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  • Class D amplifier with 80 Watt power per channel
  • Future-proof thanks to retrofittable MDC modules
  • Streaming via app via BlueOS or via Bluetooth
  • High-resolution streaming quality of 24 bit / 192 kHz
  • Connection possibility of 2 stereo pairs (A+B circuit)
  • Phono input for MM systems

Main features

  • 2 x 80 W continuous power at 4 and 8 Ω
  • 2 x 120 / 2 x 200 / 2 x 250 W pulse power at 8 / 4 / 2 Ω
  • 1 x 300 W continuous power in bridge mode at 8 Ω
  • Extremely low distortion HybridDigital™ amplifier technology
  • D/A converter with 192 kHz / 24 bit resolution
  • 2 slots for optional MDC modules DDBluOS™2i / DDHDM2
  • 2 optical and 2 coaxial digital inputs
  • Phono MM input
  • 2 analogue high level inputs
  • Preamplifier/subwoofer output
  • Headphone jack
  • Integrated bidirectional Bluetooth® module
  • Apple AirPlay 2 (in conjunction with MDC module BluOS2i)
  • Roon Ready certification (in conjunction with MDC module BluOS2i)
  • Connections for 2 pairs of speakers (A + B)
  • Remotely controllable via Bluetooth® Remote App
  • Inputs and outputs for IR and 12 V trigger signals
  • Standby power consumption: 0.5 W

HybridDigital™ - Class D amplifier

The D 368 uses innovative HybridDigital™ technology. This is a self-oscillating Class D amplifier with active negative feedback. This first converts the analogue curved input signal into a square wave signal via pulse width modulation (PWM). The musical information is now exclusively contained in the changing pulse width. Since the power transistors thus only need two switching states - on or off - Hybrid Digital™ Class D amplifiers work extremely efficiently in contrast to Class A and B technology and achieve a power yield of more than 90 %.

Streaming via Bluetooth® and BluOS™

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the C 368 via Bluetooth® aptX™ and stream your music wirelessly in true hi-fi quality. The Bluetooth® module built into the amplifier can also be used to control wireless headphones. And with the optional BluOS® module, you get access to your local network via WLAN or Ethernet to stream music from your own servers, cloud music services or internet radios.



We offer not only a wide range of HiFi equipment, but also the appropriate accessories.

nuCable Audio 6
Stereo RCA Cable
€10.00 / Piece

nuCable Audio 9
High End Stereo RCA Cable
€40.00 / Piece

nuCable BFA Banana
Premium banana plug
€29.00 / 4er Set

Content: 4 Stück (€7.25 / 1 Stück)

nuCable Digital Pro
High End Coaxial Cable
€23.00 / Piece

Content: 1,5 Meter (€15.33 / 1 Meter)

nuCable LS Silverline
Premium speaker cable
€8.00 / Meter

nuCable LS Studioline Flat
Flat speaker cable
€36.00 / Piece

Content: 6 Meter (€6.00 / 1 Meter)

nuCable Y-Adapter 6
Subwoofer adapter
€10.00 / Piece

nuCable Y-Adapter 9
High End Subwoofer adapter
€32.00 / Piece

nuCable Y-Sub 6
Subwoofer cable
€10.00 / Piece

nuCable Y-Sub 9
High End Subwoofer Cable
€42.00 / Piece


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nuSub XW-1200
Statement subwoofer
€995.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-700
Tiny low end power
€495.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-800 slim
Slim desing low end
€585.00 / Piece

nuSub XW-900
Low end for enveryone
€695.00 / Piece

Technical Information

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