers may have a rethink: The nuZeo 15 with high-end chassis in 3.5-way technology sounds incredibly realistic, powerful and precise. Every sonic detail comes to light - the nuZeo 15 masters even extremely complex pieces of music in the best audiophile manner.

nuZeo 15 Anwendung Surround

Power without limit

Thanks to 880 watts of continuous power, the power reserves are almost inexhaustible. Equipped with maximum efficiency and a powerful switching power supply, the power amplifiers demonstrate their high potential in a superior manner. The nuZeo 15 is also the perfect solution for very large listening rooms.

nuZeo 15 Anwendung Sub

The benchmark for wireless home theater

With its excellent acoustic properties, the nuZeo 15 is also ideal as a front speaker in a luxury home theater. In combination with other matching nuZeo loudspeakers, an uncompromising experience of movies or concerts is possible - without the usual cables, thanks to X-Connect Surround.

nuZeo 15 Anwendung Vorstufe

More sound management

Our flagship preamplifier nuControl X offers even more fine-tuning options and optimum conditions for music playback from all media. The integrated streamer in the nuControl X completes the modern high-end setup.


Design and housing

The cabinets of our nuZeo speakers set accents with their elegant shapes and high recognition value. The appearance is enhanced by a surface of multi-layered, high-quality piano lacquer - optionally in black or white. This design with harmonious, rounded shapes contrasts interestingly with the elegant aluminum rings used for the chassis mounting and sound guide. The special appearance of the carbon fiber cones completes the overall picture. Inside the cabinets, everything is done for perfect acoustics - with resonance-optimized bracing and strategically positioned damping.


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The continuous evolution of silk dome tweeters from almost five decades of experience at Nubert has reached a new peak with nuZeo. The tweeter of the nuZeo loudspeakers impresses with uncompromising resolution, optimum broadband and outstanding dynamics. To ensure that these characteristics are consistently of the highest quality, we have selected artificial silk (Tetoron) as the cone material. The cotton fiber damped rear chamber also ensures a clean frequency response in the aurally sensitive lower treble range. A defined sound guide and an acoustically optimized protective grille also ensure a tidy front design.

Integrated amplifier module

Every nuZeo speaker impresses with an amplifier module featuring state-of-the-art digital technology. It provides enormous power reserves and scores with a very compact design and impeccable efficiency. The frequency response of the drivers is also perfected using a digital signal processor (DSP) of the latest generation.

nuZeo Rückansicht

Connection options and X-Connect

For comprehensive connectivity, nuZeo loudspeakers have both analog and digital inputs via RCA or XLR. nuZeo active loudspeakers are also able to receive sound signals in the high-resolution X-Connect wireless standard and transmit them to each other. Compatibility with X-Connect Surround is also part of the equipment to enable suitable integration into wireless home theater systems. Flexible installation is combined with minimal cabling effort - this is the future of high-quality sound enjoyment. Find out more!

X-Remote App und X-Room Calibration

The Nubert X-Remote app on your smartphone offers full control over our nuZeo speakers at all times and enables flexible configuration and access to the entire range of functions. For clear & rich bass reproduction at the listening position, the X-Remote app can be used to perform automatic X-Room Calibration (room calibration in the frequency range from 20 to 160 Hz). We offer an optional external measuring microphone for Android devices. The built-in microphone can be used with iOS devices.

nuZeo 11-15 Konstruktion


The nuZeo 15 is designed as a 3½-way loudspeaker with a focus on seamless transitions between the individual parts of the frequency spectrum and the corresponding drivers. After all, one of the great advantages of the nuZeo 15 is its extremely homogeneous sound with a harmonious, coherent character. The woofers are additionally supported by a generously dimensioned and aerodynamically double-rounded bass reflex port located at the bottom of the cabinet (downfire principle).

Acoustically pure - down to the last detai

Sound-damaging interference effects between the individual paths are effectively reduced thanks to low-frequency and steep-edged filtering of the crossover ranges. Filters with phase-accurate Linkwitz-Riley characteristics, together with the low crossover frequency from midrange to treble, produce a remarkably wide dispersion pattern - both vertically and horizontally. The optimum listening position is therefore not limited to a single point in the room (sweet spot), but extends over a wide listening area. This is a decisive advantage in everyday listening practice.

nuZeo 11-15 Abstimmung

Truss feet

The nuZeo 15 offers maximum stability with its particularly sturdy truss feet made of powder-coated die-cast aluminum. Thanks to the four generously dimensioned knurled screws with locking nuts, unevenness can be conveniently compensated for with a targeted "twist" from above. If required, the spikes on the traverse feet can also be covered by four disk washers to effectively protect sensitive surfaces.

Series overview

Our nuZeo series consists of four models and is our uncompromisingly designed active loudspeaker top series. The nuZeo 4, 11 and 15 models are ideal for creating reference-quality stereo and multi-channel systems. With the nuZeo 6c universal loudspeaker, surround systems of the highest sound quality can also be set up. Matching stands and wall brackets complete the portfolio.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing loudspeakers and selling them directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction, so that you receive exactly the signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. That's a promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

Manufacturing locations

All nuVero models were perfected by our developers in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Series production then takes place exclusively for us at the Roterring manufacturing company in North Rhine-Westphalia. This means that our speakers in the nuVero series are rightly labelled Designed & Made in Germany.

