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Nubert Unsere Story

Our Story

For over 45 years we have been developing loudspeakers and electronics for honest sound. The developments of our products over the years could fill an entire encyclopedia. Therefore, we have summarized a selection of the most important milestones here, so that you can get an impression. Enjoy reading.


Beginning of a legend

The term start-up had not yet been invented when Günther Nubert developed the vision of honest loudspeakers in his garage in 1975. A short time later, Nubert electronic GmbH was born, which was to write loudspeaker history in the decades to come. Founding speakers: Nubert 388, 471 and 551


Top sound in Schwäbisch Gmünd

The first hi-fi studio to touch and listen to Nubert loudspeakers opens. Included: The first nuPyramids, which capture the dream of a live concert at home.


Linear sound for hi-fi speakers

Already in 1980, quality was the trump card and elaborate crossovers and film capacitors were used for high durability and linear sound for the hi-fi system. The Nubert 340 (shelf speaker, 78 Hz bass), 554 (large shelf speaker, 43 Hz bass) models are already very similar in shape and philosophy to today's nuBoxx and nuLine models.


Mascot Nubi

Many people know the little figure from the past: the toy figure has been included in products since the end of the 1980s and has existed in various versions ever since. In the meantime, the collector's item is available in a greatly expanded form as the fan item Nubi the Great.


Loudspeaker rethought - nuForm

The motto "form follows function" is the Nubert DNA. The nuForm is no exception and can nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, convince the design juries of the Design Center Stuttgart, iF-Hannover and the Chicago Athenaeum. The slightly curved sound cone with asymmetrical tweeter enables better sound. In 1997, the nuWave-Series follows with a similar principle but further developed sound and design. This makes the nuForm the forefather of today's nuVero-Series.


Loudspeaker for all - nuBox

We developed the nuBox to lay the foundation for nationwide success. The best-known Volksbox from Nubert is the nuBox 360: compact and powerful. Showing a clear edge is then as now the design basis of the incredibly linear playing speakers. Thus, the nuBox combines the virtues of Nubert: honest sound at the best price. The next evolutionary stages continue this tradition: 2001 with a metal front and new technical superlatives. 2006 sees the first redesign with a completely new development. All models are given the xx1 designation as a distinguishing feature of the new generation. The next incarnation sees the light of day in 2014 with a completely optimised chassis and significantly more draught. In 2021, the current nuBoxx-Series appears, setting a new milestone after more than 25 years of development.


Direct sales throughout Germany

Word of mouth makes Nubert known nationwide and provides the idea to not only sell loudspeakers in the Nubert stores in the region, but also to send them to customers. The basis for Germany-wide distribution is born. The advantages for the customers are not only the savings, but also the convenient home delivery, long before all purchases are delivered by the parcel carrier as a matter of course. The trade press also becomes aware of Nubert shortly afterwards, increasing awareness even further.


Pure elegance - release of the nuLine-Series

The nuLine-Series aimed to fit in between nuWave and nuBox. The vision was to combine strong technologies and a classic design with softline edges. The result looked as outstanding as it sounded and was given the name nuLine. Surround models began: the AW-90 subwoofer and the RS-3 and RS-6 dipole speakers, establishing a success that led to the next generation in 2007. The models had in common that they all ended in a "2". In 2012, the current generation appeared, recognisable by the "4" at the end.


eCommerce Pioneer - Launch of the online shop

The internet has remained uncharted territory for some until today. We recognised back in 1999 that there was a lot of future potential on the net. Of course, there were no online payment options back then and it was also more of an order form instead of a shopping basket, but the foundation stone had been laid. From then on, online sales, distance selling and eCommerce become the cornerstones of our direct sales.


Facebook for speakers - nuForum online

This year, the importance of the internet increases once again as we establish our manufacturers' forum. After all, social media are not a recent invention, but have been elementary in the form of forums or chat platforms since the early days of the net. In the nuForum, hi-fi enthusiasts meet to exchange ideas, for consultations, and also to get information from the developers. To this day, the members are active and new topics and contributions are added daily.


High End for all - nuVero sets new standards

With the nuVero-Series, we wanted to aim high, then as now. The slogan "High End affordable" is not just marketing, but the claim of our top Series. For the first time, groundbreaking technologies such as the D'Appolito arrangement or the 3.5-way system were used. With Nextel finish and sound sail, the models of the nuVero-Series are still as visually appealing as they are sonically. In 2015, the Series will receive its next update with the models that are still current today.


Active loudspeakers from Nubert - nuPro-Series inspires immediately

We are getting active! With the nuPro-Series, we are introducing speakers for the first time that offer integrated amplifier electronics and are ideal for the desktop. This offers more adjustment possibilities and sonic advantages, for example more bass with the same cabinet size. Due to the linear tuning, the nuPro A-10 and A-20 also have many fans in the (semi-)professional studio sector right from the start. In 2013, the Series receives its first update and from then on relies on completely digital signal processing in the compact models. In 2015, this is completed by floorstanding speakers and receives a completely new revision in 2018 with the nuPro X-Series. In 2021, the nuPro SP-200 and SP-500 models continue the tradition.


