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nuSub XW-900

  • Compact: Impressive bass performance despite living room-friendly dimensions
  • Powerful: bass down to 21Hz
  • Universal: Perfectly suited for music playback, film sound and gaming
  • Connecting: Can be ideally combined with Nubert active speakers thanks to X-Connect (surround)
  • Well thought-out: perfectly tuned 10" long-throw chassis in downfire arrangement
  • Adaptable: Intuitive acoustic room optimisation with Nubert X-Room-Calibration
  • Attractive: Elegant design with rounded edges and matt lacquer finish in black or white
  • Convincing: Easy installation and convenient app control

The sub for all occasions

The Nubert nuSub XW-900 is the "guy for all bass cases". Whether multi-channel soundtracks of a cinematic or musical nature, immersive gaming sound or classic stereo reproduction, the nuSub XW-900 realises an enormously emphatic, voluminous and highly precise bass reproduction with impeccable structure and immediate response despite its living room-friendly and compact design. Together with the intuitive calibration via X-Room-Calibration, the 220 watt (RMS) nuSub XW-900 with its 267mm downfire driver enables a phenomenal bass spectacle and, thanks to X-Connect/X-Connect-Surround, also offers extensive wireless combination options with exclusive components from the Nubert portfolio.

2.1 sound system

Our subwoofer is ideal for setting up a 2.1 system in combination with the nuConnect ampX. Here, speakers and subwoofer are synchronized to play from a single source.

Decent surround woofer

For a surround setup with minimal space requirements, the XW-900 is ideal. With a width of only 35 cm, the subwoofer finds its place next to almost any lowboard.

Wireless Connection

A subwoofer that develops so much bass benefits immensely from optimal positioning in the room. With its wireless connection via X-Connect or X-Connect Surround, the XW-900 offers maximum flexibility in placement. Here you determine the location and not the amplifier.

For every gamer

If you like to play games on your PC, watch series and have always missed the necessary bass, then the nuSub XW-900 is the king's solution, for example in combination with our nuPro SP-200 or the nuPro XS-3000 RC.


High performance driver

The 10-inch driver was developed according to our requirements: High efficiency, high maximum excursion, low resonant frequency and precisely matched to the parameters of the bass reflex enclosure. Your advantage: a subwoofer that combines depth and precision and ideally converts the provided amplifier power into acoustic performance.

X-Connect und X-Connect Surround

Freedom for the woofer: With X-Connect, we rely on a radio standard that works off the usual frequencies of WLAN or Bluetooth. Our nuConnect trx adapter for existing systems makes X-Connect even more flexible. Your advantage: stable connection and free placement of the subwoofer. Further information

X-Remote App


Our subwoofers don't have an included remote control, because your smartphone takes care of that. Our Nubert X-Remote app works with the power-saving Bluetooth LE standard and provides access to all functions of the subwoofer. Your advantage: full control at all times and no more aiming necessary.

X-Room Calibration

Your smartphone is also the heart for our calibration function X-Room Calibration, which automatically corrects the bass by ± 6dB in the range of 20 to 160 Hz with fully parametric equalizers. IOS devices serve directly as a microphone for the algorithm, Android devices require an additional microphone due to different hardware equipment. Your advantage: Better bass reproduction for your listening position.

X-Room Calibration


Our nuSub models are silk-matt and multi-layer lacquered. The choice is yours: White for a subtle look in the living room or timeless black as a statement for the home theater?


The trend is towards greater integration into living spaces and a more inconspicuous appearance for loudspeakers. The design brief was therefore clear: a clean front with gentle curves. The result is a subwoofer that could be mistaken for a seat cube and blends in discreetly.

Series overview

Our nuSub series consists of 4 models, is the latest generation of our woofers and relies on downfire technology. The subwoofers are controlled via the Nubert X-Remote app and can be calibrated to the room via X-Room Calibration from your smartphone. In addition, all subwoofers can also be controlled wirelessly via radio.

Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

There's more to Nubert

We develop all nuSub models in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Our engineers optimise every detail, from the housing and drivers to the sound tuning. Once series production has started, all nuSub models are tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd for appearance, technology and sound so that you receive a perfect product.

Zweite Wahl

This product as 2nd choice

In some installation locations - for example with rearspeakers behind a curtain - the visual appearance plays a subordinate role, but the function must be guaranteed without restriction. Here, our 2nd choice is the ideal solution for price-conscious customers. These are exhibition items, customer returns or discontinued models with minor signs of use, but which have been technically inspected by our service department. We also give a full 2-year guarantee on the 2nd choice.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring the high end into your home in advance with our augmented reality app. Our 360° view or our AR mode provide the final details for your favourite speakers in your own four walls.

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Nubert Hörraum nuBoxx

Committed to honest sound

We are a German company that has been developing and selling speakers directly for over 45 years. We stand for neutral reproduction so that you receive exactly the same signal that is present on the source. We add nothing and leave nothing out. We promise! You can find more information about our philosophy here.

