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The Nubert XRC Android Interface is a USB clip-on microphone for Android mobile devices that can be used to calibrate suitable Nubert speakers and other products for the room situation.

With the X-Room Calibration, the sound image of the speakers of the nuPro X RC generation, the subwoofers of the nuSub XW series and the integrated amplifier nuConnect ampX can be adjusted to the spatial conditions. The equalisation reliably reduces room modes such as booming or dips in the low-frequency reproduction range and thus ensures a more pleasing listening experience with powerful, dry and impulse-true bass.

This calibration is largely automatic with the help of the free Nubert X-Remote app on a smartphone or tablet. However, for technical reasons, the measurement process can only be carried out on Apple iOS devices. Android smartphones and tablets do not provide reliable measurement results due to the large number of microphones used with different parameters. The solution is the Nubert XRC Android Interface: a compact plug-in module that connects to the USB input (type C) of the mobile device and gives the X-Remote app access to a precise measurement microphone and a sophisticated analogue-to-digital converter. With this practical USB dongle, the measuring tone of the XRC system or the room response can be precisely recorded, after which the app can calculate the optimal correction curve and transmit it to the signal processor.

This makes Nubert X-Room Calibration one of the few audio correction systems offered not only for iOS devices but also for Android devices - if not the only one.

The Nubert XRC Android Interface can be used on all Android devices running the current version of the Nubert X-Remote app and which have a suitable USB-C input. If necessary, a USB adapter can be used.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Nubert XRC Android Interface
  • 1 x quick start guide

The interface is powered via the USB port of the mobile device.

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Technical information

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