Nubert as soundbar specialist - nuPro AS-250

The good news: TVs are getting flatter and flatter, the bad news: unfortunately, so is the sound. The remedy is powerful sound bars, like our nuPro AS-250, which marks the beginning of an era. We bring our strengths - honest sound and the best possible music reproduction - under the TV. The result is a soundplate on which you can place the TV. This gives us more depth and volume for full sound - even without a subwoofer. In 2021, we will release the nuPro AS-3500, a completely new revision with Dolby, DTS and special speech optimisation.


Nubert loudspeakers at home - Augmented Reality App

We want to make it easy for our customers to imagine our speakers. That's why we recognised the possibilities of AR at an early stage, long before it was a big tech topic for the American gigacorporations. As early as 2014, you could use a marker to get the speakers in 3D on your smartphone display at home. In 2019, we are completely redesigning the app and relying on innovative technologies to harness the power of modern smartphones.


Control over the sound - nuControl and nuPower

In 2015 and 2016, we not only release numerous product updates, but also for the first time a pre- and power amplifier. This makes it possible for the first time to have a "nubert chain" that guarantees the highest linearity and signal quality. Because both nuControl and nuPower convince with highest noise margins at high performance. With the two power amplifier models, our customers have the choice between high performance in a compact size (nuPower D) or state-of-the-art Class AB technology in the massive housing of the nuPower A.


More space for new things - Development and Logistics Centre Nubertstreet 1

We are expanding. With the logistics centre at Nubertstraße 1, we are creating the conditions for future growth and modern logistics processes. Because it has always been true: the faster the customer receives his goods, the happier he is. We have also integrated a measuring room and state-of-the-art technical facilities for even better speakers. Now all departments are in one house: development, accounting, hotline, logistics, marketing and IT. Shorter distances and better communication are thus guaranteed.


Ingenious all round - nuPyramide

40 years after the release of the Urpyramide, Nubert is once again releasing an omnidirectional speaker for live sound at home. The speaker takes a radically different approach to all others in the Nubert range. In 2020, we will release the special edition, which allows for customised finishes in RAL colours.


App control, wireless connectivity and an enormous number of connections - nuPro X offers x-fold

The nuPro X-Series is not only a consistent further development of the existing Series, but a revolution in terms of appearance, sound and range of functions. For the first time, our speakers are able to be wirelessly coupled with each other, and that in High Res with 192 kHz/24 bit. The design also changes, screws are eliminated, the feet become more delicate and the magnetic bezel sets new standards for elegant covers. Our nuPro XS-8500 RC is also outstanding - a high-end soundbar in XXL format.


Brilliant sound at the best price - nuBox becomes active

Our nuBox-Series is getting an active addition, in what has become an iconically sleek look. The nuBox AS-225 soundbar and the nuBox A-125 sound pair are also technically up to date and offer Bluetooth aptX and HDMI ARC. Stiftung Warentest also agrees in the summer of 2020 and rates the sound as very good.


Integrated amplifier and subwoofer rethought - nuConnect ampX and nuSub-Series

Our subwoofers have always been adapted to the needs of the respective Series. With declining customer demand, all subwoofer models were on the verge of being discontinued. But in 2019, product management and development came up with a vision of a new-generation subwoofer: cross-Series, space-saving, visually discreet and with energy-efficient high-performance chassis. A central aspect is also customer-friendly operability, which we implement through modern wireless technology, app control and room measurement via smartphone. The nuSub-Series is born and brings all these demands to a point.

The nuConnect ampX is conceived with the same claim. Since 2019, functionality and performance in a compact housing are no longer contradictions, but our guarantee of success with a high price/performance ratio.


nuBox becomes nuBoxx

The name changes slightly, but the virtues remain: Affordable price and top performance for the best sound. With magnetic bezels, a modern look and completely newly developed models, the Series once again sets standards in its price class.


Double test winner in soundbars

In the renowned magazine "Test" of Stiftung Warentest our models “nuPro AS-3500” and “nuBoxx AS-425 max” could take the first two places! Of course, we are delighted about the double top and the confirmation of our focus on honest sound.

Hi-fidel sound for on the go

Nubert speakers go mobile for the first time: With the new Bluetooth speaker "nuGo! ONE" we make hi-fi sound suitable for on-the-go. The “nuGo! ONE” boasts an impressive 24-hour battery life and comes with full radio functions.


Design Awards for the nuPro SP Series

Loudspeakers don't have to be boring: Our nuPro SP series (consisting of nuPro SP-200 and SP-500) was awarded two design prizes in 2023: Firstly, the Red Dot Award for Product Design and secondly, the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award in the "Special Mention" category from Focus Open. These awards underline the optically noble and haptically high-quality manufacturing of our products.

New control unit for even more sound experience

At the "High End" trade fair in Munich, Nubert presents a particularly comprehensive package of new products. In addition to the nuVero special models in brilliant blue, the new nuControl X preamplifier and the nuConnect ampXL integrated amplifier stand out, raising the bar for high-quality hi-fi electronics to a new level.

Soundbar first time in mini format

With the launch of the new "nuPro AS-2500" soundbar, Nubert is fulfilling the desire of many customers for a space-saving, compact sound solution for the TV without compromising on sound. Our latest model is even suitable for mounting on walls.