Nubert Gebäude

Quality management

All nuSub models are thoroughly tested by us in Schwäbisch Gmünd to ensure that you receive a perfect product. We check the appearance, technology and sound for the best results for you.

nuReality App

nuReality - AR App

Bring High End into your home in advance with our Augmented Reality App. Our 360° view or our AR mode offer final details for your desired loudspeakers in your own four walls.

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nuSub XW-900 - Bolide für ordentlich Druck

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X-Connect Surround - hervorragende Klangqualität bei Musik und Heimkino

nuSub-Serie: perfekter Bass in jeder Größe - Testurteil 94%!

nuSub-Serie: perfekter Bass in jeder Größe

Heimkino-Vergnügen auf höchstem Niveau garantiert

nuLine 334 Atmos-Set: Highlight

Präzise und knackige Bässe, großartige kabellose Anbindung

nuSub XW-900 und nuConnect trX: ein großartiges Team

Dynamik und Dezibel: nuPro X-4000 RC und nuSub XW-900

nuPro X-4000 RC mit nuSub XW-900: Dynamik und Dezibel

Sehr gut - Preistipp

nuLine 264 Set mit nuSub XW-900: Sehr gut – Preistipp


Wir bauen nicht nur außergewöhnliche Lautsprecher und Elektronik, sondern bieten auch noch das passende Zubehör an. Damit finden Sie von Kabel über Adapter alles Nützliche zu unseren Produkten.

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Level reducer
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nuCable Y-Adapter 6
Subwoofer adapter
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nuCable Y-Adapter 9
High End Subwoofer adapter
€32.00 / Piece

-20 %
nuConnect trX
Wireless Transceiver
€119.00 / Piece €149.00 (€30.00 saved)

Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction: €99.00 / unit
Staywired Pro Flex
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Content: 0,5 Meter (€25.00 / 1 Meter)

XRC Android Interface
Smartphone Measuring Microphone
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nuPro XS-8500 RC
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€1,969.00 / Piece



Questions about subwoofers

The requirements of our customers have changed over time and are increasingly moving towards greater living room integration. Therefore, the move from frontfire to downfire woofers came about at the request of our customers.

We give a 2-year warranty on active speakers. You can find exact details of our conditions here. However, we also offer a warranty extension to a total of 5 years, all info can be found here.

If you want to use an Android smartphone with the X-Room Calibration, you need our XRC Android interface. This is necessary because the different phone manufacturers use different microphones, drivers and operating system versions. Due to the separate microphone, we can guarantee a good result.


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Technische Informationen

Subject to technical changes.

Box type, sound and recommended use

When the nuSub XW-900 delivers its 380 watts of peak power, it massages not only the eardrums, but also the diaphragm. The lower cutoff frequency of 21 hertz touches the lower limit of human hearing. Thus, the nuSub XW-900 is a preferred candidate for demanding home theater installations, where an effective bass reproduction significantly enhances the movie experience. In a sub/sat set, it can help compact bookshelf speakers achieve a bass response on a par with high-quality floorstanding speakers. And thanks to the ease of use of the Nubert X-Remote control app and the optional wireless connection, it is the first choice for modern systems.

Even the middle of the three XW subwoofers is still very compact and presents itself thanks to its downfire design visually pleasing discreet. The nuSub XW-900 owes the extended bass and the more powerful reproduction compared to its smaller brother mainly to the increased volume, the higher power amp output and the larger bass chassis. The 27-centimeter woofer shows impressive performance values, even in continuous use at the highest levels. Thus, a nuSub XW-900 can still support even full-grown floorstanding speakers like the nuPro XS-6000 RC or the nuVero 110 in the sub bass.

Two nuSub XW-900s do even better than one in the living room. Since almost any number of receivers can be supplied in the wireless system of our Nubert X devices, even four subwoofers at the same time are no problem - especially since you enjoy the greatest possible flexibility in the placement thanks to wireless transmission. The transmitter is either an amplifier or active loudspeaker from Nubert's X generation or the nuConnect trX. With this practical wireless module, even older AV receivers or stereo amplifiers can be made fit for the wireless age. Alternatively, the nuSub can simply be connected via the line input.

There are also several options for operation. The crossover frequency and level can be easily set via the rotary control on the back of the subwoofer. Pressing the knob switches between the two functions; the currently selected value is indicated by correspondingly colored LEDs. The control is even easier and graphically clearly presented with the help of our free app Nubert X-Remote for iOS and Android. With the help of the program's calibration function, the subwoofer can even be ideally adjusted to the room acoustics. Droning effects or "bass holes" are reliably reduced. You can find out more about the mobile app in the box below.