Platzhalter 3

What the Nubert team says

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nuReality - AR App

Bring High End into your home in advance with our Augmented Reality App. Our 360° view or our AR mode offer final details for your desired loudspeakers in your own four walls.

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Apple Store

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more to Nubert

We develop all nuZeo models in Schwäbisch Gmünd. From the housing to the drivers to the sound tuning, every detail is optimized by our engineers. Once series production has started, our quality management begins in House. We check the appearance, technology and sound so that you can experience the best possible listening pleasure. If you have any further questions about our products, our customer service team will be happy to answer them. Thanks to many years of experience and intensive training, our employees provide fast and uncomplicated help.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode for your dream speakers in your own four walls provide the final details.

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Test results

We are awarded. And proud of it.

Aktiv & audiophil

nuZeo 15 – Präzision, unbändige Kraft und satter Tiefgang

Schönheit aus dem Ländle

nuZeo 15 - Referenz-Klasse der Schwäbisch Gmünder

your audio Highlight 2023

nuZeo Serie


We not only build exceptional loudspeakers and electronics, but also offer the matching accessories. So you can find everything useful for our products, from cables to adapters.

in-akustik Stereo Audio Cable XLR
Premium XLR cable
€63.00 / Piece

nuCable Audio 9
High End Stereo RCA Cable
€40.00 / Piece

nuCable Digital Pro
High End Coaxial Cable
€23.00 / Piece

Content: 1,5 Meter (€15.33 / 1 Meter)

XRC Android Interface
Smartphone Measuring Microphone
€39.00 / Piece

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Questions about the nuZeo-Series

To make assembly even easier, we have created a video that visually explains each step. You can find an overview of all videos here.

In addition to the power cable, which must be plugged in, it is necessary to set the small switch on the back to "On". We are happy to help via telephone +49 7171 87 12 0 , WhatsApp or E-Mail. according to our motto "Doesn't sound, doesn't exist", because good service is part of the product for us.

We give a 2-year warranty on active speakers. You can find exact details of our conditions here. However, we also offer a warranty extension to a total of 5 years, all info can be found here.

In most cases, the error can be solved by selecting the right source on the TV or by increasing the volume. We will be happy to help you via telephone +49 7171 87 12 0, WhatsApp or E-Mail according to the motto "Doesn't sound, doesn't exist". Because for us, good service is part of the product.


Honest speakers - Honest reviews

Satisfied? Or can we do something better with our products? Then write us your review. Simply log in to your account and write the review of your order here.

Here with us, every review is checked for authenticity and is then approved. So you can be sure that the feedback you give us about our products is genuine.

Technical information

Subject to technical changes.

nuZeo series – perfect with our recommended extensions

The purist way to enjoy sound

Our premium nuZeo active speakers are designed for one purpose: To deliver crystal clear, detailed, authentic sound unlike anything else in its class. So no matter which nuZeo speaker you choose, the best possible acoustic performance is always included in the price.

The perfect complement – for maximum convenience and practical benefits

Of course, all our nuZeo speakers can be used as a complete solution. This means you just plug in a player and you're ready to go. However, there are a few steps involved in setting up and managing the nuZeo. If you are looking for a particularly easy-to-use system with many innovative features, we recommend our high-end nuControl X preamplifier or the extremely versatile nuXinema preAV preamplifier.

Nubert nuControl X

Experience your own personal 'Finale Furioso' every day with nuControl X. Our high-end preamplifier is ideal in every way for working with the wireless active speakers of our nuZeo series. The fully streamable preamp comes with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Roon Ready certification, as well as an elegant finish and large display. The X-Room Calibration advanced room calibration function allows you to match the connected speakers to your listening room. It also includes a fully parametric seven-band EQ, a variable high-pass filter and a dynamic soundness circuit. In short, a 'perfect match'. Or, as we say, our Swabian dream team.

Nubert nuXinema preAV

The compact jack-of-all-trades has it all. Its small, elegant enclosure conceals an ultra-flexible, state-of-the-art preamplifier that can handle both wired and wireless active loudspeakers (or power amplifiers). From stereo to classic multichannel to advanced multichannel 3D audio, the nuXinema preAV handles it all with ease. This means that if you start with a nuZeo stereo setup, but later get a taste for surround sound and want to expand accordingly, all you need to do is add the nuZeo speakers and your nuXinema preAV is ready for use in a surround setup. And there are plenty of connections, including HDMI. So invest in the future with a combination of nuZeo and our nuXinema preAV.

The result is right – in every way

No matter which version you choose: Everything has been extensively tested by us and found to be very good – everything is 'Nubert-proof', so to speak, and just waiting to give you a great performance at home. Quick installation, easy operation, great sound – all guaranteed 365 days a year with our recommendations.