This unit can be paired with other X-Platform products via Nubert's X-Connect and X-Connect Surround wireless standards. Both standards transmit sound data in high resolution, securely and with minimal latency. X-Connect transmits 2 channels at 192 kHz and 24 bits for maximum performance in stereo mode. X-Connect Surround, on the other hand, transmits up to 8 channels at 48 kHz and 24 bits for simple and elegant integration in multi-channel systems. The speakers of the nuPro X and XS series and the ampX transmit in the X-Connect standard, as does the nuConnect trX adapter. This can also be used to integrate hi-fi and home cinema products from other manufacturers into the wireless network. The nuPro XS-8500 RC soundbase and the nuXinema preAV AV preamplifier transmit in the X-Connect surround standard. The models in our nuSub series can therefore be used to effortlessly expand stereo satellite speakers as well as soundboards and home theater systems.

Design principle and housing

The nuSub XW-900 is an active bass reflex subwoofer in the so-called downfire design. This means that the drivers and bass reflex tube radiate downwards. Solid feet with height-adjustable spikes ensure distance and a horizontal stand. The special acoustic challenges of this design are mastered, among other things, by the clever use of a digital signal processor - more about this in the section "Control, App and Room Measurement" below.

One of the advantages of the downfire construction principle is the discreet design. As a flat cuboid with gently rounded edges, the XW-900 elegantly blends into virtually any interior style. The connectors and controls have been discreetly placed on the rear panel. The cabinet is made of robust and acoustically beneficial wood-fiber material (MDF) and is finished with a high-quality lacquer in a satin matt finish.


The nuSub XW-900 uses a 27-centimeter chassis with an especially long excursion that has been optimized specifically for the requirements of this subwoofer and the downfire design. The wide, flexible surround allows for particularly wide cone excursions. The generously dimensioned drive with double magnet system has a high efficiency and can generate high sound pressures with the lowest possible distortion. Additional equalization is provided by the integrated signal processor, which optimally controls the chassis in every reproduction situation.

Amplifier module

The power amplifier of the nuSub woofers was designed on the basis of the proven digital amplifiers of the nuPro series and features the same high-quality signal processing and impressive efficiency. With 220 watts nominal or 380 watts music power and highest impulse fidelity, the nuSub XW-900 gives impressive bass performances in larger listening rooms. All settings are managed by the built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Optional wireless operation

The subwoofers in the nuSub series have a line input that allows them to be connected to standard receivers and amplifiers with a sub output using a Y-cable. Alternatively, each subwoofer can also receive sound signals wirelessly. Either our amplifiers nuConnect ampX and nuXinema preAV or a master speaker from the nuPro X and XS series (for example a nuPro XS-4000 or also the soundbar nuPro XS-8500) are recommended as sending stations. With the nuConnect trx, we also offer a transmitter module that can be used to make conventional receivers fit for the wireless age. The radio range is typically around 15 meters. The possibilities are endless!

Steuerung, App und Raumeinmessung

As an alternative to the knob on the subwoofer, the free Nubert X-Remote app for iOS and Android can also be used. The use of the app is particularly recommended for complex operating procedures, as it presents advanced functions such as the definition of the crossover frequency in a particularly clear manner. The program automatically adapts the menu interface to the equipment of the respective connected device. A speaker from the nuPro XS series offers different functions than, for example, the integrated amplifier nuConnect ampX.

The app's advanced features include bass equalization, which enables optimal low-frequency reproduction at the listening position and reliably minimizes dreaded room modes. The application is very easy to use: Start the app, connect to the nuSub and navigate to the X-Room Calibration entry via the main menu in the upper left corner. Now follow the instructions of the app to start the calibration. To do this, simply play and record the test signal (white noise) for a few seconds; the process is largely automatic. The smartphone or tablet then calculates the best possible tuning curve from the played back test signal and then transmits this to the subwoofer's Digital Signal Processor (DSP), where the calibration is permanently stored. The calibration can be stored in one of the preset locations so that a comparison between activated optimization and unchanged playback is possible at any time. The X-Room Calibration function can be used in parallel with the other sound settings.

Attention: For technical reasons, the calibration only works with current iOS devices using on-board tools. Android smartphones and tablets do not provide reliable measurement results due to the large number of microphones used with different parameters. The solution is the optional Nubert XRC Android Interface: a compact plug-in module that connects to the USB input (type C) of the mobile device and gives the X-Remote app access to a precise measurement microphone and a sophisticated analog-to-digital converter. This handy USB dongle can be used to accurately capture the XRC system's measurement tone or room response, and then the app can calculate the optimal correction curve and transmit it to the signal processor. More information about the application can be found in the manual.

More info in technology

For all technically interested music and home cinema lovers who are not put off by hard facts and metrological details, Günther Nubert's "Technik satt" offers plenty of technical correlations and electro-acoustic background knowledge as well as the topic of sound optimization and insights into the development and history of Nubert loudspeakers and devices.